Top biometrics news stories, week ending July 6

Biometrics Week in Review: biometric sensors in smartwatch and smartphone, new biometric ID card for India, finger vein recognition, biometrics2014, biometrics at concerts and in your car and a special report on national and civil ID Here’s a recap of most popular and noteworthy biometrics news stories that appeared on this past week. Microsoft’s rumored smartwatch to be equipped with biometric sensors – Microsoft will apparently launch its new smartwatch platform in October, which will be equipped with 11

New startup measures biometrics, crowd analytics at concerts

Renowned entrepreneur and music producer Rana June has launched a new startup called Lightwave which aims to measure biometric data at concerts and other live events. Lightwave aims to record “movement, sound, and excitement” using wearable technology. The firm will collect crowd data using a proprietary bracelet, algorithm and network and interpret it for artists in real-time. The company describes Lightwave as “a new palette” for artists, creatives, and brands to customize live experiences for their audience. In a TechCrunch