FDLE certifies Fulcrum Biometrics FbF LiveScan software

Fulcrum Biometrics‘ FbF LiveScan software has been certified as an approved product by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), offering an economical alternative to Florida-based organizations that do background checks. According to Ken Nosker, president of Fulcrum Biometrics, the certification demonstrates “our commitment to providing state-of-the-art live scan solutions for criminal booking and applicant background checking across the United States and beyond.” FbF LiveScan is a live scan software application that is integrated with the Green Bit Dactyscan84c. The

Integrated Biometrics release new ten print and roll live scanner

Today at connect:ID, Integrated Biometrics released its new Kojak FAP 60 Appendix F Certified ten print and roll live scanner. Kojak can capture ten fingerprints in ten seconds or less and runs off of a laptop, tablet or mobile phone without an additional power source for hours, faciliating fast enrollment and identity verification of large groups of people in any environment. “Integrated Biometrics’ technology is advancing fingerprinting to new levels through its innovative adaptive technology,” said Steve Thies, CEO of

Biometrics in the data center, fingerprints, authentication and privacy concerns top this week’s news

Here is a recap of the most popular biometrics industry news that appeared on BiometricUpdate.com this past week Authentication A recent White House report has found that Federal agencies have been slow to adopt two factor authentication despite an order more than a decade ago that Federal agencies secure their information systems with strong authentication technologies. Biometrics in mobile devices will generate US$9 billion by 2018 for the biometrics industry through multi-factor authentication services and the approval of instant electronic

DOJ grant helps Pennsylvania state police purchase new fingerprint solution, improve criminal records system

Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) will purchase multiple Live Scan Plus fingerprint capture devices to improve the criminal records system used in state police stations, according to a report by WESA. The technology will be purchased using a portion of the funds from a $814,000 grant the PCCD received from the U.S. Department of Justice to improve the criminal record-taking technology. More than 1,500 felons in the state failed to have their criminal history entered into a state

Vision-Box provides biometric border control solution for Spain-Britain border

Vision-Box announced it designed and deployed a biometric-enabled automated border solution that enables authorities to effectively monitor traveler clearance at the border entry and exit point of La Línea de la Concepción, a town in Spain situated on the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. Vision-Box implemented the project in cooperation with Accenture as part of an extended program to improve security at Spanish borders through Automated Border Control systems. The solution comprises of two main fully integrated components, including 26

Uber quietly testing Live Scan fingerprinting on some drivers

Despite publicly opposing fingerprinting background checks for its drivers, ride-hailing service Uber is reportedly looking into implementing fingerprinting with Live Scan, the very technology it criticized for being rampant with flaws, according to a report by Forbes. Uber’s testing of Live Scan fingerprinting technology signals the company’s willingness to potentially update its current background checks, which has been highly scrutinized ever since the company launched. Various municipal governments across the country, including Austin, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, have long

Iowa police to implement MorphoTrak digital fingerprinting system

Police officers in Keokuk, Iowa will soon implement a new digital fingerprinting system to identify suspects and criminals, according to a report by WGEM. The MorphoTrak digital fingerprinting system will generate higher quality digital prints, as well as eliminate errors such as duplicate images that would sometimes take weeks for police to notice with the previous paper and ink fingerprinting system. Although the report did not specify the system’s vendor, the WGEM news video clip displays the Morpho (Safran) logo

Santa Monica police spend $60k annually on fingerprinting service

Police departments across California are using Live Scan, the state Department of Justice’s (DOJ) national electronic fingerprint database, when “booking” suspects into custody and performing employee criminal background checks, according to a report by the Santa Monica Lookout. The fingerprint technology scans millions of prints annually and transmits criminal histories of suspects to agencies within hours, which is significantly faster than the days or weeks it took just a few decades ago Santa Monica Police Department is one of more

Accurate Biometrics to provide CARCO clients with live scan fingerprinting solutions

Background screening and risk mitigation firm CARCO Group has partnered with Accurate Biometrics to offer a range of live scan fingerprinting solutions to its clients. Under the partnership, CARCO will provide Accurate Biometrics’ fingerprinting products as part of its management solution, which is aimed at companies in the risk mitigation and pre-employment screening market. Accurate Biometrics caters to the high number of companies that require fingerprint-based criminal record checks and is one of only 13 organisations that have been given

CARCO partners with Accurate Biometrics to provide fingerprint solutions

Risk mitigation and background screening firm CARCO Group, Inc. announced it has partnered with Accurate Biometrics, Inc. to provide live scan fingerprinting solutions to its customers. As a result of the partnership, CARCO Group, Inc. has added fingerprint solutions to its management solution intended for the pre-employment screening/risk mitigation industry. Accurate Biometrics, Inc. provides technology that enables electronic fingerprint capture, transmission, storage, and database reporting to meet the increasing number of applicants requiring a fingerprint-based criminal history record check. Additionally,