Cisive introduces ID verification and facial recognition tool for HR screening

Compliance and risk management solution provider Cisive has announced the launch of new real-time identity authentication tool for Human Resources, called IDVerity. IDVerity is designed to combat identity fraud and insider threats by enabling employers to institute a “Know Your Candidate” program, in which the authenticity of government issued ID is validated, and compared to a selfie the candidate takes with his or her mobile device. It combines AI with biometric facial recognition, liveness detection, and live verification experts in

Precise Biometrics appoints new CEO

Precise Biometrics has appointed Stefan K Persson CEO. Current CEO Håkan Persson has resigned effective immediately. Stefan K Persson is currently an EVP with the Bang Olufsen Group and will assume his new position by August 1, 2018. Until then Göran Thuresson, CFO, be acting CEO with Torgny Hellström as Executive Chairman. “I am very pleased to be part of Precise Biometrics future journey and drive the company to the next level,” said Persson. “Biometrics is an extremely interesting area

Innovatrics introduces ‘plug and play’ facial recognition solution

Innovatrics announced its new SmartFace Server, a ready-to-deploy cloud-based facial recognition solution with suitable for a wide range of use cases. According to a company statement, SmartFace solves the typical problems associated with face recognition SDKs such as lack of specialist biometric expertise, long integration times, and problems working with video files, multiple IP camera streams, or low-end hardware. SmartFace features proprietary liveness verification, real-time face detection, recognition, age/gender detection and unique visitor counting. The solution is capable of carrying

EyeLock issued three new U.S. patents

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued three new U.S. patents to EyeLock LLC. Patent numbers 9,792,498, 9,792,499 and 9,792,497 cover technology innovations for the ease and speed of biometric matching; the validation of iris and facial images; and visual guidance for gaze alignment. “We couldn’t be more excited about these latest patent awards that show EyeLock’s continued technical expertise and leadership in developing unique capabilities for the efficient deployment of multi-modal biometrics,” said EyeLock CTO Jeff

Aware introduces Knomi mobile biometric framework

Aware announced the launch of its Knomi mobile biometric authentication framework on Thursday. Knomi consists of SDKs that work together on a mobile device and server to replace passwords with multifactor authentication. Modalities currently available with Knomi include face recognition, voice recognition, and a simultaneous combination of face and keystroke dynamic recognition. Voice recognition was also recently added to Aware’s Nexa search and match SDKs. Knomi provides high accuracy and speed performance with Aware’s algorithms, and prevents several types of

Precise Biometrics releases whitepaper on spoof and liveness detection

Precise Biometrics released a new whitepaper entitled “Spoof and Liveness Detection for the Mobile Biometrics Market”, which offers an introduction to spoof and liveness detection. Among the topics covered in the whitepaper are how a fingerprints spoof is done, current anti-spoofing solutions, and the standardization efforts taken to discover ways to evaluate spoof detection. According to Precise Biometrics, mobile payments is expected to be the next “killer application for biometrics and further accelerating the adoption.” The whitepaper forecasts that the

LG’s latest smartphones use Sensory facial recognition technology

LG has implemented Sensory‘s deep learning facial recognition security technology and deep learning anti-spoofing algorithms into the new flagship V30 smartphone, as well as the Q6 and G6 models. Sensory’s TrulySecure face biometric authentication technology rapidly, seamlessly and securely recognizes enrolled users’ faces in less than a second, and differentiates individuals at a 99.999 percent accuracy rate. Sensory’s facial biometric recognition technology eliminates the need for additional hardware and works with LG’s standard 2D front facing cameras. The solution runs

South African Fraud Prevention Service launches shared imposter voicebank

In an effort to lower fraudulent transactions in local call centers, The South African Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS) is launching a shared imposter voicebank which it will initially pilot with select participants before rolling out across the country, according to a report by IT Online. SAFPS is partnering on the initiative with voice biometric authentication solutions firm, OneVault. “Voice biometrics is an authentication solution that is similar to a fingerprint in that it represents an individual’s biological construct and is

Alipay launches facial recognition-based payment system at fast food restaurant in Hangzhou

Alipay recently introduced its facial recognition system for customers at a KPRO fast food restaurant in Hangzhou, according to a report by Payment Week. A 3D camera situated at the point-of-sale scans the customer’s face to verify their identity, while there is also a phone number verification option for greater security. The two-factor authentication process doesn’t require a smartphone, as long as the customer has already registered for the Alipay app and enabled facial recognition. The system uses a liveness

Veridium issued grant to pilot fingerprint solution in developing countries

Veridium has been issued a grant from the Digital Financial Services Innovation Lab, supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to develop and field test biometric authentication technology on unmodified Android smartphones in order to improve the way people in developing countries can access and enroll in financial and government programs. The grant will allow Veridium to roll out a pilot project in a developing region to allow fingerprint verification to be deployed instantly from any location and with