M2SYS selects Suprema fingerprint scanner for its cloud-based biometric software solution

Suprema partners can now take advantage of the M2SYS CloudABIS solutions suite to ease development and implementation efforts required for projects that use Suprema biometric hardware. M2SYS’ biometric identification software has over 300 million enrolled users in projects across more than 100 countries. The company’s CloudABIS is a suite of cloud-based biometric software solutions designed to mitigate the challenges and costs related to developing, deploying, and maintaining a biometric software system. CloudABIS can be rapidly integrated into any software to

SecuGen and M2SYS partner on new software suite

M2SYS Technology announced a new partnership to help customers using SecuGen fingerprint readers accelerate their projects with a suite of cloud-based biometric identification management software tools called CloudABIS. The partnership will help to speed deployment and facilitate the software development process for SecuGen’s global partner network. “Implementation of biometric identity management projects often poses a host of challenges such as integration, development obstacles, licensing issues, and on-going maintenance which cost precious time, resources, and money,” explained Mizan Rahman, founder of

American Green selects M2SYS finger vein reader for biometric authentication

American Green, a technology company in the medical cannabis industry, has selected the M2SYS finger vien reader to integrate with the American Green Machine (AGM), a custom vending solution for dispensaries. M2SYS will provide its M2-FingerVein finger vein reader for the AGM. The finger vein reader works by passing near-infrared light through the finger which is partially absorbed by the hemoglobin in the veins allowing an image to be recorded on a CCD camera. The M2SYS solution is designed to

Enacomm CMO compares biometric authentication methods, financial institutions exploring biometrics & more top stories

Here’s a recap of the most popular biometrics industry news that appeared on BiometricUpdate.com this past week. Comparing biometric authentication methods One of the more intriguing stories this week was penned by Enacomm CMO David Anderson, in which he provides a detailed analysis of the various biometric authentication methods, including fingerprint scanning, facial recognition and voice biometrics. Banking Credit card companies such as Mastercard, along with Canadian banks, are developing biometric authentication technologies to enable customers to validate transactions both

Retailer Forever 21 deploys M2SYS Technology’s biometric time clock

M2SYS Technology announced that major clothing retailer Forever 21 has deployed the M2SYS PC-based RightPunch biometric time clock. RightPunch seamlessly interfaces with Forever 21’s timekeeping software by Kronos, allowing staff members to clock in and out through biometric authentication, optimizing labor tracking performance. The integration of RightPunch with the Kronos Workforce Management platform enables Forever 21 to boost efficiencies and overall employee productivity and accountability. Forever 21 decided to use RightPunch with fingerprint biometrics, although the M2SYS solution supports other

Mongolian bank selects M2SYS finger vein solution for customer authentication

In a recently published customer case study, M2SYS Technology recounted working with local partner Infinite Solutions to provide Arig Bank of Mongolia with finger vein technology to streamline its customer authentication process at their branches. Currently, Arig Bank is using M2SYS’ finger vein technology to authenticate more than 400,000 customers. Arig Bank was looking for a solution that could reduce security breaches and transaction fraud issues, automatically confirm and identify their customers, provide safer verification systems, and reduce fraud risks

RightPatient recognized at Fierce Innovation Awards for patient identity management and engagement platform

RightPatient announced it has received top honors in the “Best in Show” category, as well as an overall award of “Best in Show: Fiercest Engagement Solution for its patient identity management and engagement platform at this year’s Fierce Innovation Awards: Healthcare Edition. The RightPatient platform provides flexible and scalable biometric patient safety, patient data integrity, and patient engagement system, with support for any form of biometrics, including fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, iris, facial, and voice recognition The identity management

UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center deploys RightPatient patient identity management and data integrity platform

Department of Radiation Medicine & Applied Sciences at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center recently implemented a customized version of M2SYS Technology’s RightPatient patient identification solution to accurately identify patients as a safety precaution prior to receiving radiation treatment. RightPatient from M2SYS Technology is a patient identity management and data integrity platform that boosts patient safety by ensuring accurate care delivery in any setting. The RMAS department decided to select non-contact iris recognition of the many forms of biometrics that

M2SYS Technology deploys biometric voter registration software in Yemen

M2SYS Technology announced that the country of Yemen is deploying its TrueVoter biometric voting registration platform for the nation’s upcoming constitutional referendum and national elections. The scalable and customizable TrueVoter software will allow the country’s Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum (SCER) to deploy and maintain a complete biometric information system for rapid enrollment and identification of voters. The United States Agency for International Development is funding the project. M2SYS attributes its contract win to TrueVoter’s full functionality, which includes

M2SYS smart fingerprint reader receives FBI PIV certification

M2SYS Technology announced that its M2-FuseID “smart” fingerprint reader has received FBI Personal Identity Verification certification. According to the press release, the FBI PIV certification is a growing industry standard that further assures end users of biometric identification management systems that the “smart finger reader meets or exceeds FBI interoperability standards and quality specifications for civil ID and other commercial applications.” The M2-FuseID fingerprint scanner is designed to provide effective finger imaging and “liveness’ detection to ultimately prevent fake and