Malaysia to collect biometrics to verify identity of foreign workers

In an effort to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in the country, Malaysia’s Immigration Director-General said this week that only foreign workers with fingerprints recorded under the biometric system can go through health screening before getting employment. According to a report in Malay Mail Online Datuk Seri Mustafar Ali told reporters that there has been cases of foreign workers using other individuals for health screening purposes and, although “the number of cases is small … we do not want

Malaysia asks UNHCR for refugee biometric data

The Malaysian government has called on the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to share its database of approximately 150,000 refugees and asylum seekers registered in the country, which includes their biometric information, according to a report by Channel News Asia. Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan said that the authorities are worried that some Islamic State (IS) militants may have entered Malaysia and obtained a refugee card issued by UNHCR in an effort to move freely within the country.

Iris Corporation and Zwipe to investigate potential biometric smartcard applications in Malaysia

Iris Corporation is partnering with Zwipe to look into the potential for biometric smartcard applications and ways the two companies can work together to promote the technology in Malaysia, according to a report in The Edge Markets. “Iris has been in trusted ID for over 20 years and our facilities are all geared towards trusted ID,” explained Iris Corporation co-founder and technical adviser Chas Yap. “Zwipe, on the other hand, is pure payments and they’re an IP company as well.

OCBC Malaysia introduces biometric authentication for mobile banking transactions

Malaysia’s OCBC Bank has launched OCBC OneTouch, a mobile banking app that leverages Apple’s Touch ID technology to create a fingerprint recognition system to give customers quicker access to the balances in their bank accounts, cards and investments. In a report in IBS Intelligence, OCBC Bank’s Head of E-Business Roy Heong commented: “With the majority of mobile banking transactions revolving round checking of account balances, we view the introduction of OCBC OneTouch as key to meeting a significant need of

UNHCR introduces new biometric ID card for refugees

In an effort to combat identity fraud and counterfeiting, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) rolled out its new ID card for refugees, along with a new card verification mobile application. The new card includes a number of enhanced security features including 3D holograms, bar codes and a large SQR code. The card is supported by enhanced biometric data collection at the UNHCR office, including retina, 10 fingers and face scan. “To enable the law enforcement authorities or

United States and Malaysia to share biometric database of crime and terrorism suspects

The Malaysian and American governments have signed an agreement to share a database containing the biometric records of about 1.2 million people suspected of terrorism and other serious crimes, according to a report by Channel News Asia. The agreement, signed between US Ambassador Joseph Yun and Secretary-General of Malaysia’s Home Ministry Alwi Ibrahim, are a part of an overall effort to prevent terrorist acts following last week’s attacks in Paris. The list of suspects will be used by security officials

Hong Leong Bank adds fingerprint authentication payment option on app

Malaysian bank Hong Leong Bank has added a biometric fingerprint authentication payment option on its Connect mobile application, according to a report by The Edge Markets. The biometric payment authentication option, which marks the first of its kind in Malaysia, is expected to help increase the bank’s digital banking user base. “Before this, mobile banking apps using biometric authentication only allowed users to check balances,” said HLIB managing director and CEO Raja Teh Maimunah. “So with Hong Leong Connect on

Safran looks to expand reach in Malaysia market

Safran said it has its sights set on Malaysia as a potential market for expansion, according to a report by Daily Express. Jean-Pierre Cojan, Safran’s SVP and special advisor of South East Asia, said aircraft, helicopter engines, high technology defence equipment and biometric identification solutions are among the technologies to be offered to Malaysia. Having already set up an office in Malaysia, Safran currently has a staff of 150 employees in the country and expects to soon expand its Malaysian

Maybank offers biometric authentication in mobile banking app

Malaysian financial services firm Maybank is now offering a biometric authentication option through its Quick Touch service on the Maybank2u mobile banking application, according to a report by New Straits Times Online. The biometric authentication service allows customers to access their accounts and check their balances by fingerprints on their mobile devices for authentication. Maybank said the new biometric authentication service is part of its overall strategy to reinforce its digital offerings and meet customers’ demand for increased convenience and

UNHCR recommends the use of biometric identity cards to monitor refugees in Malaysia

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Malaysia has proposed the introduction of a biometric identity card to be issued to all refugees so that the government can monitor their whereabouts as they await resettlement, according to a report by The Malaysian Insider. There were reportedly 153,004 refugees registered with the UNHCR as of May, with 93% of them originating from Myanmar. Despite these figures, the UNHCR says there are potentially “tens of thousands” of undocumented refugees in the