TIEMPO SECURE, id3 partner on ready-to-use biometric-enabled chips for smartcard vendors

TIEMPO SECURE and id3 Technologies have set up a partnership allowing TIEMPO SECURE to deliver its TESIC-SC chips with already installed biometric match-on-card routines for smartcard application developers. Id3 biometric on-card comparison technology provides security and privacy for the end-user by removing the need for databases. The confidentiality of the biometric data is guaranteed by integrating both the storage and matching subsystems into the secure integrated circuit chip that can contain data corresponding to ten fingers and one face. According

Innovatrics fingerprint algorithm sets record for 1B matches per second

Innovatrics’ latest version of its fingerprint matching algorithm has set a new matching speed record of 1.04 billion matches per second, on a single server only. The move comes just over a month after Innovatrics launched the new version of Latent Editor, which simplifies the editing and enhancement of latent fingerprint images to increase the probability of a match in an AFIS (Automatic Fingerprint Identification System). The algorithm outperformed the previous record of 720 million matches per second, which was also

Warwick Warp announces new deployment of its fingerprint matching technology

Forensic Comparison Software Company has successfully deployed the Warwick Warp AFIS Core Matching Engine. Warwick Warp fingerprint matching technology is available as an SDK and enables integrators and developers to incorporate highly accurate fingerprint matching into their solutions. “By partnering with Warwick Warp we have been able to deliver innovative solutions to our clients,” explained Founding Director of Forensic Comparison Software Company, John Moloney. “Powered by Warwick Warp’s innovative Core Matching Engine, we have recently implemented the first National AFIS

Neurotechnology makes a number of updates to the MegaMatcher product line

Neurotechnology has announced the availability of MegaMatcher 10, the latest update to the MegaMatcher multi-biometric product line. MegaMatcher 10 provides a number of significant updates across the MegaMatcher line, which includes: MegaMatcher SDK, a multi-biometric SDK for large scale systems; MegaMatcher Accelerator biometric matching engine, and; the MegaMatcher ABIS turnkey solution. Each biometric modality can be used alone or in any combination to provide to meet the needs of small and large-scale biometric identification projects. “This version provides increased accuracy

Dermalog iris solution achieves more than 8.5 million matches per second

Dermalog announced that its iris recognition solution has achieved a speed of more than 8.5 million matches per second on a single blade including 40 CPU-cores and has been certified by independant testing, auditing and certification firm SGS-TÜV Saar. According to a company statement, the German biometrics firm and system integrator emphasized that its solution “is made for using with large-scale data sets” such as registration, verification and identification in “large installations like national ID databases, customs authorities and border

NEC’s video face recognition technology achieves top results in NIST testing

NEC Corporation announced that its face recognition technology achieved the highest performance evaluation in the recent Face in Video Evaluation (FIVE) testing performed by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). NIST released the results in its Interagency Report 8173: Face In Video Evaluation (FIVE) Face Recognition of Non-Cooperative Subjects. The company’s face recognition technology achieved the top ranking for the fourth consecutive time following the 2009 Multiple Biometric Grand Challenge (MBGC 2009), 2010-2011 Multiple Biometrics Evaluation (MBE

DERMALOG’s biometric face matching software conducts 100M matches per second

German biometrics firm DERMALOG announced that its Face Matching software is now the fastest biometric face matching solution on the market, achieving a 100 million matches per second on a single blade. DERMALOG, which currently holds the world record in fingerprint matching, also offers hardware and software solutions for multi-biometric applications. Aside from fingerprints, the company’s solutions use other biometric identifiers such as the iris and the face. “The ‘Face Matching’ enables to match face pictures against each other or

Accenture, Atos, Safran to improve EU visa info and biometric matching system

The European Agency for the operational management of large-scale IT systems in the area of freedom, security and justice (eu-LISA) has awarded a contract to Accenture, Safran Identity & Security and Atos to provide application and infrastructure services for the EU Visa information System (VIS) and for the Biometric Matching System (BMS) underpinning VIS. The project will facilitate the rapid and secure processing of visa applications by third country nationals requiring visas to enter the Schengen area. The Accenture-Safran-Atos consortium

NIST studying biometric matching algorithms for tattoo database

According to a report in ITNews, computer scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) will soon begin the second round of an independent study into which biometric matching algorithms work best for pairing tattoos with criminal suspects, unidentified victims, and alleged gang members. In a presentation at the Biometric Institute’s Asia Pacific conference, NIST’s Mei Ngan and Patrick Grother said that in the US, tattoos are often used by law enforcement to identify persons of interest but

Accenture “biometric matching engine” patent wins award

Accenture, a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, recently recognized its own technological prowess by bestowing one of its own biometric patents with an award. The prize acknowledged Accenture’s “biometric matching engine” patent as the most outstanding intellectual property produced by the firm in the last fiscal year, which is quite a feat, noting the company has over 150 patents granted or pending. The firm developed the engine to employ a “dynamic matching strategy”. The strategy, which is