Biometrics the preferred second factor for strong customer authentication for mobile commerce

Biometric authentication will continue to be adopted for mobile commerce due to its combination of better security and improved user convenience as merchants apply multifactor-based strong customer authentication (SCA) in response to fraud risks and compliance requirements from card networks and regulators, according to a report from Mobey Forum. “Authentication in M-Commerce: Balancing Risk and Experience” describes a challenging environment for mobile commerce retailers, as customer habits, fraud threats, and compliance requirements evolve. It predicts that U.S. Account Takeover Losses

Biometrics in financial services, online authentication, privacy and access control trending this week

Here is a recap of the most popular biometrics industry news that appeared on this past week. Financial services The Japanese government will test a biometrics-based payment system this summer that will see foreign tourists able to verify their identity and make purchases using only their fingerprints. The pilot project will have inbound tourists register their fingerprints and other data, such as credit card information, at airports. Tourists will then be able to conduct tax exemption procedures and make

Biometrics and banking, access control and fingerprint technology trending this week

Here is a recap of the most popular biometrics industry news that appeared on this past week. Financial services Wells Fargo has been recognized with the “Most Innovative Feature Award” for its mobile biometric authentication application in its Commercial Electronics Office (CEO) portal by Barlow Research’s 2016 Monarch Innovation Awards. The bank has combined multiple biometric characteristics, including face plus voice and eyeprint id, to significantly improve security while simplifying the user experience for mobile banking access. Morpho is

Biometrics in healthcare, banking and counter-terrorism trending this week

Here is a recap of the most popular biometrics industry news that appeared on this past week. Healthcare Intent Solutions has introduced new medical device technology called TAD, “Take As Directed”. TAD is built around a portable dispenser containing a disposable vial filled with medication attached to a reusable electronic device. The device is designed to be pre-programmed with the prescribed regimen and patient biometrics. The device notifies the patient that it’s time to take the pill, scans their

Survey says biometrics in banking on verge of become mainstream

According to a recent Mobey Forum survey, the use of biometrics in banking and payment systems is on the verge of becoming mainstream. The survey notes that major technological advances and economies of scale have enabled biometrics to gain strong momentum as a secure authentication factor to verify a customer’s identity in the areas of mobile banking and payment. The report argues that over the last two decades, the technology has steadily proven its credibility in this market, attracting the

Biometrics in border security, fingerprints and fast food, facial recognition top this weeks news

Here is a recap of the most popular biometrics industry news that appeared on this past week Fingerprints By far the most popular article this week had to do with McDonald’s restaurants taking a more proactive approach to its loss prevention efforts by piloting new biometric authentication technology on its point-of-sale (POS) system. The fast food franchise has installed, at select restaurants in the United States, a fingerprint device on cash registers which require a fingerprint scan to activate

Mobey Forum publishes biometrics in payments paper

Mobey Forum has published a new whitepaper entitled “Biometrics in Payments: Touching Convenience”, which focuses on the applicability of biometrics as a method of identification, authentication and authorization for services in mobile banking and payments services. The study is based on a survey Mobey Forum conducted earlier this year that questioned 235 respondents from Europe, North America and the Middle East — 59% of which were from banks and other financial institutions and 32% were from solution providers. In the

The Biometrics Institute reaches 182 members

The Biometrics Institute announced it has reached a total membership of 182 organizations, which represents a total of over 650 individuals from around the world. “We witnessed record membership growth last year and this trend is continuing,” said Isabelle Moeller, chief executive of the Biometrics Institute. “Over the past year, membership has gone from 163 to 182 organizations. Our most recent members represent organizations from all regions of the globe including Metrobank UK, World Privacy Forum USA, HSBC, Danish Prison

Mobey Forum survey shows biometrics a priority in financial services

Mobey Forum has released the results of an industry survey that finds that the financial services industry must set aside competition and collaborate on biometrics to ensure consistent, easy and convenient services for end users. The survey explores the banking industry’s current attitudes toward biometrics, along with the key use cases, industry drivers and challenges. Of the 235 banking executives surveyed from around the globe, 22% of banks said they are currently offering biometrics to their customers while 65% said

Mobey Forum to host ‘biometrics for high-value services’ event

Global mobile banking industry association Mobey Forum, along with Natural Security Alliance and Biometrics Institute, will host an afternoon event that explores the opportunities, obstacles and breakthroughs in mobile banking biometrics, held in Paris on July 1 from 1:30 – 5:30 p.m. The event will consist of five back-to-back 45-minute sessions, with a brief 15-minute break between the third and fourth sessions. The first session will offer a global overview and introduction of banking and biometrics with a presentation by