Researchers develop Captcha-based anti-spoofing technique to supplement biometric authentication methods

Cybersecurity researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a “Real-Time Captcha” anti-spoofing technique for facial recognition authentication, ScienceDaily reports. Mobile device users authenticating with facial video or images are given the “challenge” of answering a simple but randomly-selected question in a time-frame which is too short for AI or machine learning programs to respond in. The technique is meant to supplement image and audio-based biometric authentication methods. The research was supported by the Office of Naval Research (ONR)

Smartphone growth to slow in 2018 as mobile biometrics mostly stay the course, TrendForce predicts

Growth in global smartphone sales will slow to 2.8 percent in 2018, and only Apple and Nokia have a clear path to growth over the year, TrendForce predicts. Apple’s expansion in the Indian market and improved specifications for new iPhones will drive its market share up from 15.2 to 15.7 percent, while Nokia’s own new partnership in India will help it gain ground in the mid and low-end market, according to TrendForce. The firm also predicts that market leader Samsung’s

ARM produces two new AI chips for improved facial recognition and object detection

ARM has announced two powerful new processor designs for use in machine-learning hardware, The Verge reports. The ARM Machine Learning (ML) Processor is designed to speed up AI applications including facial recognition, and the ARM Object Detection (OD) Processor is a second-generation design optimized for processing visual data. “These are new, ground-up designs, not based on existing CPU or GPU architectures,” Jem Davies, ARM’s vice president of machine learning, told The Verge. The ML chip is expected to mostly be

Counterpoint estimates more than 1 billion smartphones to be shipped with facial recognition in 2020

More than a billion smartphones will be shipped with facial recognition in 2020, as Apple competitors follow it in adopting similar technology, according to a new report from Counterpoint Research. A number of OEMs will follow Apple with facial recognition integrated in devices released in 2018, the report says, including Samsung, which will offer 2D facial recognition along with iris recognition, and OnePlus, which will offer 2D facial recognition alone. The trend will continue, with manufacturers choosing between 2D and

Fujitsu biometrics-as-a-service platform now available in Australia

Fujitsu’s Biometrics as a Service platform is now available in Australia thanks to a partnership agreement with ImageWare Systems following successful collaborations in Europe and North America. The cloud-based solution will enable Australian organizations to deploy and manage centralized biometric authentication and supports multimodal biometric authentication through mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks. By leveraging a centralized architecture, the solution allows new biometric information to be checked against an organization’s existing biometrics databases to reduce fraud, something that

Russian researchers develop method for continuous mobile device authentication

The Institute of Laser and Plasma Technologies at Russia’s National Research Nuclear University MEPhl have developed a new method of continuous protection for mobile devices based on behavioral biometrics, reports. The method is the result of research presented at several international conferences and published in an article, “Mobile authentication over hand-waving,” which describes the analysis of how a user handles the device to determine if it is the device owner. The method does not require any particular action from

Corvus Integration launches portable multi-biometric device

Corvus Integration has announced the launch of the Corvus Tetrad mobile biometric solution, which features an Integrated Biometrics “Five-O” four-slap fingerprint scanner in a modified version of its Corvus Sleeve biometric solution. The Tetrad features an 8-inch tablet in a rugged case, with Corvus’ 5mp dual iris and face sensors, a contact and contactless card reader from Identiv, and a Gemalto MRZ reader in addition to the Appendix F-certified Integrated Biometrics fingerprint scanner. The tablet runs Windows 10 Professional, and

Fingerprint Cards announces new deployments

Sweden-based biometrics company Fingerprint Cards today announced new deployments of its touch sensor technology. The DarkMatter KATIM phone launched with Fingerprint Cards’ touch sensor FPC1145. KATIM is the first handset to come from the UAE-based security company. This secure mobile device requires two-factor user authentication with secure fingerprint verification. Also announced, unnamed OEMs from Taiwan and Japan recently launched new smartphones powered by Fingerprint Cards’ FPC1272 and FPC1035 touch sensors. FPC1272 is designed exclusively to be mounted under a layer

Purdue professor develops 3D image transmission technology

A Purdue University professor has developed a technology for transporting 3D data through phones, the Indianapolis Business Journal reports. The system, dubbed Holostream by inventor Song Zhang, drastically reduces the size of 3D video without major quality degradation to enable transmission within current bandwidth limitations. Zhang told the Journal that facial recognition is among the many possible applications for the technology, along with expanding the capabilities of 3D printer manufacturing, and medical uses. It can also improve the quality of

Banking the unbanked

This is a guest post by James Stickland, CEO of Veridium. Nearly 3.5B people worldwide are unable to access banking services. To date, efforts at solving this problem have been built on traditional banking models, often requiring physical access to branches and onerous verification of identity. This approach doesn’t work in many emerging markets, leaving billions worldwide without access to financial services. Veridium, in collaboration with Wala – a blockchain-powered financial services platform – has embarked on a pilot program