Immigration, border security, and terrorism driving interest in Integrated Biometrics technology

According to a statement by the company, global events surrounding immigration, border security, and terrorism are driving increasing interest in advanced mobile fingerprint scanner technology from Integrated Biometrics. This interest – particularily in the company’s patented light emitting sensor (LES) film – is resulting in new customers and international organizations asking Integrated Biometrics for its technological advice and best practices in developing the next wave of mobile fingerprint scanners. Company president Mike Grimes commented on the increasing interest. “Any company

Morpho launches MorphoRapID 2 handheld biometric device

Using Morpho‘s fingerprint and face matching algorithms, and multiple credential readers, MorphoRapID 2 gives law enforcement, border control, immigration and airport security officers the tools to perform real-time operations in the field. Handheld and 4G wireless with an Android operating system and large color touchscreen, MorphoRapID 2 is equipped with a fingerprint sensor certified FAP 30 by the FBI and a high resolution camera and enables remote identification by capturing and transmitting to an automated biometric identification system (ABIS) a

Grabba receives technology innovation award at Homeland Security Week

Grabba International Pty Ltd announced it has received the ‘Technology Innovation of the Year’ award at Homeland Security Week 2015. The recognition comes on the heels of Grabba winning a US$2 million contract to roll out a second stage pilot project at 10 U.S. international airports as part of the Biometric Exit (BE) Mobile Experiment. Grabba’s line of data capture devices include three different models: the S-Series, NCage-Series and Q-Series. The devices are able to perform data capturing, verification, or

AOptix and CACI land $3 million research contract from DoD

AOptix has just landed a research contract from the U.S Defence Department (DoD) to examine its Smart Mobile Identity biometrics identification package and to eventually provide the department with a smartphone solution for scanning someone’s eyes, face, thumbs and voice. The contract, first reported in’s Danger Room, is worth $3 million and AOptix will be working with CACI International on the project, which said to entail a hardware peripheral and an accompanying app. According to the company, its Smart

National Identity Management Commission looks to enroll Nigerians abroad

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) in Nigeria has announced it will enroll Nigerians living abroad as a part of its new identity management project, ITV reports. “Our plan to enable us to take care of their biometrics is that we would establish our locations across the world to enable us to capture their biometrics and that will be very easy to do, Director General of the commission, Chris Onyemenam said. “Nigerians in the Diaspora can enrol by going to

Iowa looks to digitize sex offender mug shots, arm sheriff’s departments with facial recognition

The Iowa Department of Public Safety is about to equip every Iowa sheriff’s department with an electronic signature pad, laptop and digital camera to use facial recognition software in an attempt to digitize the mug shots of sex offenders in the state, the Sioux City Journal reports. Terry Cowman, a special agent in charge of the state’s sex offender registry program has roughly US$110,000 to pay for the hardware through a federal grant and is seeking another $180,000 to pay

West Virginia State Police using mobile biometric identification solution from MorphoTrak

The West Virginia State Police (WWSP) has successfully been using MorphoIDent mobile ID devices to make real-time identifications on both the WVSP and the FBI’s Repository for Individuals of Special Concern (RISC) fingerprint databases. The MorphoIDent device is a smartphone-sized mobile fingerprint identification system supplied by MorphoTrak. MorphoTrak is a subsidiary of Safran USA and provides biometric and identity management solutions to the U.S. and Canadian markets. These particular devices help WVSP officers quickly determine if a person detained during

DigitalPersona launches new line of mobile, PIV certified fingerprint sensors

DigitalPersona Inc., a global provider of biometric authentication and access management solutions, announced a new generation of biometric fingerprint sensors designed for mobile identification devices, which will be available to order starting November 15. These new devices combine low power, compact size and PIV standards compliance for voting, benefits-checking and micro-finance applications. “Smart ID is pleased to team up with DigitalPersona to bring their new PIV fingerprint reader to the Indian market,” said Nirmal Prakash, managing director at Smart Identity

Washington police praise mobile fingerprint scanners

Washington state’s King County Sheriff’s Office has started using MorphoIDent pocket-sized scanners by Safran Morpho to instantly read fingerprints of suspected criminals. They are so pleased with the results of using three devices originally ordered, they have ordered six more, as reported by the Seattle Times. Sheriff Steve Strachan told the Times the technology is “the next step in helping to fight crime”. The device takes two digital images of a suspect’s fingerprints, then transmits those images via Bluetooth to

Ultra-Scan Corp. targets military, police for fingerprint scanners

Ultra-Scan Corp. is seeking new markets for its fingerprint scanner security products. Recently, the firm, which specializes in ultrasonic and sensor technology, selected Intrinsix Corp. as its control electronics commercialization partner for the miniaturization of the sensor control electronics for its new Thin Film Transistor (TFT) fingerprint sensor. The new sensor, which recently received FBI Appendix F certification as the first non-optical four-finger scanner, addresses key performance requirements for military and law enforcement personnel. “After extensive investigation of available partners