NEC software uses facial recognition to verify mobile service users

NEC Corporation has launched NC7000-3A, a data utilization platform software that leverages facial recognition to confirm the identity of mobile service users for organizations such as financial institutions and telecommunication operators. NC7000-3A is ideal for organizations that require ID management and authentication functions to ensure the safety and security of their mobile web services. This software includes a mobile services-oriented authentication engine that leverages “NeoFace,” a facial recognition artificial intelligence (AI) engine that is part of NEC’s portfolio of AI

Secure Technology Alliance paper examines mobile ID authentication

The Secure Technology Alliance has released a new white paper that examines the new authentication mechanisms and use cases of mobile identification authentication. Developed by the Secure Technology Alliance Mobile Council, “Mobile Identity Authentication” provides an overview of mobile ID authentication, highlights use cases that rely on secure user credentials stored on a mobile device, and offers various insights on how new technologies and standards are addressing the growing need for mobile ID authentication. “Mobile ID authentication provides an answer

GenKey issues new release of its mobile enrollment software

GenKey has issued a new release of its mobile biometric enrollment software. According to a company statement, many of the improvements in the new release address the challenges of mobile registration in rural locations, including privacy-by-design software designed to store sensitive biometric information securely in the event of limited connectivity. The company has also improved the user experience, making the recruitment and training process easier in rural locations. The software runs on all mobile platforms and is compatible with all

Samsung biometrics-based Mobile Security Management Suite wins GSMA mobile award

Samsung was awarded the GSMA Global Mobile Award for its Mobile Security Management Suite at last week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, according to a report by Wireless Week. The GSMA Association awarded Samsung with the “Best Mobile Security of Anti-Fraud Solution” in the category of innovation in the mobile market. The company’s Mobile Security Management Suite uses PKI-based biometric solution Nexsign and Enterprise Mobile Management to connect fingerprint, voice, or facial biometrics data to user information on mobile devices.

Extended licensing agreement guarantees almost $2M US for Precise Biometrics

Precise Biometrics has entered into an extended software license and distribution agreement with an existing sensor customer that guarantees minimum total license revenues of 17.5 million SEK ($1.98M USD) during 2017 and 2018 for the use of Precise BioMatch Mobile. Precise BioMatch Mobile is a patented hybrid algorithm solution optimized for small fingerprint sensors and platforms with limited processing power and memory space. The extended licensing agreement includes a fee of 17.5 million SEK for a set number of licenses

South Korean firm releases mobile facial identification service

The Korea Trade Network (KTNET) has released a new mobile multi-factor biometric authentication service solution, providing mobile app developers and other companies with a way to implement a simplified, cost-effective face identification system, according to a report by Korea Herald. The identification service solution, BioCA, was jointly developed by the Korea International Trade Association subsidiary in partnership with Daon and the Korea Smart Authentication Corp. BioCA uses a smartphone’s front-facing camera to recognize and identify an individual’s face, then transfers

Elyctis releases tablet for mobile ID verification

Elyctis has released the ID TAB – 9” series, a new mobile tablet that enables governments and private entities to verify ID documents, ePassports, and ID cards. Designed for both public and private sector needs, government agencies can use ID TAB for border control, driving license read, ID document verification, or verification at issuance, among other situations. In addition, private entities can use the ID TAB for banking KYC (Know Your Customer) records, mobile check-in, SIM registration and many more

FotoNation introduces new face and iris recognition solutions for mobile platforms

FotoNation has introduced a new suite of face and iris recognition security and authentication solutions for mobile platforms. FotoNation’s facial recognition solution has a false acceptance rate (FAR) of 1 in 10 thousand and liveness detection. It combines the latest deep learning advances with computational imaging algorithms and uses existing front-view/selfie cameras to quickly identify the subject in various light conditions and poses. The iris recognition solution uses patented MIRLIN technology to deliver a unique solution for mobile devices that

Jenetric presents custom tenprint scanner for mobile fingerprinting at GIS

Jenetric has simplified the mobile registration of individuals with its new LIVETOUCH quattro Compact, introduced at the Global Identity Summit in Florida. LIVETOUCH quattro Compact is a small tenprint scanner that can be integrated into portable or mobile devices. “We reduced the size, weight and energy consump-tion, and provide our customers with a tailor-made fingerprint scanner for portable identification kits and mobile devices“, says Roberto Wolfer, one of the founders and CEOs of Jenetric. With the LIVETOUCH quattro Compact, the

Natural Security Alliance rolls out biometric strong authentication mobile service

The Natural Security Alliance has begun deploying its “Natural Security” application for all iOS and Android devices, allowing mobile biometric authentication without a biometrically-enabled smart phone. San Jose State University in California and Envies de Saison, a fast food chain in the Lille region of France are now using the “Trusted Authentication Operator,” and Auchan payments hypermarket and European betting operator PMU are expected to join soon, the organization announced Friday. “The introduction of this operator fosters the creation of