Identification-as-a-service provides benefits, says MorphoTrak executive

Cloud computing provides many benefits including ease of use, time savings, security, convenience, versatility, and scalability. For these reasons, cloud computing has become an emerging offering in the biometrics industry, and according to Frank Barret, Director of Cloud Services at MorphoTrak, LLC, it enables a new service paradigm known as “identification-as-a-service.” MorphoTrak has developed its own identification-as-a-service solution entitled Morpho Cloud. Barret describes the service as a secure and flexible offering for the public security market that incorporates multi-biometric modalities

MorphoTrak to manage APD’s upgraded AFIS as a service via Morpho Cloud

MorphoTrak will be providing a major upgrade to the Albuquerque Police Department’s (APD) automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) by converting its traditional on-premise fingerprint identification system to MorphoTrak’s biometric identification solution, MorphoBIS housed in Morpho Cloud, a multi-biometric identification-as-a-service solution. The cloud technology allows agencies to use software applications as services and store data on secured vendor-owned and managed servers maintained at peak performance, maximizing system security and streamlining system administration. “Officers are looking forward to the enhanced speed and

Morpho to deploy AFIS platform for Zambia Police Service

Morpho (Safran) has signed a contract with Zambia Police Service for the supply and deployment of its latest AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) platform, MorphoBIS. Morpho will also provide live capture enrolment stations and mobile fingerprinting devices. In an effort to speed up deployment, the Zambia Police Service and Morpho will scan existing paper fingerprint forms and associated demographic information into an electronic format as part of the project. Morpho will also provide training, warranty and maintenance services for five

Morpho collaborates with Microsoft to launch Morpho Cloud

MorphoTrak has launched Identification-as-a-Service solution Morpho Cloud in collaboration with Microsoft, the company announced Wednesday at the Florida International Association for Identification 56th annual Educational Training Conference. Morpho Cloud delivers Morpho’s flagship Biometric Identification Solution, hosted on Microsoft Azure Government to comply with the most stringent security requirements. The multi-biometric service includes friction ridge biometrics, facial biometrics, and iris recognition. Running Morpho Cloud on Microsoft Azure Government ensures constant peak AFIS technology performance and enables new services like Cloud Disaster

MorphoTrak provides Orange County crime lab with biometric identification solution

MorphoTrak announced that the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Crime Laboratory has formally accepted and is now using its new fingerprint identification system, Morpho Biometric Identification Solution (MorphoBIS), that was awarded in a competitive procurement. MorphoBIS is a multi-modal biometric system that identifies individuals with a high level of accuracy and enhanced productivity. Using MorphoBIS, the crime lab is able to save time and resources while performing high volume searches not only for fingerprints and palmprints, but for the entire surface

Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office adopts MorphoBIS for suspect identification

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office is now using biometric technology from Morpho as a part of its workflow and says it’s already seen a doubling of identification matches in the first month of use. Reported in the HeraldTribune, the particular system – MorphoBIS – cost the county $1.2 million and is being used primarily to examine latent fingerprints at crime scenes. The agency was previously using a ten-year old system. “New people are arrested everyday, so I search their fingerprints