NEC biometric security trials with Singapore government completed successfully

NEC Asia Pacific has announced the successful completion of three safety and security test bed projects with Singapore’s government, in collaboration with JTC and under the mandate of the Safety and Security Industry Programme (SSIP) 2020. The first trial used NEC’s NeoFace Facial Recognition software, and correlation of audio and video analytics by the Intelligent Complex Event Processing engine to test early detection of suspicious behavior, identify Persons of Interest (POI) in both indoor and outdoor environments. The second trial

NEC acquires UK police software provider Northgate Public Service

Software provider Northgate Public Service (NPS) has been acquired by NEC for £475 million (roughly $655 million), giving NPS access to NEC’s biometric scanning and facial recognition technology, and allowing NEC to pursue significant growth opportunities in the UK and Australia. NPS provides software to UK police forces and other public services, including the National Health Service (NHS). NEC Japan acquired the company from private equity firm Cinven after failing to reach an agreement on a similar asset, reports.

NEC showcasing immersive retail experience that incorporates biometrics and AI at NRF 2018

NEC will showcase an immersive retail experience that incorporates NEC’s retail technologies, including POS hardware, software, biometrics, artificial intelligence, analytics and digital signage solutions next week at NRF 2018 in New York City. “NEC is a leading innovator in delivering retail technologies and solutions from the point of sale to the back office and beyond,” explained Matt Worley, VP of NEC Retail Solutions. “We firmly believe that leveraging data and analytics the same way online retailers have for years –

Tokyo 2020 athletes, staff, media to be screened with NEC facial recognition

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games will deploy NEC facial recognition technology at game venues to screen athletes, staff and journalists, the Japan Times reports. The technology is expected to increase security by preventing the use of ID cards which have been borrowed, stolen, or forged, and possibly also to reduce wait times. Unnamed sources told the Times that the entry process for spectators will be the same as previous Olympics. Between 300,000 and 400,000 people are expected to

Australia to pilot city surveillance system that uses NEC’s biometrics tech

Australian cities will be the first to trial a ‘next-generation security’ systems that will combine live video with advanced real-time analytics, according to a Government News report. NEC Australia has partnered with Silicon Valley vision analytics firm CrowdOptic to develop the technology which NEC describes as a “ground-breaking intelligent live video streaming security system enabled by real-time analysis of footage captured from fixed cameras and mobile camera sensors in body cams, smartphones, and drones.” The technology uses internet-connected mobile cameras

NEC develops automatic optimization technology for deep learning

In an effort to facilitate improvements in recognition accuracy, NEC has developed automatic optimization technology for deep learning. In a statement, the company explains that if deep learning systems become excessively familiar with data, they become unable to accurately recognize data that they have not learned. This “overtraining” results in degradation of recognition accuracy when dealing with data that was not used in the learning process. To prevent overtraining, “regularization” technology is commonly used, which regulates the extent of learning

NEC announces change in executive leadership, expanded presence in Washington

NEC Corporation of America (NECAM) has named Masahiro Ikeno its new president and CEO. Ikeno previously oversaw activities for all NEC subsidiaries in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Prior to his EMEA assignment, Ikeno worked closely with NECAM as VP of the global business unit and general manager of the Americas and EMEA divisions. He also worked in the United States from 1994 to 2002 as director of business planning for the server division. “I look forward to the new

Singapore trialing NEC facial recognition tech to fight crime more efficiently

The Singapore government is working with NEC to fight crime more efficiently and effectively, according to a report in The Straits Times. Concept trials began this year using NEC’s Neoface facial recognition technology. “… we are looking at an integrated approach that can give us a situation picture (using) video surveillance and that can help enhance our officers’ sense-making and decision-making,” explained Lawrence Tham, deputy director of strategy and concept generation under the Ministry of Home Affairs’ ops-tech group. “That

NEC provided facial recognition-based entrance control system for Taipei Summer Universiade

NEC Corporation has revealed the successful provision of an entrance control system equipped with facial recognition at the 29th Universiade, an international multi-sport event for university athletes, in Taipei, Taiwan. The system utilized NEC’s AI engine for face recognition, NeoFace, in order to authenticate individuals of the organizing staff. The facial images of individuals entering the facilities were taken as they approached the gate. As soon as staff passed their ID cards over a reader, facial recognition confirmed their identity.

Miyoshi, NEC to market face recognition surveillance system in Asia

Miyoshi Optoelectronics and NEC Asia Pacific have partnered to jointly market an advanced facial recognition surveillance system in Singapore, Malaysia and other countries in Southeast Asia, according to a report by The Nation. The companies are introducing a system that integrates NEC’s NeoFace Watch, a real-time facial-recognition engine, into Miyoshi’s Digital SRS, a wireless audio-video wearable device. Miyoshi said the integrated solution is “a highly reliable, low-latency, body-worn server/transmitter with COFDM streamer and COTS camera, personal ruggedized lithium battery on