Federal agencies slow to adopt two factor authentication, says White House annual report

The majority of Federal employees are able to access Federal computer systems with nothing more than a username and password, despite President George W. Bush ordering Federal agencies to secure their information systems with strong authentication technologies more than a decade ago, according to a report by Govtech Works. Only half of the largest Federal agencies — including General Services Administration (GSA), the Labor and Treasury departments, the Small Business Administration (SBA), National Science Foundation (NSF), and the Nuclear Regulatory

Entertech integrates enterprise biometric identity platform with Nymi Band

Nymi and Entertech Systems announced they have formed a new partnership in which the companies will combine Entertech’s enterprise identity platform, BioConnect, with Nymi’s secure and continuous wearable authentication device, the Nymi Band. In a series of pilots launching this fall, the combined solution will be used by employees at participating companies to access floors and office spaces, central security rooms and server cabinets, and to lock and unlock computer terminals. The companies — which include online social networking services,

Biometrics Company Aware Inc. Closes Sale of Patents to Intel

Aware, Inc., maker of biometrics software products and services, announced Thursday that it completed the sale (previously announced on April 27, 2012) of selected patents and patent applications to Intel Corporation for US $75M. The patents and patent applications relate to WiFi (802.11n/ac), LTE and Wireline Home Networking. The sale is part of Aware’s patent management operation’s efforts to sell and/or license portions of its patent portfolio. Global IP Law Group, LLC represented Aware in this transaction. Aware, Inc. is

Explainer: Single Sign On Technology for the Healthcare Industry

Major health organizations are scrambling to implement new technologies that can help with the faster and safer delivery of patient care services to those in need. Currently, Single Sign On or SSO is one of the technologies that are making their presence felt in the health care industry. Single Sign On Technology is a combination of access control biometric systems that can help hospital staff, administrative workers and IT teams authenticate and identify patients quickly and with less paperwork. The

Precise Biometrics Hires New Chief Commercial Officer

Late last month, Thomas Marschall, CEO and president of Precise Biometrics announced the new chief commercial officer and executive vice president, Etienne Veber. Veber’s entry to the company comes at an opportune time when Precise Biometrics is making waves with its ambitious global sales efforts focusing on the US market. He will be a part of the company’s senior management team. Veber will be based at Precise Biometrics’ US subsidiary and his responsibilities include global sales, marketing, business development and

Imation Releases Biometric Flash Drive

The Defender F200 is a compact and portable USB biometric reader. This handy new contraption is a dream come true for “James Bond” wannabes as it is a separate device, which allows for access control to any laptop or notebook. The access control reader is compatible with both PCs and Mac notebooks. The biometric reader works by simply attaching the USB Flash Drive into the port of any notebook, scanning a designated finger for identity verification, thereby unlocking files. Apart