Fujitsu to release new digital advertising solution with facial detection

Fujitsu announced that version 6.3 of digital advertising solution, TELentice, which will be released in August in Australia, will integrate facial detection. Incorporating near field communications capability and Bluetooth connectivity, the new facial detection functionality will allow marketers to send targeted messages and personalized content to consumers as they walk toward or pass media screens. The solution also has an optional demographic recognition feature, allowing marketers to customize advertising content around the target consumer’s estimated age and gender to execute

Logic PD Tests POS Facial Recognition for Fraud Prevention

Logic PD announced this week that its team of engineers and designers addressed the challenges of identity fraud and highlighted new insights on how the Internet of Things technology can help improve people’s lives during the Logic PD ACME-thon held late last month. The solution is a multi-modal security platform for card purchases that uses near field communication authentication coupled with camera imaging to protect users. The way it works is that when a user makes a mobile payment at

SmartMetric plans North American launch for fingerprint EMV payment card, loses patent suit

SmartMetric is about to launch its fingerprint-activated biometric payment card for use in North America. The card, which the company says is the first of its kind in the world, includes a built-in fingerprint reader to authenticate purchases. Specifically, the card ‘turns on’ when the cardholder’s finger is present on the sensor. Smartmetric is positioning itself to issue its card to customers in the U.S. through a strategic alliance with a bank. The fingerprint activated EMV card will be offered as

Oberthur NFC embedded secure element included in Samsung GALAXY S4

Oberthur Technologies has announced that its NFC embedded Secure Element will be included in the newly-released Samsung GALAXY S4. The secure element – PEARL – is an advanced multi-application embedded secure elecement and according to the company, offers the largest memory on the market. In addition, says the company, it is also the first of its kind to be certified by Visa, MasterCard and Google. “We are proud to be recognised through this contract as a trusted partner for the deployment of

NFC smartphone support for Emirates ID soon

During the Cards & Payments Middle East and Mobile Show in Dubai this week, the Emirates Identity Authority announced that Emirates ID cards will soon start working with mobile phones through NFC technology. Reported in, according to Dr. Ali Al Khouri, Director General of the Emirates Identity Authority, the new NFC system is currently being developed broadly with various stakeholders. “We are currently working with the local telecom operators in the UAE and other technology firms to develop NFC enabled

SmartMetric incorporates NFC into biometric chip card

SmartMetric has incorporated Near Field Communication (NFC) technology into its fingerprint activated biometric chip card, aimed at financial institutions. “This will enable institutions to offer a safer NFC solution than that which is currently available since the NFC Biometric Card will only be turned on allowing NFC communication to be inactive until the user touches the cards fingerprint sensor,” Chaya Hendrick, SmartMetric President and CEO said. “All other NFC technologies are inherently unsafe in that the device is always on

INSIDE Secure expands to Turkey, Ismosys to represent product offerings

INSIDE Secure has announced an expansion to Turkey and Ismosys has been named to represent the company’s product offerings in Turkey. “With the addition Ismosys, INSIDE now has a strong presence in an important market, where we believe our extensive portfolio of security offerings will provide compelling solutions for customers,” Christian Fleutelot, executive vice president, digital security at INSIDE Secure said. “INSIDE will continue to expands its global sales network in strategically important regions to better serve our customers and exploit new

Biometric Research Note: Indonesia most advanced adopter of eID credentials

Implementing a biometrically-enabled identification card in Indonesia, the country with the fourth largest population, has been a vital step in creating a nationwide identification infrastructure which embraces and enhances a number of applications, including e-government, financial projects and social services. As has previously mentioned, Indonesia committed US$600 million to provide a national identity card to all of its 172 million residents. The Asian nation has introduced a new eID credential to replace all existing identity cards. The cards, entitled

AuthenTec sells embedded security division to INSIDE Secure, making a stronger case for biometric authentication on the iPhone

NFC and contactless chip provider INSIDE Secure will acquire the embedded security systems division of AuthenTec, the fingerprint, identity management and secure solutions provider Apple bought earlier this year. The transaction, valued at up to US $48M is for AuthenTec’s Embedded Security Solutions (ESS) division which designs develops and sells a range of embedded security solutions using complex encryption algorithms for protection. ESS offers three product lines: Content Protection, Security Toolkit and Semiconductor IP, NFC World reports. According to TechCrunch,

Fingerprint Cards partners with Infineon for secure biometric NFC mobile payments

Sweden-based biometric authentication components and technology company, Fingerprint Cards (FPC), has announced the integration of its fingerprint verification algorithm and swipe sensor technology into Infineon’s embedded secure element chip. According to the press release, the primary solution will be plug & play for mobile near field communication (NFC) solution providers to enable secure access and transactions in mobile phones and tablets, with a potential target market of several hundred million units in the next three years. As part of this