Afghan Wireless to distribute government salaries via biometric mobile payment system

Afghan mobile carrier Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC) announced that the government is deploying its biometric mobile payment system to distribute salary payments to employees across Afghanistan, according to a report by the Telecom Paper. The digital payments project stems from a partnership between AWCC, the Ministry of Finance, New Kabul Bank, Maiwand Bank and the United States Agency for International Development, which provided initial start-up funding for the project. AWCC’s MyMoney platform is a biometrics-based application that ensures that

Google developing API layer to support Android mobile payments

Google has announced at Mobile World Congress that it is currently developing a new mobile payment system called Android Pay that will compete with Apple Pay, according to a report by The Verge. Speaking at the conference, Google SVP Sundar Pichai explained that Android Pay would not be a new product, but instead an “API layer” that allows third-party companies to support secure payments on Android devices via both online and physical storefronts. “We are doing it in a way

Ionosys combines a watch and fingerprint reader for biometric authentication

French startup Ionosys is now offering SmartSafe, a new biometric watch with fingerprint recognition for two-factor authentication, according to a report by Tom’s Guide. Ionosys CEO Stephane Blondeau demonstrated how SmartSafe works at this week’s CES 2015. First, the user must strap on the wrist piece, dubbed “Ionoki,” then swipe their finger across the fingerprint reader, which is called “Ionogo.” As a security precaution, users are required to reswipe their fingers every time they put on the watch. Once the

Mastercard, Zwipe unveil fingerprint authenticated contactless payment card

Mastercard has partnered with Zwipe to launch what it claims to be the world’s first fingerprint authenticated payment card, according to a report by IBTimes UK. Using the fingerprint sensor, the Zwipe MasterCard card authenticates contactless payments and can be easily integrated with other payment technologies. “Biometrics makes it very simple and convenient for consumers,” Ajay Bhalla, president of enterprise security solutions at MasterCard, told the IBTimes UK. “Passwords are inconvenient, they’re a big hassle and they get compromised. We

Use of biometrics gets lower transaction fees for Apple Pay merchants

Apple announced that it is allowing Apple Pay merchants to pay card present rates (aka cardholder present) for all transactions consumers make in store using their mobile phones, which will save them as much as 1.25 percent on each transaction, according to a report by Apple Pay’s cardholder present rates of 1.5 percent is considerably less than card not present rates, which can command 2.75 percent or more per transaction. The lower transaction fee can be attributed to Apple’s

Idiap engineers developing vein reading biometric wristwatch

Engineers from the Idiap Research Institute are currently developing a new vein reading biometric watch called BioWatch, enabling users to own and control the watch themselves. Joe Rice – touted as the inventor of vein recognition – has partnered with Matthias Vanoni and the engineers at Idiap in Martigny, Switzerland to develop a personal worn biometric system that will secure people’s transactions. At the core of BioWatch is the wrist vein reader, a wearable technology that reads the vein pattern

Apple partners with Visa, Mastercard and American Express for iPhone wallet

Apple is partnering with credit card companies, financial institutions and retailers to enable iPhone users to make secured mobile payments, according to a report by Bloomberg. The partnership, which includes Visa, MasterCard and American Express, will be officially announced on September 9, along with details about the new iPhone 6, according to the report which cites an unnamed source familiar with the situation. The iPhone 6 will enable users to easily make secured mobile payments by including a near-field communication

Fujitsu to release new digital advertising solution with facial detection

Fujitsu announced that version 6.3 of digital advertising solution, TELentice, which will be released in August in Australia, will integrate facial detection. Incorporating near field communications capability and Bluetooth connectivity, the new facial detection functionality will allow marketers to send targeted messages and personalized content to consumers as they walk toward or pass media screens. The solution also has an optional demographic recognition feature, allowing marketers to customize advertising content around the target consumer’s estimated age and gender to execute

Logic PD Tests POS Facial Recognition for Fraud Prevention

Logic PD announced this week that its team of engineers and designers addressed the challenges of identity fraud and highlighted new insights on how the Internet of Things technology can help improve people’s lives during the Logic PD ACME-thon held late last month. The solution is a multi-modal security platform for card purchases that uses near field communication authentication coupled with camera imaging to protect users. The way it works is that when a user makes a mobile payment at

SmartMetric plans North American launch for fingerprint EMV payment card, loses patent suit

SmartMetric is about to launch its fingerprint-activated biometric payment card for use in North America. The card, which the company says is the first of its kind in the world, includes a built-in fingerprint reader to authenticate purchases. Specifically, the card ‘turns on’ when the cardholder’s finger is present on the sensor. Smartmetric is positioning itself to issue its card to customers in the U.S. through a strategic alliance with a bank. The fingerprint activated EMV card will be offered as