NEXT Biometrics mass ships new fingerprint sensors for notebooks

NEXT Biometrics has begun mass production shipments of its NB-2034-S2 sensor module, designed for the notebook, tablet and access control markets. The module is the first in a series of the company’s high performance, cost-efficient fingerprint modules based on NEXT’s second generation ASIC, the NB-A520. The NB-2034-S2 module is based on a single semiconductor controller, the NB-A520 ASIC, which includes an integrated microcontroller that provides greater flexibility in product design and a reduction in system cost. The number of external

Clevo notebooks to include Synaptics SecurePad for biometric authentication

Synaptics’ SecurePad technology is now featured on Clevo’s new line of high-performance notebooks, according to a report by MS Power User. The notebooks are being sold under various brands including Aftershock, Azom Systems, CJscope, Monster, and Sage. Synaptics SecurePad technology offers the same functionality of the TouchPad — including scrolling, pointing, navigation, selection — in addition to an integrated area fingerprint sensor. Using the technology, notebook designers are able to integrate an area fingerprint sensor into a TouchPad. A TouchPad

Synaptics working with Intel and Lenovo to bring enterprise-level biometric authentication to ThinkPad notebooks

Synaptics announced that it is working with Intel and Lenovo on secure enterprise-level fingerprint authentication for the next generation of Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks. Synaptics’ Natural ID area touch fingerprint solution is supported by Intel Authenticate, a hardware-enhanced, multifactor authentication solution that strengthens identity protection on the PC, making it less vulnerable to identity and security credential attacks. Intel Authenticate uses everything from personal identification numbers to Bluetooth to location and biometrics to verify identity. Tom Garrison, vice president and general

OmniVision releases OV2281 PureCel sensor for mobile devices

OmniVision Technologies announced it has released the OV2281, a new PureCel sensor with improved biometric security functionality for mobile devices. Build on OmniVision’s 1.12-micron pixel technology and optimized IR sensitivity, the low-power, compact OV2281 sensor provides accurate iris recognition capabilities for smartphones, tablets and notebooks, in both landscape and portrait orientations. “With the convergence of digital identities, security concerns and mobile commerce, industry experts project that 13 billion biometric applications will be downloaded by 2.2 billion mobile users between 2014

Synaptics integrates fingerprint ID into the TouchPad

Synaptics announced it is now offering SecurePad, the latest Fast Identity Online (FIDO) ready authenticator to support the use of password-free security. Backed by Synaptics’ fingerprint ID technology, SecurePad is the first solution to be integrated directly into the TouchPad to deliver high level security, eliminating the need for OEMs to implement duplicate hardware aspects, simplifying the supply chain and significantly cutting manufacturing cost and complexity. Synaptics SecurePad enables end users to login to any online service that supports the

Next Biometrics introduces smaller biometric security sensor

Next Biometrics has launched its new touch area sensor for mobile, tablet and notebook markets. The new touch area sensor is 30% smaller than Next Biometrics’ current offering, measuring at a size of 144 square mm compared to 201 square mm. Despite the smaller size, Next Biometrics notes that market trends are currently projecting that customers will move away from smallest sensors in 2015 and 2016. “It ́s about maximizing user convenience without sacrificing security,” said Next Biometrics CEO Tore

Fujitsu Lifebooks get a biometric boost from Validity Natural ID sensors

Fujitsu Lifebook notebooks in Japan now contain Validity Natural ID fingerprint sensors – an integration the company says expands authentication options. “Fujitsu has demonstrated a strong expertise in the development and support of fingerprint sensors used to secure enterprise computers,” Michael Maia, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Validity Sensors said. “With the Lifebook series, this marks the first of a range of mass market Fujitsu products that will be protected using Validity Natural ID solutions.” Specifically, the sensors have been