Biometrics industry stocks this week

As the biometrics industry continues to grow, Biometric Update is bringing a new focus to the stories around the stocks in the sector. Check in with this space each week for a rundown of the financial news and interesting ideas from the week that was. This week we have added some companies to our biometrics industry stocks coverage. Both names have one thing in common–they’re reporting strong quarterly results. Calgary, Alberta, Canada-based company, NovaTeqni Corporation is focused on biometrics as

Novateqni CEO accepts shares in lieu of loan repayment

NovaTeqni Corporation has reached an agreement with the company’s CEO and largest shareholder, Gerhard Mynhardt, regarding a $380,302 loan advanced to the biometrics and secure payment technologies firm. Myhardt has agreed to accept 2,535,347 common shares in the capital of NovaTeqni at a deemed value of $0.15 per share in lieu of the repayment of the above-noted loan. Assuming the closing of the shares for debt settlement, Mynhardt would own 45.9 percent of NovaTeqni’s outstanding common shares. The closing of

NovaTeqni reviewing adoption of blockchain technologies, gives corporate update

NovaTeqni Corporation announced it has been reviewing blockchain technologies that would contribute to the company’s existing business verticals. The markets for blockchain can fall anywhere from biometrics-based payments and secure money transfer to voter registration, voting and voter verification, along with being used in pre-payments for utilities and services. In August, NovaTeqni entered a manufacturing, development and sales agreement with Mobizent LLC for the manufacturing and sale of the new MobiCHKII mobile biometrics handheld device. In a corporate update to

NovaTeqni, Mobizent to develop custom biometrics device for U.S. federal sector

NovaTeqni Corporation has entered into a manufacturing, development and sales agreement with Mobizent LLC for the manufacturing and sale of the new MobiCHKII mobile biometrics handheld device intended for the United States’ federal sector. Additionally, NovaTeqni will also develop and provide the MobiCONNECT device for Mobizent. The biometrics enabled handheld devices — which enables on the spot identification using fingerprints or smartcards — have applications within the law enforcement, public safety, border patrol, corporate security operations, event security, refugee control

Novateqni completes prototypes of its elections technology

NovaTeqni Corporation recently issued a corporate update in which it reported that over the last year it has completed all prototypes for its line of elections solutions, which can also be modified to be used for biometric identification purposes. With more than 50 international elections taking place in 2018, including nearly 20 elections in Africa alone, NovaTeqni realized that completing the prototypes was a necessary step in order to take advantage of these opportunities. Through its partnership with Paarl Media,

NovaTeqni to develop biometrics solution for Malawi tobacco farming industry

Biometrics and secure payment technologies firm NovaTeqni Corporation announced that it has won a contract to develop, supply and maintain an advanced biometrics enabled system for the Southeast African country of Malawi’s tobacco farming industry. The “Farmers Registration and Administration System” contract has been approved by all stakeholders, including the relevant Malawi government department as well as the international companies that buy from domestic farmers. In the past, NovaTeqni has successfully developed and commercialized many biometrics based products with a

MTN Nigeria orders $1M in biometrics-based KYC devices from Novateqni

Biometrics and secure payment technologies firm Novateqni Corporation announced a U.S. $1 million order of its biometrics authentication product KYC100 by MTN Nigeria, a division of South African-based mobile teleco MTN Group. The KYC100 units are used to enroll the fingerprints, photo and personal detail of mobile phone buyers as required under the country’s new regulations. The KYC notation, which stands for “Know Your Customer”, is the business process necessary to verify the identity of its clients, which is becoming