Majority of European consumers trust organizations using biometrics for online authentication

More than two in three Europeans (68 percent) would trust organizations more if they used biometrics for authentication, according to survey results released Tuesday by Unisys. The survey results indicate broad consumer support for biometric online authentication. Unisys surveyed 3,500 consumers in seven European countries about their opinions on the use of biometric authentication for online accounts and trust levels in organizations managing and storing their personal data. Their responses show 63 percent believe biometrics are stronger than traditional PIN

Defense contractor selects BIO-key biometrics technology

A government defense contractor is securing employee access to its online infrastructure using the BIO-key SideSwipe fingerprint reader solution. SideSwipe offers native support for Windows Biometric Framework, which streamlines the implementation of biometric authentication into an enterprise network. The initial purchase order is valued at approximately $75K and will enable compliance with regulatory requirements for multi-factor authentication and, as the solution is deployed, will lead to additional opportunities . The unnamed contractor provides highly sensitive solutions to government and commercial

Neuro-ID releases prescriptive analytics solution to assess future risk

Neuro-ID announced the commercial availability of its prescriptive analytic solution, Neuro Confidence Score (Neuro-CS), which analyzes cognitive changes demonstrated by the applicant during the onboarding process that are indicative of future and ‘risk-relevant’ actions. The technology includes a complete toolset and score to access breakthrough insight about online applicant risk. The solution combines behavioral biometrics, advanced analytics and neuro-cognitive research to provide organizations more assurance in applicant segmentation — mitigating overall risk and improving the bottom line. Neuro-ID’s technology monitors

Verificient to implement ID authentication/verification for online university students

Penn State and Verificient Technologies have partnered to develop the first of its kind, identity authentication and verification tool that will meet federal compliance standards for distance learners. Through the initiative, the technology will enable the university to verify whether a registered student who logs into an online course, performs individual assignments and completes the assessments is, in fact, the same student enrolled in the program. “The online education ecosystem continues to see a rise in sophisticated threats that can

SensibleVision releases multi-factor face authentication solution for retailers

SensibleVision has launched Autodentity, simultaneous multi-factor face authentication solution that enables enterprise users and consumers to securely access devices. Based on 10 years of R&D and six patents, Autodentity allows retailers to increase the security of their websites through an unobtrusive authentication method. Users simply take a selfie with their computer or mobile device, and every time they log into a site their image is instantly verified. They can then use a second authentication factor selected by the retailer —

Security experts urge Asian e-retailers to boost authentication to protect customer data

Security experts are urging online retailers in the Asia-Pacific market to increase security authentication measures to protect consumer data in light of rising cyberattacks, according to a report by South China Morning Post. Cybersecurity experts from ThreatMetrix, Fortinet and FireEye have all recommended that retailers invest in stronger authentication services to safeguard online transactions from increased attacks used for identity theft, as well as for validating and altering credentials of stolen identity to facilitate further online fraud. “Small retailers can

BioCatch to integrate behavioral biometrics into Experian fraud and ID platform

BioCatch has partnered with Experian to integrate its behavioral biometric technology into Experian’s fraud and identity platform, CrossCore, to help curb new account fraud for its users. The integration of BioCatch’s behavioral biometric technology into the CrossCore platform will boost security measures to detect fraud in real-time. The increased security measures could, for example, focus on the way users behave as they fills out an online credit card application — all without compromising the overall user experience or slowing down

Samsung says enterprises need to be more proactive about using biometrics

A recent Samsung blog post discussed how enterprises can no longer depend entirely on passwords as an authentication method for their employees’ corporate or personal devices. The blog post emphasizes the “growing problem” of password management, citing the statistic that the average person only uses a few passwords across their 27 online accounts. The same research also found that as many as 37 percent of people say they forget a password at least once a week, and even more disconcerting,

EU’s customer authentication rules could create challenges for corporate cards

AirPlus International warned that the proposed European Union regulations for increasing card security could prevent the booking and payment processes that occur through travel management firms and online corporate booking services, from functioning, according to a report by Business Travel News. The second Payment Services Directive, which is set to take effect in January 2018, aims to regulate new types of payment service providers, freeze card surcharges and improve the security of online payments. “At the moment, it is completely

Mastercard to acquire NuData Security to boost IoT payment security

Mastercard said it will acquire NuData Security, which provides online and mobile fraud detection solutions using behavioral biometrics, according to a report by ZDNet. The acquisition, whose terms were not disclosed, will see Mastercard integrate NuData’s behavioral biometrics technology into its fraud management and security products. The understanding here is that secure payments will play an integral role in the Internet of things ecosystem and smart devices. NuData’s flagship product line, NuDetect identifies authentic users over fraudulent ones based on