AOptix iris-based biometrics aid Qatar border control

AOptix, a technology innovation company that applies optics to transform identity verification and wireless communications, recently announced results from the first 12 months of deployment of its identity verification systems in the State of Qatar. On average, the examination of 12 months of operations found that it takes only four seconds for travellers to pass through the AOptix identity verification systems. At the same time, the systems are highly effective in preventing non-authorized travellers from entering or exiting the country,

Smartmatic Biometrics Deal at odds in Philippines

The fate of the next Philippine elections could hang in the balance if a ruling will not be reached regarding the Precinct Count Optical Scan machines in due time, reports the Manila Standard. The Supreme Court has yet to come up with a ruling regarding the purchase of the scanners for the 2013 midterm polls after several groups filed petitions against it. Various groups have submitted their petitions to the high court, protesting the contract entered by both the Comelec