JCB to trial multipurpose server-based visible light palm authentication

JCB, a global payment brand and payment card issuer and acquirer in Japan, announced that it will be running a trial of multipurpose server-based visible light palm authentication in February at JCB headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, in collaboration with Universal Robot Co. and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. The trial will use Universal Robot’s visible light palm authentication, using both palm print and vein patterns. Universal Robot’s patented technology makes it possible to capture vein patterns

Samsung applies for palm scanning password hint technology patent

Samsung has filed a patent Thursday for technology to provide users with hints for forgotten passwords based on palm scans, SamMobile reports. The system described in the 42-page patent application involves the user enrolling an image of his or her palm, and then retrieving a password hint by taking a picture of his or her palm with the device’s rear camera. The device then adds the hint to the image in the form of the password characters scattered across the

Vivo and Qualcomm working to improve mobile phone biometrics

Vivo has signed a $4B USD memorandum of understanding with Qualcomm that encompasses technical partnership and patent sharing in mobile-related technologies including biometric authentication. At MWC Shanghai this July, Vivo unveiled the Vivo Under Display fingerprint scanning solution based on Qualcomm fingerprint sensors. Vivo will continue to work with Qualcomm on research and development in the biometrics spaces, particularly 3D facial identification, palm prints, fingerprints, iris scanning and other biometric technologies, to improve the ease-of-use and security of mobile phone

Redrock Biometrics introduces palm-based authentication solution

PalmID, a market-ready, palm-based authentication solution by Redrock Biometrics is now available commercially. PalmID features enrollment portability, so when users enroll with PalmID on one device, they are automatically enrolled on other devices with PalmID installed. Redrock also revealed that it joined the Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator program to speed development of the PalmID solution. Redrock will work closely with Wells Fargo business and technology leaders through the program, exploring use cases and experimenting with the PalmID biometric solution. “We

Crossmatch palm scanner selected for UK Home Office’s FABrIC program

Northrop Grumman, a security firm and a technology integrator for the UK Home Office, will upgrade the current criminal booking solution for the department’s Forensic and Biometric Interim Capability program (FABrIC) with the Crossmatch L Scan 1000 palm scanner. By December, more than 375 enrollment and capture stations across the UK will be upgraded incorporating Crossmatch Livescan devices, which allow for high-quality capture of fingerprint and palm print images. In 2000, Northrop Grumman replaced the ink-and-paper method of capturing fingerprints

NEC biometrics unit rebrands to address expanded solutions

NEC Corporation of America (NEC) has rebranded its biometrics division to NEC Advanced Recognition Systems to reflect its expanding market offerings. In a statement, the company says Advanced Recognition Systems’ main mission is “to serve citizens and the people who protect them.” The division will continue to target the government security market with its solutions by determining valuable patterns for solving crimes, reinforcing national security, and highlighting trends and efficiencies for tech-savvy businesses. Rather than simply collecting and reporting data,

Patent pending paste promises precise palm prints

Applied World Solution has developed Minutia Advancement Paste (M.A.P.), a proprietary and patent pending paste that can be applied to the palm and fingertips before being enrolled in a fingerprint livescan system to ensure the highest quality image capture. Company founder Justin Turvey, a police officer and former U.S. Marine Sergeant, said the paste is designed to increase the accuracy of biometric fingerprint and palm scans used in security systems. “While I was working with the bureau of criminal investigations

German state police department to use Crossmatch palm scanners

Crossmatch announced that its German partner and technology integrator Hecosys will provide Crossmatch livescan devices for the Polizei Niedersachsen, which is the State Police Department of Lower Saxony in Germany. All livescan booking stations will be equipped with the latest Crossmatch L Scan 500 palm scanners, allowing personnel to capture high quality fingerprint and palm print images. “The Polizei Niedersachsen has had great success with Crossmatch solutions over the past 10 years, so we are happy to continue our relationship

NEC releases multi-modal capture livescan solution

NEC Corporation of America (NEC) has launched SmartScan, an advanced multi-modal capture solution. According to a statement from the company, NEC’s SmartScan offers a modern user interface and intuitive screens utilizing Microsoft Windows 10 with touch, pinch-and-zoom and swipe features. It is housed in a height adjustable, ergonomically designed kiosk with larger foot pedals for improved fingerprint and palmprint capture. Comprehensive managed services gives customers centralized and remote managed service options and enhanced security measures protect SmartScan from intrusion and