BioSec launches biometric workforce management solution

Hungarian biometrics solutions firm BioSec Group has launched a palm vein recognition-based workforce management solution. BS Talent+ is suitable for any organization but according to the company, the product is ideal for agencies with a large and often changing workforce – such as security guards, servers and talent agencies – to manage job applications, administration, time records and accounting, blacklisting and authentication for security reasons. With BS Talent+, employees are biometrically enrolled in the agency’s database, ensuring reliable and convenient

SCM Secure deploys biometric palm vein solution for UK child care facility

Ed-Tech start-up SCM Secure, has deployed its biometric palm vein solution at two childcare facilities in Oxford, UK. The Aunties’ Old School Nursery have installed the SCM Secure’s PalmSecure solution together with their cloudbased Learning Management System at its two settings. The PalmSecure solution allows parents to register themselves and their children upon arrival, making the sign-in process easier, quicker, and more efficient. “The childcare industry is about ‘people’, and SCM Secure have found a way of introducing technology into

Fujitsu releases F-Pro Suite of products based on PalmSecure

Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc. released the F-Pro Suite, a line of products that includes the new PalmSecure-based F-Pro biometric sensor which is now 50 percent smaller than Fujitsu’s earlier palm vein sensors. The F-Pro suite of products also comprises of the F-Pro Standard with integrated hand guide, and the F-Pro Mouse for general user authentication applications such as enterprise wide access control and single sign-on applications. In addition, the F-Pro suite offers improved environmental tolerance, supporting a wider range

BioSec authentication solution integrates with Honeywell WIN-PAK security platform

BioSec Group Ltd. has integrated its biometric palm vein authentication solution with Honeywell’s WIN-PAK access control system. According to a company statement, BioSec’s authentication solution, the BS LifePass, was specially developed to integrate the security of the palm vein recognition technology into any system, since it works as a middleware. The BS LifePass can be either used for replacing or completing passwords, cards or other external identifiers, according to the client’s expectations. “Bringing biometric authentication to the WIN-PAK system enables

BioSec, Fujitsu team up to provide palm vein recognition to EMEIA

Fujitsu has partnered with biometrics firm BioSec Group Ltd. in an effort to deliver the new generation of biometric palm vein recognition technology to the EMEIA region. Under the agreement, Fujitsu’s product portfolio will now include BioSec’s palm vein recognition security solutions including physical access control, IT security, and stadium security solutions. Fujitsu will sell BioSec solutions in the EMEIA region, where there is a significant interest for advanced security technology such as biometrics. “The future’s security is in our

BioSec intros biometric palm vein login with Active Directory interface

BioSec Group Ltd. has introduced BS Login, a biometric palm vein recognition login solution that protects PCs from unauthorized access and eliminates password related security risks and inconveniences. By using the BioSec system, there are no more unsecure, forgotten or stolen passwords, the user only needs his/her hand for secure computer login. The system’s Active Directory interface is ideal for the corporate environment, where access-, right- and domain management is conducted on one surface. “BS Login brings IT security to

BioSec palm vein authentication system prevents violence at Hungarian stadium

The BioSec Group installation of a biometric palm vein authentication system at Hungarian Groupama Arena has put an end to the football spectator violence that would occasionally occur at the 23,500 seated soccer stadium. StadiumGuard is a palm vein scanner that grants access to thousands of ticket holders into the stadium, while keeping unsavory types outside. The technology works by fans waving their hand above the sensor at one of the stadium’s 36 gates. If the person is not blacklisted,

Persistence to release biometric palm scanner market report

Persistence Market Research will release a new report in September titled “Biometric Palm Scanner Market: Global Industry Trend Analysis 2012 to 2017 and Forecast 2017 – 2025” Persistence analysts emphasize that one of palm scanner technology’s most important features is that the accuracy in scanning the palm is unaffected by external injuries on the palm, burns or other skin problems because palm vein pattern is subcutaneous and therefore unaffected by external injuries. The report states that the demand for palm

Fujitsu releases biometric authentication solution for Microsoft Active Directory

Fujitsu has launched PalmSecure ID Login, a biometric authentication solution that enables organizations to protect their networks against unauthorized access, while also lowering the chances of being attacked by hackers and identity thieves. PalmSecure ID Login integrates Fujitsu’s biometric palm vein authentication technology into corporate network environments using Microsoft Active Directory, which increases IT security while making it easier for users to log on to their system without having to keep track of passwords. With PalmSecure ID, consumers can log

Fujitsu PalmSecure biometric technology integrated in Keyo payment solutions

Fujitsu Frontech North America has partnered with Keyo, granting the biometric retail and hospitality payment solutions provider access to and distribution rights in Fujitsu’s patented PalmSecure biometric technology. Using PalmSecure, Keyo significantly improves the value proposition for retailers by reducing transaction fees and the risk of fraud, while simplifying and improving the human experience by eliminating physical cards, keys and tickets, and cutting down on the amount of time spent in checkout queues. Fujitsu PalmSecure uses a near-infrared light to