Samsung patents rollable display device with fingerprint sensor

Samsung has patented a tablet-like rollable display device with an integrated fingerprint sensor, LetsGoDigital reports. The OLED display can be rolled up into a small tube, which houses the fingerprint sensor. Rollable displays date back to an e-reader prototyped by Philips in 2005, and LG demonstrated an 18-inch, 1mm thick, flexible OLED display TV at CES 2016. Samsung followed shortly after with a rollable OLED display only 0.3mm thick and 5 grams. Samsung’s new U.S. patent, 15/621,431, describes the fingerprint

Apple patents technology to discreetly call 911 using your fingerprint

Apple has patented a new technology to more discreetly call emergency services by simply touching the iPhone screen, aimed at helping users evade potential attackers, according to a report by CNBC. Initially filed back in 2013 and published on July 18, the patent application for “Biometric Initiated Communication” details technology that would sense the “manner” in which a finger touched the iPhone screen to trigger a 911 call. The filing explains that the iPhone would analyze a number of criteria

Suprema granted fingerprint patent in South Korea

Suprema Inc. has received a patent in its home country of South Korea covering the outer structure of fingerprint recognition modules. Published on April 10, patent application #10-2015-0062473 offers limited information about the technology. “This patent adds a wedge structure to the fixed structure of the fingerprint recognition module structure, simplifying the mold structure of the terminal covers and strengthening the waterproof structure,” Suprema describes in the patent application. In the application, Suprema states that the technology will be applied

IDscan granted patent for technology to verify faces on a passport or ID card

IDScan, a GBG company, has been granted a U.S. patent for Visage, which verifes the facial component of a passport or ID card by checking against a databank of faces acquired from proven fake, forged or altered documents. “The production of fake documents is an industry all of its own now,” commented Tamlyn Thompson, managing director of IDscan. “IDscan has always strived to stay one step ahead of the criminals to ensure that our global customers are properly protected. Our

Researchers develop all-in-one authentication solution

Researchers at the University of Surrey have developed an ‘all in one’ authentication system that will allow users to verify identity using their face, eyes or fingerprints — either in combination with or instead of word-based systems — on their computers. Pass∞, developed by the Department of Computer Science’s Dr Shujun Li and PhD student Miss Nouf Aljaffan, is backward-compatible with existing computer systems enabling it to be easily added to all systems immediately with little or no alterations made

Microsoft files biometric gestures patent, suggests whole-screen fingerprint reader

Microsoft filed a patent earlier this year for a new feature called “Biometric Gestures”, which allows smartphone owners to perform various actions by swiping their fingerprint scanner in a certain direction, according to a report by MS Power User. Google recently added a similar feature for Google Pixel called fingerprint scanner gestures. “In one or more implementations, a computing device includes a biometric sensor, such as a fingerprint touch sensor, that is configured to detect gesture input,” Microsoft writes in

Apple patent uses facial recognition technology for photo-sharing

Apple has filed a patent for its new facial recognition technology that automatically shares photographs with the subjects being captured, according to a report by Tech Crunch. The patent entitled “Systems and methods for sending digital images”, covers technology similar to the recently launched Facebook Moments app, which uses facial recognition software to help distribute photos to the people in them. Originally filed in February 2014 but published this week, the patent describes the different methods of simplifying the photo-sharing

Ford considers biometric authentication for future vehicles

Ford’s Global Technologies division has developed a system to bring advanced biometrics to future vehicles, according to a report by Patently Apple. Originally filed on March 19, 2013, Ford’s patent application #20140285216 was recently published. Compatible with Apple’s iOS, as well as other mobile systems, the biometric system would be applied to the steering wheel of future Ford vehicles as an authentication device that identifies the driver. The system, which works in association with Apple’s Touch ID technology, ensures that

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