Apple patent covers secret biometric ID tracking system of unauthorized users

Apple has been granted a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office covering technology that implements secret biometric ID and tracking of unauthorized users, according to a report by Patently Apple. Filed in Q2 2016 and published on November 14, patent 9,819,676 introduces a new advanced biometrics security measure that collects fingerprints as a means of identifying unauthorized individuals attempting to unlock a person’s iPhone, tablet or MacBook. The biometrics of an unauthorized individual trying to unlock a person’s

Facebook files patent for facial recognition for physical payments

A patent application filed by Facebook and published Thursday by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) indicates the company’s intention to move into the retail payments market. The filing describes a method of using facial recognition as a secure and convenient method for physical retailers to authenticate customers’ identities. Patent inventor Stephen Moore Davis addressed the limitations of existing payment methods in the filing, including the requirements for devices using NFC for payments to first be unlocked with a

Eckoh receives USPTO Notice of Allowance for voice biometrics on phone payments patent

Secure payment products and customer contact solutions provider Eckoh has been notified by the US Patent and Trademark Office that it will be awarded a patent for its concept for improving security of phone payments. Eckoh’s new process uses both voice biometrics to authenticate a caller, and a phone ‘footprint’ to authenticate the caller’s mobile device. The dual authentication process increases the merchant’s confidence that the caller genuinely is the cardholder. The company says it is working with global industry

ImageWare corporate update highlights growth potential from partnerships

ImageWare Systems reported revenues of $1.1 million for Q3 2017 on Thursday, the same as in Q2 but a 28 percent year-over-year increase, driven by higher license revenues. A net loss of $2.4 million, or $0.03 per share, was unchanged from Q3 2016, but the company’s gross margin improved by 6 percent. The company also updated its corporate progress in a conference call. ImageWare Chairman and CEO Jim Miller said in the call the $11 million raised with the completion

Zighra patents technology for user-device behavioral models

Zighra has received its latest patent with the U.S. patent office, enabling the company to develop highly personalized user-device models to safeguard against account hijacking, social engineering, and automated bot attacks negatively impacting the connected economy. The patent expands on the behavioral intelligence layer of Zighra’s foundational patent on N-dimensional authentication. It covers Zighra’s newly-created proprietary lightweight machine learning algorithms that can operate locally on a device. By using device sensors including touchscreens, accelerometers and gyroscopes, Zighra’s machine learning technology

Samsung patents pressure-sensitive under-display fingerprint scanner

Samsung has registered for a patent for a pressure sensitive under-the-display fingerprint scanner, which the company could introduce in one of its 2018 flagship smartphones, according to a report by GalaxyClub. The patent application in South Korea was initially filed back in March, and published on October 27th. Titled ‘Electronic Device for Supporting the Fingerprint Verification and Operating Method Thereof’, the patent describes a method for incorporating the sensor under the screen. In the patent, Samsung describes in the problem

AuthenticID licenses portfolio of payment authentication patents

AuthenticID has licensed a key portfolio of multimodal, payment authentication patent license from Collective Dynamics for the exclusive use with its identity validation payments platform. Collective Dynamics said the latest ‘Biometric + PIN on Glass’ patent that emphasizes a ‘device as an authenticator model’ brings the total number of the company’s patents licensed under the agreement to five issued and allowed patents. Together, the patents address key, payment-processing industry emerging trends, vulnerabilities and use cases and specifically target the flaws

SmartMetric reports interest from banks for its biometric credit card, awarded five patents

SmartMetric revealed that it is in card purchasing talks with more than seven banks from Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and the United States and distributors and representatives wanting to participate in the global sales and marketing of the its biometric credit card. The SmartMetric Biometric Card is built around the EMV chip card and uses a person’s fingerprint to activate the card in a secure on card scan and match. It is self-powered with a rechargeable battery and

EyeLock issued three new U.S. patents

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued three new U.S. patents to EyeLock LLC. Patent numbers 9,792,498, 9,792,499 and 9,792,497 cover technology innovations for the ease and speed of biometric matching; the validation of iris and facial images; and visual guidance for gaze alignment. “We couldn’t be more excited about these latest patent awards that show EyeLock’s continued technical expertise and leadership in developing unique capabilities for the efficient deployment of multi-modal biometrics,” said EyeLock CTO Jeff

AimBrain patents process for improving accuracy in biometric authentication

Biometric Identity as-a-Service (BIDaaS) platform developer AimBrain was awarded a UK patent for its technical process that enables greater accuracy in biometric authentication. The GB2539705 (A) patent covers a process that allows a user to be authenticated based on the way they look, sound and behave across a wide range of scenarios, by clustering distinctive data and generating a wide range of context-based templates for an individual. Based on several years’ research and development into deep learning and biometric modelling,