Is this the end of the PIN code and password?

This is a guest post by Xavier Larduinat, Head of Banking and Payment Innovation at Gemalto. We’ve all struggled to remember complicated passwords when trying to access an online bank account, or forgotten a PIN number while making a payment in the past. We’ve come to accept it as a necessary inconvenience that helps to keep us safe – but wouldn’t life be so much easier if we didn’t have to use them? With huge strides being made in biometric

LogMeOnce launches password-less 2FA and wallet solutions

Identity management provider LogMeOnce recently launched a password-less version of its flagship multi-factor authentication tool on, as well as a secure digital wallet. LogMeOnce 5.2 gives users the option of avoiding passwords entirely, and instead using a photo, fingerprint, or PIN with a trusted device in a two-factor authentication (2FA) process, according to a Wednesday announcement. The lynchpin of the LogMeOnce 2FA system is self-verification of a biometric from a trusted device, through a push notification in the case of

Morpho subsidiary Syscom awarded EMV payment card contract from State Bank of India

Morpho‘s Indian subsidiary, Syscom, has won the largest deal in India for EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) payment card issuance from the State Bank of India (SBI). The State Bank of India is the country’s largest financial institution. The contract includes end-to-end production, supply and personalization services of Visa, MasterCard & RuPay (India’s domestic payment card scheme) branded EMV debit cards along with Personal Identification Number (PIN). The volume is expected to exceed 55 million cards over a three year

NXT-ID demos smart wallet at CES 2016

NXT-ID exclusively demonstrated its electronic wallet product to earlier this month at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The company claims that its Wocket product is the smartest electronic wallet a consumer can ever own. Designed to protect identity and replace old wallets, the product works by allowing users to simply swipe and save their payment card profiles into the Wocket product, which are immediately secured with a PIN and biometric voice print technology. According to NXT-ID,

Fintech experts say mobile and biometric authentication to replace PINs within five years

Financial technology experts are predicting that the PIN number will be obsolete within the next five years as banks turn to biometric authentication technology, such as fingerprint, vein pattern and voice recognition, according to a report by The Telegraph. Banks will encourage their customers to use biometric readers or contactless payments at retail stores and ticket terminals instead of the standard “chip and PIN” system, by offering discounts and arguing that the technology offers a more secure transaction. Several major

U.S. credit card firms ought to adopt biometrics over PIN, says Michigan senator

Michigan Senator Gary Peters recently said that U.S. credit card firms ought to adopt biometrics in order to surpass the security standards of their European counterparts rather than simply catching up, according to a report by Fedscoop. Peters’ remarks come at a time when the chip-embedded credit cards rolling out in the U.S. fall short of the security features of credit cards in Europe. “Chip and signature [cards] … are actually behind where the Europeans and others [are], and we’ll

Daon outlines biometric authentication solution developed for USAA

Biometrics and identity assurance software developer Daon outlined how it provided financial institution USAA with its multi-factor biometric authentication solution for its member base, according to Daon’s recently published case study. USAA was seeking a multi-modal authentication solution that could replace its existing password system for improved security and convenience for members accessing its mobile app. Already using a Verisign token for boosted mobile security, USAA was seeking risk management options for high-stakes financial transactions. USAA piloted IdentityX’s facial authentication

Borer launches integrated biometrics and access control reader

UK access control solution provider Borer has launched the FUSION Biometrics Fingerprint PIN Reader, an integrated biometrics and access control reader that uses Power over Ethernet Plus technology and features an optical sensor with a 500 dpi resolution and a false acceptance rate of up to 10-8. The biometrics and access control reader supports multiple factors of authentication, including card only, card plus fingerprint, card plus PIN, and card plus PIN and fingerprint. On enrollment, the biometric template is fully

Borer FUSION Fingerprint PIN Reader supports multi-factor authentication

Providing high security as part of an access control system, the FUSION Access Control Biometrics Reader from Borer supports multiple factors of authentication including card only; card plus fingerprint; card plus PIN or; card plus PIN and fingerprint. The fingerprint reader is a high-performance, 500 dpi optical sensor, and the system, altogether, boasts a false acceptance rate (FAR) up to one false-positive in 100 million. Users are issued a smartcard containing their encrypted biometric data and access control profile. Typically,

Asure introduces new biometric workforce management solution with dual authentication

Asure Software announced it has launched AsureForce AirClock, a biometric, wall-mounted time collection panel that features dual authentication – using manual PIN entry and facial recognition technology — to collect punches. “AsureForce AirClock incorporates facial recognition technology that provides the highest level of security against buddy punching to reduce time fraud, and its cloud-based software enables the devices to be used from almost any location, anywhere with an Internet connection,” said Asure COO Steven Rodriguez. “Once users register, they can