Top consumer biometric gadgets for 2013

It’s this time of year that the term “gadget” gets thrown around quite a bit. “Gifts for the gadget-lover on your list,” “the year’s best gadgets,” “joy for gadget-hungry consumers” and “last-minute gadget gift ideas” are just a few of the lines I’ve heard on TV in the last couple of hours. Snuggies, coffee makers, clock radios – these are shelf-filler at best. Let’s be honest, biometric devices are the ultimate “gadgets.” They’re just starting to make their mark on

Sony confirms facial recognition for PS4

It’s been confirmed that Sony’s widely-anticipated PlayStation 4 console will include facial recognition, validating some long-standing rumors and leaks. Specifically, the new system will recognize faces with a Kinect-style camera sold separately. There has been a huge push to make the gaming more immersive, and biometrics is an obvious step in creating that user experience. How the camera and facial recognition will be used in the PS4 has yet to be seen, but identification seems to be a focus of