Startup Bite offering automated kiosks with facial recognition for restaurants

U.S. fast-food chain Jack in the Box is considering deploying automated kiosks to replace human cashiers at its points-of-sale, CEO Leonard Comma said this week. The technology to do so is already available from startup Bite, which makes facial recognition kiosks for quick service restaurants, The Spoon reports. The kiosks consist of iPads with proprietary software and machine learning integrated, and use facial recognition to engage customers with loyalty programs, customized menus, and upselling opportunities. “We think facial recognition can

Kwick partners with Silkbank to provide biometric verification for clients

Pakistan IT services firm Kwick High Tech & Solutions announced it has partnered with Silkbank to initiate the biometric verification of client banking accounts. The company has provided Silkbank with its portable biometric devices; the KWICK S4Q Handheld Model, which is specifically designed for field staff. As a popular product for the telecommunication sector; the network and connectivity enabled device can be used for POS as a payment system. The portable device includes Kwick’s own encryption algorithm for security purposes.

IrisGuard releases EyePay POS terminal

IrisGuard recently released its EyePay point-of-sale terminal (POS) for worldwide merchants of all sizes that utilizes iris recognition as the single payment modality for purchases, without requiring a card, pin, phone or token. The EyePay solution was designed to operate with the IrisGuard end-to-end EyeBank system. The EyePay POS works with retail store cash registers and interfaces directly with existing EFTPOS or cash registers or can operate in stand-alone mode. The EyePay POS also includes managerial reporting, food basket inventory

Technavio publishes report on global biometric POS terminals market 2016-2020

Technavio has published a new market research report entitled “Global Biometric Point-of-Sales Terminals Market 2016-2020”, which will see the market grow at a CAGR of close to 27% until the end of 2020. The report segments the global biometric POS market into the technology groups of fingerprint identification, palm-vein recognition, facial recognition, iris recognition, and retina recognition, while separating the market into the geographical areas of the Americas, APAC, and EMEA. Additionally, Technavio’s report highlights the key vendors in the

Columbus schools to deploy fingerprint authentication in cafeterias

The Westerville City School District Food Service Department is slowly deploying biometric finger scanning at several of schools throughout the Columbus, Ohio district, according to a report by This Week Community News. The department will first install the fingerprint technology at Blendon Middle, Longfellow Elementary and Pointview Elementary schools, which will cost $3,731 for the three buildings. The new system will enable students to use their fingerprint to access their meal accounts at lunch time instead of swiping their ID

Innefu Labs launches biometric authentication solution for financial transactions

Research and development security group Innefu Labs has launched AuthShield, a multifactor authentication solution that integrates facial and speech recognition capabilities, according to a report by the Business Standard. Innefu’s AuthShield multifactor authentication security solution authenticates the user’s identity before processing mobile and online payments, retail and point of sale transactions, ATM transfers and public distribution systems. The solution authenticates users based on devices registered to them, along with an image and speech based authentication mechanism. Users can log in

Crossmatch biometric readers enable retailer to achieve PCI compliance for POS login

Crossmatch announced that clothing accessory retailer Goorin Bros. is using its U.are.U 4500 fingerprint readers to achieve PCI compliance for its point-of-sale login. The Crossmatch biometrics-based solution secures access to the POS terminal. The solution protects the retailer and its customers from the high risk of data breaches, while improving the speed of the POS login protocol. PCI regulations governing POS login require that retailers maintain unique, complex passwords for each employee — passwords which must be changed at regular

Use of biometrics gets lower transaction fees for Apple Pay merchants

Apple announced that it is allowing Apple Pay merchants to pay card present rates (aka cardholder present) for all transactions consumers make in store using their mobile phones, which will save them as much as 1.25 percent on each transaction, according to a report by Apple Pay’s cardholder present rates of 1.5 percent is considerably less than card not present rates, which can command 2.75 percent or more per transaction. The lower transaction fee can be attributed to Apple’s

Fujitsu signs master distribution deal with Biyo for digital wallet solution

Fujitsu Frontech North America announced that Biyo (formerly PulseWallet) has signed a master distribution agreement with Biyo’s Digital Wallet for retail point of sale electronic transactions. Using Fujitsu PalmSecure biometric technology, Biyo system is able to identify and authenticate retail customers. It then connects these retail customers to their stored information, such as credit cards, reward cards, coupons and loyalty discounts, as part of the payment authorization process. “Our customers have been very pleased with the performance of the Fujitsu

NCR expands use of BIO-key’s fingerprint authentication solutions for POS

BIO-key International announced that NCR Corporation has expanded its use of integrated BIO-key fingerprint authentication solutions through several national retail chains, including Wendy’s and Arby’s. Using BIO-key’s solutions, NCR will be able to provide the retail chains with secure employee access to tens of thousands of POS terminals. “The expanded utilization demonstrates that BIO-key fingerprint authentication outperforms traditional authentication methods in real-world visible applications; nothing is more mission-critical to a retailer’s revenue than the POS,” said Jim Sullivan, VP of