AVG develops glasses that obscure face to facial recognition software

Security solutions firm AVG demonstrated this week at Mobile World Congress a prototype pair of glasses that makes it difficult for facial recognition software to recognize the wearer’s face and take a photo of their face. AVG’s glasses use a set of infrared LEDs around the eyes and nose areas that are only visible to digital cameras. As a result, the wearer’s face is hidden by a bright bloom when the facial recognition system’s camera attempts to take a photo

San Francisco museum workers protest employee biometric authorization

Workers at San Francisco’s de Young and Legion of Honor museums are in an uproar about the new mandatory biometric authorization for employees, concerned that a cyber hack could compromise their personal information, according to a report by CBS San Francisco Bay Area. Approximately 1,700 employees, represented by Service Employees International Union Local 1021, have signed a petition urging City Hall to protect their privacy and sensitive personal information. They stated that they are unwilling to submit their thumbprints to

Surrey Police Force to combat criminal behavior with biometrics

The Surrey Police Force in the UK announced it has deployed fingerprint scanners to help protect the Epsom and Ewell Neighbourhood Team from criminal behavior. The new initiative is a part of the Pubs and Clubs against Drugs campaign, which is being jointly run with Epsom and Ewell Community Safety Partnership and Pubwatch. The fingerprint scanners will help landlords and the authorities tackle drug taking and anti-social behaviour offences. The two scanners will be rotated around pubs to scan the

NSTIC begins latest round of pilot project funding for identity solutions

The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) National Program Office announced it has initiated its fourth round of pilot program funding in 2015 for innovative identity solutions. The NSTIC pilot program provides funding to private companies that develop identity solutions in replacement of individuals entering passwords for online authorization. These pilots will ultimately address the identity ecosystem’s challenges and seed the marketplace with “NSTIC-aligned” solutions to improve overall privacy, security, and convenience in online transactions. The agency is

New privacy regulations in Abu Dhabi might protect biometric data

High-finance is driving new employee privacy regulations in Abu Dhabi’s new economic “free zone”, which purportedly would protect sensitive data, such as biometrics. The UAE emirate intends to establish a free zone for financial services on Al Maryah Island and envisions employee privacy as a major component of its efforts. The free zone, will be directed under the jurisdiction of Abu Dhabi Global Market. It aims to direct more foreign direct investment and foreign businesses into the emirate. Companies in

White paper explores how privacy and data protection legislation affects biometric authentication

Market research firm Goode Intelligence has published its latest white paper entitled “The Impact of Privacy and Data Protection Legislation on Biometric Authentication“. The white paper, which can be downloaded for free from Goode Intelligence, addresses privacy and security issues relating to biometric systems and data. The paper identifies the state privacy and data protection legislation that applies to biometrics and analyzes a legal memorandum commissioned by behavioral biometric firm BehavioSec. According to the paper, there have been an increasing

Colorado bill would prevent drones from collecting biometrics without warrant

A proposed Colorado bill would require law enforcement to obtain a warrant before using a drone, as well as ban drones from using facial recognition or other biometric technology on individuals unspecified in the warrant, according to a blog post by the Tenth Amendment Center. Introduced by State Senators Linda Newell and Kevin Lundberg, Senate Bill 15-059, the proposed bill also states that law enforcement must destroy any biometric data collected on any individual not included in the warrant within

Plans to link Aadhaar numbers, biometrics to digital identity raises privacy concerns

At a meeting of the India-U.S. Information and Communications Technologies Working Group last week, members discussed the process of establishing the ”Digital India” initiative that strives to provide every Indian citizen with broadband connection by December 2016. The Digital India initiative also envisions a “cradle-to-grave digital identity” that is unique, lifelong, and authenticable according to a blog post by the Center for Democracy and Technology. The Indian government plans to use Aadhaar numbers to digitally link every Indian citizen to

NSA publishes declassified surveillance reports that detail US privacy breaches

The National Security Agency quietly published several surveillance reports on December 23 that spanned more than a decade, some of which detailed U.S. citizens whose private information was “inadvertently” breached, according to a report by CNBC. The documents, required by the President’s Intelligence Oversight Board, were published to protect disclosures of sensitive information. Though entire sections of text were blanked out to omit specific names, programs or occurrences of privacy violations, the documents reveal several situations where analysts “erroneously” collected

RightPatient recognized at Fierce Innovation Awards for patient identity management and engagement platform

RightPatient announced it has received top honors in the “Best in Show” category, as well as an overall award of “Best in Show: Fiercest Engagement Solution for its patient identity management and engagement platform at this year’s Fierce Innovation Awards: Healthcare Edition. The RightPatient platform provides flexible and scalable biometric patient safety, patient data integrity, and patient engagement system, with support for any form of biometrics, including fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, iris, facial, and voice recognition The identity management