Human Rights Watch calls on China to shut down “Police Cloud”

The Chinese government is using a “Police Cloud” of big data platforms to aggregate and analyze citizen’s personal information on a grand scale, and Human Rights Watch (HRW) is calling on it to discontinue the practice, according to a Sunday announcement. HRW examined official announcements, tender documents, press reports and other sources to compile an overall picture of the ambitious surveillance program. The system attempts to track and predict the activities of those considered threatening to the regime, including activists,

Pineapple Hospitality petitions to move biometrics privacy class action to federal court

Last week, Pineapple Hospitality Co. and Pineapple Restaurant Group LLC petitioned to move a putative class action that alleges the companies violated the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) to Illinois federal court, according to a Law360 report. The luxury hotelier requested the move from state court under the Class Action Fairness Act because the amount in controversy exceeds $5 million. In an October complaint filed in Cook County Circuit Court, the lead plaintiff claimed that the company did not

Gemalto, UTCID work together to improve security, identity and privacy

Gemalto has entered into a partnership with the Center for Identity at the University of Texas at Austin (UTCID) to further efforts in research and education on identity management, privacy and security. UTCID was established in 2010 to educate industry players and the public, forecast threats, and share best practices. With this partnership, Gemalto and UTCID will focus on the following research topics to provide new options for industry players: biometrics as a solution for identity management and authentication; benefits

BioID ramps up data privacy and protection commitment

BioID has partnered with Microsoft Cloud Germany and Deutsche Telekom to host its highly in demand BioID Web Service (BWS) in the data center of T-Systems to further improve data security and privacy. T-Systems, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, serves as the data trustee in ensuring that all data is stored exclusively in data centers based in Germany, with T-Systems facilitating all access to customer data and any related infrastructure. Providing service via such a data center is a necessity

Attorneys explain insurance coverage for biometric privacy lawsuits

With the recent barrage of Biometric Information Privacy Act-related lawsuits brought to Illinois courts, several top privacy attorneys discussed what areas defendants should seek insurance coverage for the potentially high-stakes claims, according to a report by Law 360. Though specialized cyberinsurance may make the most sense for companies to cover litigation costs, legal experts say they should also seek coverage in general liability and other more traditional policies. Illinois’ BIPA, which was passed in 2008, requires employers using biometric information

New York AG calls for stronger security for biometric, electronic data

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is calling on the state to implement its first-ever measures to protect biometric data collected by employers and businesses from cyber attacks, according to a report by Times Union. Schneiderman introduced a proposed law that would add biometric data to updated state protections aimed at a growing number of high-profile computer hacks of confidential personal data kept by businesses on their customers. Appropriately titled “Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security,” the law would

App developers use of iPhone X face data raises concerns among privacy experts

Privacy experts applauded Apple for assuring that facial data used to unlock its new iPhone X would be securely stored on solely the phone itself, however, these privacy promises do not apply to the thousands of app developers who will have access to facial data in order to create entertainment features for iPhone X users, according to a report by Reuters. Last month, Senator Al Franken expressed his appreciation to Apple for addressing his privacy and security concerns over the

UK CCTV watchdog issues warning to police chiefs over facial recognition tech

A CCTV watchdog has written to police chiefs to warn that the increased use of facial recognition technology risks infringing people’s privacy. The UK Government’s independent Surveillance Camera Commissioner, Tony Porter, has written to the National Police Chiefs Council to warn that the increased use of facial recognition technology risks infringing people’s privacy. According to a report by the EveningStandard, Porter added that “if not responsibly considered and regulated it could undermine public confidence”. The Commissioner also called for more

Nursing home sued based on Illinois biometric privacy law

The employees of Paramount of Oak Park Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, LLC, have filed a putative class action against the nursing home, alleging that the facility’s mandatory daily biometric fingerprint scans violate their privacy rights under the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA), according to a report by National Law Review. The BIPA requires all companies that collect and use biometric information to obtain written consent from employees before collecting such data. The act gives individuals the right to sue

Petition says linking Aadhaar with bank accounts violates right to privacy

A new petition has been filed against Aadhaar in India’s Supreme Court, challenging Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) decision to link the 12-digit biometric identity number to bank accounts on grounds that it violates the right to privacy, according to a report by Inc42. The petition, filed by Kalyani Menon Sen, comes a day after RBI announced that linking of bank accounts with Aadhaar is now mandatory under the provisions of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act. “The government has