Defense Department seeking better biometric ID devices for use in field

The Department of Defense’s Special Operations Command unit is seeking more effective biometric identification devices for use in the field, during mass enrollments of personnel at forward operating bases or for watchlist matching, according to a report by GCN. In a request for information posted on May 26, the department stated that the technologies should be able to rapidly collect and store a wide range of biometrics — including facial image, iris, fingerprints and voice capture — and send the

DHS seeks communications professionals to explain biometrics to public

The Department of Homeland Security is seeking to hire communications professionals to convey the often complicated message of biometrics to the general public, according to a report by DHS recently posted a request for information (RFI) for a professional communications services on behalf of its Office of Biometric Identity Management, which manages the largest biometrics database in the federal government. The massive repository allows the agency to compare travelers’ fingerprints, iris scans and other biometric identifiers to a watchlist

State dept issues RFI for biometric system for Mexico

The United States Department of State is researching a biometric system for the Mexican government that could potentially be used to communicate with the systems of many U.S. government agencies, according to a report by FedScoop. The recent request for information states that the system should be comprised of predominantly commercially available off-the-shelf products for software licensing, maintenance, and development services. The biometric system should be interoperable with Mexican biometric applications, as well as systems at the FBI, Department of

State Department issues RFI on mobile biometrics data collection devices

The Bureau of Diplomatic Security, the security and law enforcement arm of the U.S. Department of State, is seeking information on the current and near-term availability, capabilities and price point of a mobile data collection device capable of capturing biometric and biographic information from unknown persons and to confirm identification of known persons of interest while in the field. According to the request for information, devices should weigh three pounds or less, be tough, rugged, and durable enough to function

RCMP exploring expanded biometric ID capacity

According to an article in Motherboard, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are seeking to expand its automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) to include facial recognition capabilities. The article states that the RCMP said in a letter of interest that would like to add capacity to its biometric database which can store and analyze surveillance and cellphone video, along with video from other non-controlled, poor-quality sources. The letter of interest, however, does not reveal how the RCMP plans to acquire

Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center issues RFI for contactless multimodal biometrics identification system

The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic has posted a Request for Information (RFI) on commercial off the-shelf (COTS) contactless on the move multimodal biometrics identification system. Once eligible products have been identified, additional information will be requested at a later date. The Gatekeeper On The Move Biometrics Program, which is overseen by the Solutions in Identity Management (SIM) Integrated Product Team (IPT), is seeking information regarding vendors that already have or are currently developing a contactless on the

State Department seeks sophisticated multimodal biometric screening system

The State Department has posted a request for information for supporting and implementing a multimodal biometric screening system that is capable of accepting fingerprints, as well as iris and facial scans, according to a report by FCW. The agency is looking to deploy more advanced biometric technologies to help boost its security measures overseas. According to the RTF, the State’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security, which provides security for embassies around the globe, is looking for help updating and implementing its

Homeland Security seeking off-the-shelf applications to manage biometric data

The Department of Homeland Security’ Office of Biometric Identity Management is currently looking for off-the-shelf applications that can more effectively store, match and analyze biometric data, according to a report by GCN. In a recent request for information, the agency expressed its interest in pre-existing, off-the-shelf applications capable of providing a range of processing capabilities, including business process and transaction management, biometric matcher middleware, multi-modal biometric fusion, reporting and analytics tools and data storage architecture. The new off-the-shelf applications will

Homeland Security requests information about biometric matching system technologies

The Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM) of the Department of Homeland Security has posted a request for information (RFI) to get industry information regarding current and near future technologies to store, match, and analyze biometric data. OBIM will use this information to provide customers with important data regarding immigration violators, criminals, and known or suspected terrorists and supports immigration management and border security decision makers. Supporting national security and public safety as well as enabling operational missions across DHS

Army seeks system integrator to support automated biometric identification system

The U.S. Army has filed a request for information regarding its existing automated biometric identification system sustainment and service life extension, as well as biometric enabling capability. The announcement comes a month after DOD Biometrics deployed its upgraded biometrics enterprise data repository DOD ABIS, which provides U.S. intelligence agencies with the fingerprints, palm prints, iris images, and facial images of non-U.S. threat forces to identify known or suspected adversaries. Filed under the Project Management Office Department of Defense Biometrics, the