Biometrics Institute names new members of board of directors

The Biometrics Institute has appointed Adam Hergert from ANZ Bank, Jason Holmes from Heathrow Airport, and Richard Agostinelli from Crossmatch to its board of directors. The new directors bring significant expertise to the board as it looks at the new opportunities and challenges facing the biometrics industry as the adoption of biometrics moves from large scale government enrolment programs to commercial and consumer authentication programs. “It is important that the Biometrics Institute provides expert guidance in this growing area of

Crossmatch introduces latest ten-print mobile fingerprint technology

Crossmatch unveiled its latest ten-print sensor technology that it is designed to further innovate mobile livescan. The new FAP60 thin film transistor (TFT) sensor provides enables law enforcement, military and border management officers to process FBI compliant enrollments and rapid ID checks on a single device, all without the weight and bulk of optical-based sensors. “There are several ten-print devices on the market today that claim to be the lightest and smallest,” said Ben Ball, government market director at Crossmatch.

Biometrics firm Crossmatch celebrates 20 years in identity management and authentication

This month Crossmatch is celebrating 20 years as an innovator in high-security identity and authentication technologies. In a statement, the company says its roots, Cross Match Technologies and DigitalPersona, Inc., stretch back to 1996, when both companies established themselves as pioneers in biometric livescan enrollment and high-security identity provisioning and authentication. The 2014 creation of Crossmatch combined the companies’ hardware and software technologies and brought the market a complete solution for the enrollment, authentication and management of high-assurance identities. “We

Credit union leveraging Crossmatch’s strong authentication platform

In an effort to secure access to all internal applications and eliminate costly password resets, the El Paso Area Teachers Federal Credit Union (TFCU) is deploying the Crossmatch DigitalPersona Altus strong authentication solution throughout its branch locations. TFCU needed an authentication solution that eliminated the need for its employees to remember and manage multiple passwords and considered a variety of solutions, including password vaults, but chose the DigitalPersona Altus offering, which is based on non-repudiable biometric credentials. “The DigitalPersona Altus