Neuro-ID releases prescriptive analytics solution to assess future risk

Neuro-ID announced the commercial availability of its prescriptive analytic solution, Neuro Confidence Score (Neuro-CS), which analyzes cognitive changes demonstrated by the applicant during the onboarding process that are indicative of future and ‘risk-relevant’ actions. The technology includes a complete toolset and score to access breakthrough insight about online applicant risk. The solution combines behavioral biometrics, advanced analytics and neuro-cognitive research to provide organizations more assurance in applicant segmentation — mitigating overall risk and improving the bottom line. Neuro-ID’s technology monitors

Sentegrity risk-based authentication app integrated in BlackBerry Dynamics

Behavioral biometrics authentication firm Sentegrity has partnered with BlackBerry to provide trusted authentication for applications on the BlackBerry Dynamics platform. Any BlackBerry application can initiate Sentegrity on launch to set the authentication requirements based on trusted baselines of user behavior and device integrity. “The success of modern enterprise mobility is largely dependent on organizations’ ability to secure these high risk mobile endpoints without completely destroying the ease-of-use that makes them such an important asset,” said Sentegrity CEO Troy Frost. “Sentegrity

NIST publishes feedback from all levels of government on its cybersecurity framework

This week, the National Institute of Standards and Technology published an analysis of invited comments for its Cybersecurity Framework. NIST’s December 2015 Request for Information on the Cybersecurity Framework called for comments on using the framework to improve cybersecurity risk management, sharing best practices, and long-term governance of the framework. In its Analysis of Cybersecurity Framework RFI Responses, NIST identified 10 recurring themes among the responses and provides an explanation of each, along with associated key terms and example responses.

Feedzai integrates Socure social biometrics platform into risk management solutions

Risk and fraud management software developer Feedzai announced it has partnered with Socure to provide their mutual clients with a “plug-and-play” solution that combines online and social biometric data-based authentication with fraud risk scoring. Feedzai will incorporate the Socure Social Biometrics platform as part of its Fraud Prevention That Learns software to quickly process big data to reduce fraudulent transactions, chargebacks and decrease manual reviews costs for financial institutions. The risk and fraud management firm has also made updates to

CARCO partners with Accurate Biometrics to provide fingerprint solutions

Risk mitigation and background screening firm CARCO Group, Inc. announced it has partnered with Accurate Biometrics, Inc. to provide live scan fingerprinting solutions to its customers. As a result of the partnership, CARCO Group, Inc. has added fingerprint solutions to its management solution intended for the pre-employment screening/risk mitigation industry. Accurate Biometrics, Inc. provides technology that enables electronic fingerprint capture, transmission, storage, and database reporting to meet the increasing number of applicants requiring a fingerprint-based criminal history record check. Additionally,

Hypatia Research Group publishes customer identity authentication guide

Hypatia Research Group published a new primary research study entitled “Customer Identity Authentication: A Practitioner’s Guide to Best Practices in Avoiding Identity Theft, Fraud & Risk”. The 40-page report details best practices in benchmarking, vendor evaluations and an analysis of how, why, and when companies invest in Customer Identity Authentication (CIA) software, what tangible benefits are possible, and which metrics can be used to measure an organization’s return on investment. The report is intended to provide companies with various insights

Aisin Group develops Biometrics System to Reduce Traffic Accidents

One of Japan’s leading automotive parts manufacturers, Aisin Group, has developed a prototype of what it proposes to be the answer to reduce traffic accidents. The technology is a monitoring and warning system for vehicles that utilizes biometric measurements in order to prevent traffic accidents and promote road safety. The system includes a head-tracker which detects the face position of the driver. The head tracker’s camera also serves as an eye-tracker which detects whether the driver’s eyes are closed or

Purdue Pharma Adopts Realtime BioLock System

Realtime North America’s bioLock system has been incorporated into Purdue Pharma’s SAP enterprise system. The resulting system allows verification of selected user identities each time sensitive tasks or mission critical functions are being performed. The bioLock system has been configured to work in tandem with Zvetco Verifi P5000 fingerprint scanners, which in turn provide tighter security measures for the pharmaceutical company. Purdue Pharma has also enabled a tailor-made, online-based e-mail program, which can be easily accessed by users to verify