Secunet PKI solution to authenticate Iceland electronic travel documents

Secunet announced that electronic travel documents in Iceland will be authenticated using the company’s Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in the fourth quarter. The move follows Secunet being awarded a contract in May to provide automatic border control system (eGates) to Iceland, as part of a co-operation between Keflavik airport operator Isavia, the National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police and the Sudurnes district police. Secunet’s PKI system and electronic identity document will enable border controls at airports to be conducted more

First automated border control system in Iceland begins operation

The first automated border control systems in Iceland have been put into operation at Keflavik airport. The first control unit, supplied by secunet and equipped with six egates for passengers to pass through, opened on 9 June and the first traveler to use the new system came from France and was travelling on to North America. Keflavik airport is seeing a steady growth in passenger numbers, and is often used as a hub for intercontinental flights between Europe and North

Secunet to deploy ABC eGates at Iceland airport

Secunet has won a contract to provide the first automatic border control system (eGates) to Iceland, as part of a co-operation between Isavia, the operator of Keflavik airport, the National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police and the Sudurnes district police. The German security firm will initially install and implement 12 eGates at Keflavik International Airport in summer 2017. The airport is currently undergoing a steady growth in passenger numbers, and is frequently used as a major hub for intercontinental flights

Secunet acquires eID testing business unit

Secunet is expanding its core expertise in the homeland security area by acquiring a business unit from HJP Consulting, based in Borchen, North Rhine-Westphalia. With this partial transfer of operations, secunet will be taking on experts in electronic identity documents (eID) and bringing on board the test tool GlobalTester, used for examining eIDs, and will continue to develop it. According to a statement announcing the deal, employees from the HJP division will provide expertise in the safeguarding and review of

Czech border police award two contracts to secunet

German IT security firm secunet has been awarded tenders with the Czech border police to install additional automatic border control (ABC) eGates at Prague’s Václav Havel airport and to add a secunet Document Verifying Certification Authority (DVCA) to the background system used to process eID documents in the Czech Republic. Approximatly 85,000 passengers currently use the 10 eGates installed at Prague Airport to cross the border every month. In response to the positive experience with the EasyGO border control solution,

secunet and Veridos presenting advanced border control solutions at Passenger Terminal Expo

secunet and Veridos will be jointly demonstrating “Made in Germany” smart border control solutions at this week’s Passenger Terminal Expo in Cologne. The companies will be showcasing automated border control solutions that make the process as secure, convenient and efficient as possible for travellers, airport operators and enforcement staff. The solutions build on the EasyPASS project at German airports. EasyPASS is implemented by partners Bundesdruckerei and secunet Security Networks. Veridos is a joint venture between Giesecke & Devrient and Bundesdruckerei.

Secunet assists German authorities in EC’s smart borders pilot project

Secunet announced that it has been providing support to the German authorities for the European Commission’s Smart Borders pilot project. The Smart Borders program is an EC initiative aimed at making entry to and exit from Europe more efficient for non-EU citizens. The goal of the joint project of the German Federal Police, the German Federal Office for Information Security and the German Federal Office of Administration is to demonstrate how new technologies can optimize the border control management of

Secunet extends biometric border control solution in Prague airport

Secunet announced it is providing an additional ten eGates for Prague’s Václav Havel airport as the Czech border police expand the EasyGO project. The move follows secunet’s successful implementation of the first automated border control gates at the end of 2011. This latest follow-on order is part of a partnership with Czech IT firm Vitkovice IT Solutions a.s. (VITSOL). The border control solution EasyGO will secure the external borders of the Schengen area in the future. The Prague airport now

Secunet AG provides advanced border control solution for Zurich Airport

Secunet AG announced that the Zurich Airport has upgraded its border control technology including adding secunet biomiddle software, enabling authorities to securely and efficiently check travel documents with and without biometric features in a nearly automated process. Secunet biomiddle software enables various biometric system-components and passport-readers to be used in a flexible manner, whether it is for the purpose of border control or the verification of electronic ID documents. Zurich Airport has completely replaced its previous border control infrastructure, along

secunet wins PKI tender from the Norwegian Police

Secunet has been awarded with a contract in which the Norwegian Police will use secunet’s public key infrastructure as the basis to check electronic travel documents, as well as issue electronic passports and electronic residence permits in the near future. The German IT security solutions provider successfully beat out several other multi-nationals for international tendering procedure, which will see secunet deliver its eID PKI Suite and hardware security modules, configure and install the complete system and service, and maintain it