Infineon launches tiny new 3D image sensor for smartphone integration

Infineon has developed a 3D image sensor which can be integrated in smartphone camera modules smaller than 12mm by 8mm, including VCSEL (Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser) illumination. The newest chip in Infineon’s REAL3 product family is based on Time-of-flight technology, and features 38,000 pixels, each of which utilizes “Suppression of Background Illumination” (SBI) circuitry. Time-of-flight offers advantages over other 3D sensor principles like stereoscopic light or structured light approaches in terms of performance, size and power consumption, according to the announcement.

SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing

SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing April 15-19 2018 Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center Kissimmee, Florida, USA SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing is the leading global event on sensing, imaging, and photonics technologies. Hear leading researchers speak about sensors, infrared technology, laser systems, spectral imaging, radar, LIDAR, and more. Come learn about the latest technical advancements, find new business opportunities, and collaborate with others working on defense and commercial applications. The conference features 2,000 papers presented by experts from organizations

IDEX introduces new large area sensor for biometric cards

IDEX has announced a new large area sensor for biometric cards. According to a company statement, the bendable sensor is based on IDEX’s off-chip technology and leverages the company’s advanced ASIC which enables a combination of enhanced processing performance and power efficiency, making it a very effective solution for both contact-based and dual-interface biometric cards. The Norwegian biometrics company expects to begin sampling its large area sensor to customers in the first half of 2018. “Unlike smartphones, sensor solutions for

Is this the end of the PIN code and password?

This is a guest post by Xavier Larduinat, Head of Banking and Payment Innovation at Gemalto. We’ve all struggled to remember complicated passwords when trying to access an online bank account, or forgotten a PIN number while making a payment in the past. We’ve come to accept it as a necessary inconvenience that helps to keep us safe – but wouldn’t life be so much easier if we didn’t have to use them? With huge strides being made in biometric

Ram Group releases full-body biometric authentication technology

Singapore-based technology firm Ram Group has released a full body authentication (FBA) solution based on a new quantum-state sensor that is based on a smart semiconductor material created by Ram Group and its partners. The quantum-state sensor leverages quantum mechanical properties to conduct biometric authentication with widespread applications across finance, entertainment, transportation, supply chains and security. Focused on the molecular engineering of smart materials, Ram Group is one of the first sensor manufacturers to develop quantum cryptography-based sensors that can

IEEE hosting flexible sensors event in Silicon Valley

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) SF Bay Area MEMS and Sensor Chapter is hosting an expert one-day workshop on flexible printed sensor technologies at the San Jose campus of Northeastern University-Silicon Valley on Thursday, Oct. 13. PK Agarwal, regional dean and CEO of Northeastern University-Silicon Valley will host this day-long event at the school’s new campus in San Jose. Attendees will exhibit various types of flexible sensor applications at the event. The event’s morning session will feature

CrucialTec develops sensor that simultaneously scans fingerprints and heartbeats

CrucialTec has developed a new biometric verification system that can simultaneously read fingerprints as well as recognized heartbeats, in order to authenticate individuals, according to a report by Android Authority. Anti-Fake BTP is designed to detect when fake fingerprints are being used by determining whether the finger placed on the scanner is, in fact, circulating blood, while simultaneously scanning the print. CrucialTec said it also plans to integrate other security checks, such as bioelectrical impedance analysis to verify that a

CEI-Europe announces four image sensor courses

CEI-Europe, a leading provider of specialist semiconductor training, has announced four image sensor courses to take place in Barcelona and Amsterdam in Q2 2016. The courses range from introductory to advanced and are suitable for those looking to develop or enhance their understanding of image sensor technologies, applications, problems and analysis. Course leader and professor at Delft University, Dr Albert Theuwissen explains: “As light and image sensing becomes more prevalent in every-day devices, and used for applications which are increasingly

Toshiba intros image sensor with iris recognition capabilities

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. introduced its first CMOS image sensor with iris recognition capabilites. The 2.1MP T4KE1 sensor captures images for iris recognition with higher sensitivity than standard CMOS image sensors by excluding the usual color filter in the pixel structure, which significantly increases sensitivity in the near-infrared (NIR) spectrum. “This is an exciting time for the image sensor business, as new applications and technologies are affording electronics manufacturers wider opportunities for improving their devices’ capabilities,” said Andrew Burt,

Biometrics market growth to be driven by integration into consumer electronics: report

Research analyst group IndustryArc announced it has published a new report entitled “Next Generation Biometrics Market Analysis (2014 – 2020)“, which explores the market by authentication type, biometric type, and by application. Perhaps one of the report’s most significant findings is that the biometrics market is forecast to reach $19.7 billion by 2020. This significant growth in the biometrics market is driven by an increasing demand for data protection in electronic devices, financial services and government documents. The report states