iSign International appoints Dr. Alvin Rohrs as member of advisory board

Biometric signature security firm iSign International Inc. has appointed Dr. Alvin Rohrs, a long-time veteran of the NGO not-for-profit sector, to the company’s advisory board. Dr. Alvin Rohrs has joined the advisory board of iSign International to introduce iSign’s digital security solutions to and prevent the hacking of the many companies, universities, government agencies and other organizations with whom he has relationships. “It is exciting to partner with iSign to help introduce their incredible cybersecurity products to businesses, organizations and

Gemalto to provide digital ID solution for the Swedish tax agency

Gemalto has been awarded a multi-year contract with Swedish tax agency Skatteverketto in which it will provide its eGov authentication platform for online services, premium polycarbonate eID cards and a comprehensive enrollment and issuance solution. The electronic ID card, which provides official proof of identity and access to several government services, can be issued to all Swedish and non-Swedish residents. In the future, Gemalto will develop a secure digital identity that will enable users to also access online services of

Zimbabwe agency launches biometric database to identify and manage SME’s

The Zimbabwe Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises (ZCSME) launched a biometric database last week in order to accurately identify and manage SME’s, according to a report by Chronicle. Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises and Cooperative Development Sithembiso Nyoni championed the ZCSME for implementing its own database for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). “This database will not only assist the Chamber but also policy makers, researchers in academia in understanding the nature, size and scope of MSMEs in

Brisk Insights publishes report on biometrics system market for 2015-2022

Brisk Insights has published a new report entitled “Biometrics System Market By Authentication Type, Function, Application, Industry Size, Growth, Share And Forecast To 2022”, which forecasts that the global biometrics system market is expected to grow at a 19% CAGR during 2015-2022. Based on this growth, the biometrics system market is estimated to reach up to $32 billion by 2022. Brisk Insights attributes these future growth opportunities primarily to government initiatives taken in different areas. Additionally, the increasing focus on

Explainer: Signature Recognition

Biometrics Research Group, Inc. defines signature recognition as a behavioural biometric that identifies an individual on the basis of their handwritten text. Writing is human physical expression but concurrently an acquired skill. Signature recognition requires an individual to supply a sample of text which serves as a base of measurement of their writing. The purpose of the signature recognition process is to identify the writer of a given sample, while the purpose of a signature verification process is to confirm

Extenua, ImageWare launch multimodal biometric cloud storage solution on AWS

Extenua has partnered with ImageWare Systems to launch Cloud2Drive storage solution combined with ImageWare’s mobile, multimodal biometric GoVerifyID platform on Amazon Web Services. Several U.S. federal agencies and American Systems Corporation have already signed up as initial users of the joint cloud storage solution with multimodal biometric authentication. Extenua’s Cloud2Drive client software combined with GoVerifyID multimodal biometric platform enables cloud storage to work with the virtual drive cluster file system, SAFE AI. The solution combines the industry’s most secure encryption

The Human Chain and Gradiant to showcase biometric authentication solutions at Biometrics 2015

Management and consultancy firm The Human Chain has partnered with biometrics specialist Gradiant to showcase their biometric technologies and multi-factor authentication solutions at Biometrics 2015, held in London, UK from October 13-15. The Human Chain will be demonstrating Gradiant’s face, voice and signature recognition technologies at the conference, along with a suite of multi-factor authentication demos enabled by The Human Chain’s Digital Services Toolkit. The toolkit — which is a service creation environment designed to create, test and pilot proof-of-concept

Polish bank developing multi-modal biometric authentication solution

Polish bank PKO BP has partnered with the Gdańsk University of Technology in northern Poland and Microsystem to develop a biometric ID authentication system for customers that will boost security and the overall customer experience. The multi-modal biometric system, which will mark the first of its kind in Poland, will use data from the customer’s cardiovascular system, face shape, voice recognition and their signature. The system will replace the current PIN and password system to access services. “The approach is

Banks around the world deploy biometric authentication technologies

Several major banks around the world have recently announced they are deploying various biometric technologies to improve the authorization security of their mobile banking apps. In a recent Fortune report, Wells Fargo is currently working on integrating both facial and voice recognition technology into its mobile banking app to improve security checks. The bank has been working with SpeechPro to develop the app and it has invited 100 customers to test the face and voice authentication technology. Using their iPhone’s

Global government biometrics market to reach $10.2b in 2025: report

A new report by Strategic Defence Intelligence titled “The Global Government Biometric Systems Market 2015-2025” projects the global biometric systems market to grow at a CAGR of 8.70% from $4.4 billion in 2015 to reach a peak of $10.2 billion by 2025. The report, available for purchase at Research and Markets, offers a detailed analysis of the global government biometric systems market with market size forecasts covering the next 10 years, including the major drivers, trends, and challenges faced by