IDEX hosts investor presentation on capturing the second biometric wave

IDEX hosted an investor presentation on “Capturing the Second Biometric Wave” with CEO Dr. Hemant Mardia, CFO Henrik Knudtzon, CTO Fred Benkley and Chief Products Officer Stan Swearingen this week at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. The second wave, IDEX says, consists of larger sensor sizes, driven by usability and security, the decoupling of sensing elements from silicon, which significantly decreases sensor cost, and the integration of digital intelligence into the driver ASIC. The company noted Mastercard and University of

ISG Group to sell Zwipe biometric access control and ID solutions

Identification Systems Group (ISG) is now selling and promoting Zwipe Access and ID solutions to its extensive member network. Zwipe Access card enables only the authorized cardholder to activate card communication with the reader. There is no biometric exchange of data conducted with external systems, ensuring the user’s privacy as no fingerprint is captured or retained by the issuing organization. Zwipe ID is a fingerprint-activated contactless card that authenticates users by scanning their fingerprint, allowing communication with a contactless reader.

Zwipe adds to its biometric credential platform

Biometric authentication company Zwipe has introduced Zwipe ID(c), a commercial credential offering full fingerprint identification in an ISO 7810 ID-1 and CR 80 compatible card body made for the global access control market. The Zwipe ID(c) card will be on display in April at ISC West in Las Vegas. Zwipe ID(c) is designed to work within regular Mifare DESFire and Mifare Classic access control systems that are provided by integrators around the world. On-card enrollment allows for immediate implementation of

BluStor to launch CyberGate Secure Mobile Briefcase in March

BluStor has announced that it will begin shipping its CyberGate Secure Mobile Briefcase (SMB) next month. The SMB will ship in March, with a special introductory discount price of US$179.95 being offered for the first 1,000 units sold. All 1,000 units will include BluStor firmware, the GateKeeper application, and a software development kit, with free downloadable application upgrades for 12 months. The Secure Mobile Briefcase is a sophisticated, wireless, personal biometric identification and data storage card that fits into a

SmartMetric presenting its fingerprint activated EMV chip technology at Smart Card Alliance Payments Summit

SmartMetric, Inc. has been invited to present its biometric payments card technology at the upcoming Smart Card Alliance Payments Summit in Orlando, Florida. The Payments Summit covers all things payments including fintech, EMV chip technology, mobile wallets, NFC, contactless and open transit systems. SmartMetric’s biometric payments card fits a fully functional fingerprint reader inside an EMV smart card. The card user rolls their finger across a thin sensor on the card’s surface which is used to read the person’s fingerprint

NXT-ID demos smart wallet at CES 2016

NXT-ID exclusively demonstrated its electronic wallet product to earlier this month at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The company claims that its Wocket product is the smartest electronic wallet a consumer can ever own. Designed to protect identity and replace old wallets, the product works by allowing users to simply swipe and save their payment card profiles into the Wocket product, which are immediately secured with a PIN and biometric voice print technology. According to NXT-ID,

SmartMetric continues development on fingerprint activated payment cards following legal dispute

SmartMetric announced it is updating its fingerprint-activated chip and PIN payments card with a CVV number that is displayed only after a successful fingerprint match has been found. “This biometric-activated CVV display will be an invaluable tool in protecting the card from unauthorized use online,” said Chaya Hendrick, SmartMetric’s president and CEO. “SmartMetric is about to commence mass production of its fingerprint-activated credit and debit cards for sales initially in Europe, Latin America and the United States. Having had the

German chemical plant selects biometric technology from TBS

Touchless Biometric Systems (TBS) announced that German chemical plant Chempark successfully increased its handling capacity and reduced freight costs and lead times after deploying TBS’ 3D touchless finger scanning technology. TBS’ 3D biometric technology was part of a larger solution called Project Gate, deployed by the chemical plant in Leverkusen, Germany. The solution managed to increase transport volumes at plant gates, which had limited infrastructure capacity and higher security demands in chemical plants for Chemion, Bayer and LANXESS. The Project

SmartMetric incorporates biometrics into multifunctional ID and access control card

SmartMetric announced it has incorporated its miniature biometric technology into an advanced multifunctional identity and access control card. Using its advanced electronic engineering, SmartMetric has developed an identity card that is the size of a credit card. Inside, the card contains a small, fully functional fingerprint reader that is used to activate its visual display as well as a short and long range radio frequency transmitter. The identity card also incorporates a standard smart card format so that it can

SmartMetric embeds Cortex processor into fingerprint activated card

SmartMetric announced it has added a Cortex processor to its biometric controlled credit, debit and identity cards, which improves the speed of fingerprint processing and boosts power in undergoing a range of added processing functions. In the press release, SmartMetric said the new Cortex embedded-fingerprint activated card not only incorporates a “powerful” fingerprint scanner for biometric activation but is backed by enough processing power to add new services on the card itself for both security and user applications. “This is