INEC undergoes successful testing of biometric card readers despite 41% fingerprint failure

Nigeria’s Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) announced the successful field-testing of biometric card readers, which are set to be used to validate voters in the March 28 and April 11 general elections, according to a report by Premium Times. INEC said that the exercise, held in 12 states spanning six geo-political zones of Nigeria, was successful and the biometric technology will help combat fraud in the upcoming elections. The electoral body said it successfully fulfilled its objective of verifying the

ElevenPaths offers two new biometric authentication and digital technology solutions

Telefónica cybersecurity subsidiary, ElevenPaths, announced it has integrated biometric authentication and digital signature technology into its identity solutions, according to a report by Computer Business Review. ElevenPaths’ new solutions, SmartID and SealSign, are based on technology developed by SmartAccess, which Telefónica previously acquired. SmartID combines different authenticators including smart cards, RFID/NFC devices and biometric fingerprint recognition to allow for more secure user authentication when accessing applications and physical equipment. In addition, SealSign is an electronic document-signing platform that works with

Credence ID releases handheld biometric platform with enhanced document reading capabilities

Credence ID has launched CredenceOneMRZ, its new handheld solution that authorizes an individual’s identity by using a combination of biometrics and secure document reading capabilities. Credence ID’s Android-based device is designed to rapidly read various smart credentials containing securely encrypted biometric and biographic data. It then verifies the identity of subjects by matching them with a live scan of their fingerprint and/or face. “CredenceOne-MRZ is uniquely positioned to meet the demands of agencies and commercial entities that require handheld document

POSCO ICT, Zwipe partner to develop biometric identification cards

Korean information and communication technologies firm POSCO ICT has partnered with Norwegian fingerprint tech firm ZWIPE and Korean securities solution provider South Korea Smart ID to further develop fingerprint recognition technologies in credit, access and ID cards, according to a report by Who Wired. POSCO ICT is a newcomer to the fingerprint recognition field while ZWIPE has previously developed fingerprint recognition technologies in credit cards. Smart ID previously developed public key cryptography technology such as USIM and NFC for smartphones.

Zwipe integrates access biometric card with HID Global smart cards

Biometric authentication firm Zwipe announced that it has integrated its patented on-card authentication technology into HID Global’s iCLASS smart cards and 125kHz ProxCard proximity cards. The integration eliminates the need to add biometric readers to an existing HID Global iClass or Prox-based system, and therefore enabling HID Global to incorporate the Zwipe Access card into its existing systems. “As the largest smart and proximity card provider in the world, HID Global has thousands of users who would like to upgrade

Precise Biometrics to provide 2,000 smart card readers to South American insurance firm

Precise Biometrics announced it has received an order of 2,000 Tactivo smart card readers from a South American insurance company in a contract valued at 1.12 million SEK (USD $140,000). The order comprises of two deliveries that will impact Precise Biometrics’ fourth quarter revenues 2014 with 720.000 SEK (USD $91,194) and first quarter revenues 2015 with 400.000 SEK (USD $50,663). The undisclosed insurance company will implement Tactivo in its existing mobility solution, enabling identity verification on mobile devices through fingerprint

Precise Biometrics to provide mobile smart card readers for US Department of Defense

Precise Biometrics announced it has received an order of 1,100 Tactivo mobile smart card readers from the Defense Logistics Agency within the US Department of Defense, in a contract valued at 1 million SEK (USD $130,373). Defense Logistics Agency is implementing Precise Biometrics’ mobility solution for iOS devices that enable secure email and browsing capabilities. Based on the existing Common Access Card infrastructure, the solution enhances the overall usability of the smart card system. DLA placed the order, which includes

Law enforcement biometrics market in North America expected to grow at 18.2% CAGR: report

TechNavio has published its latest research report, “Law Enforcement Biometrics Market in North America 2014-2018” and expects the market to grow at a CAGR of 18.2 percent during the forecast period. This latest report also highlights the integration of biometrics in smart cards as one of the top emerging market trends, such as those relating to the upgrading of driver’s licenses and passports. According to the report, the main end-users of biometrics in North America are governments and private organizations.

IDEX to integrate fingerprint swipe sensors into Card Tech’s biometric cards

IDEX ASA has received an initial order to deliver fingerprint swipe sensors to Card Tech. IDEX will integrate its fingerprint swipe sensors into Card Tech’s patented ISO-compliant system-on-card solution – which will be manufactured by Card Tech’s first-tier production partner — for the access control and ID markets. “Based on multiple international expressions of interest we expect to open a significant market opportunity,” said Fabrizio Borracci, CEO of Card Tech. “Our partnership with IDEX started in 2011 and Card Tech

Infineon to supply security controllers for Slovakian eID cards

Infineon has announced that its security controllers have been selected for a deployment of eID cards in the Slovak Republic. According to the company, 20 of the 35 countries around the world that have introduced eIDs with online functions are in Europe. More than 70 percent of these European deployments include technology from Infineon. According to EUROSMART, the international association of the smart card industry, a total of more than 150 million eID cards with an online feature had been issued in