NEXT Biometrics earns biometric smart card volume order

During a presentation introducing the company’s new flexible fingerprint sensors for smart cards, Tore Etholm-Idsøe, CEO of NEXT Biometrics Group, reported that “NEXT Biometrics ASA has received the industry’s first biometric smart card volume order.” “We have previously announced that we will not comment further on our smart card developments until we have something material to prove,” Etholm-Idsøe said. “We are now proud to announce that our ISO-compliance includes the recently published ISO/IEC 17839 standard, and to our knowledge this

Smart Applications International orders 500,000 biometric smart cards from OTI

OTI PetroSmart has received an order from Smart Applications International Ltd. for more than 500,000 MediSmart biometric smart cards. OTI’s MediSmart solution is an information management and claims submission system that incorporates contactless smart card and biometric technologies. Using fingerprint authentication technology, MediSmart cards validate patient identity, reducing fraud and impersonation. Kenya-based Smart Applications International will distribute OTI’s MediSmart cards across Kenya and other East African countries to give Smart’s members access to healthcare services in different countries using the

Kwick High Tech innovation supports massive biometrics programs

Some of the most ambitious biometric regulations in the world are taking place in Pakistan, where the government has determined the best way to deal with high-stakes national issues like fraud and terrorism is through the use of identification authentication technology. As the sixth most populous country in the world, Pakistan is a challenging but very promising market for the companies providing this technology. In Pakistan all new SIM cards must be registered to an individual whose identity is confirmed

SmartMetric’s biometric payment card impresses at Smart Card Alliance Payments Forum

Last week, SmartMetric, for the first time in an exhibition, demonstrated its biometric payment card with built in fingerprint reader at the Smart Card Alliance Payments Forum. “We had a constant stream of some of the largest credit card issuers in the country come by our stand to see first hand the new biometric credit card,” said SmartMetric’s President & CEO, Chaya Hendrick. “What amazed so many was the fact that we had embedded a fully functional fingerprint scanner inside

US naval base implements biometric identification and access control at all gates

Naval Submarine Base New London (SUBASE) will soon be implementing the Defense Biometrics Identification System (DBIDS) at all access gates, joining the ranks of other Navy Region Mid-Atlantic commands, according to a report by The Dolpin. Serving as an improved identity authentication and force protection system, DBIDS is a global database which effectively facilitates the distribution of biometric data to the gate-guard tasked with controlling an individual’s authorized access to SUBASE. Using a hand-held wireless scanner, the gate-guard scans the

Turkey starts distributing biometric identity cards

Turkish authorities have started distribution of its new biometric identity cards and have selected Kirikkale as the pilot province for this new program. The new biometric identity cards will be valid for ten years and contains a chip that, according to the country’s Electronic Authentication System website, can hold up to 1 GB of information, including the user’s finger and palm prints. This change in the country’s national ID system will replace the current color-coded card system (pink for women

id3 fingerprint on-card comparison technology achieves NIST MINEX III compliance

id3 Technologies announced that its fingerprint on-card comparison technology has achieved the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) MINEX III compliance. The Minutiae Interoperability Exchange (MINEX) III is a continuing test set up by NIST, to establish compliance of fingerprint template generators and template matchers for the U.S. Government’s Personal Identity Verification (PIV) program. The company’s latest algorithm meets high performance and interoperability requirements while remaining very fast and needing very low working memory. This new version also introduces

SmartMetric proceeding with licensing and operational testing of its biometric payment card

SmartMetric announced that it is moving ahead with licensing and operational testing of its biometric payment card with an unnamed global payments network. SmartMetric’s biometric payments card fits a fully functional fingerprint reader inside an EMV smart card. The card user rolls their finger across a thin sensor on the card’s surface which is used to read the person’s fingerprint and match it with their fingerprint already stored inside the card. Following a successful fingerprint match, which is processed inside

NEXT Biometrics CEO on mainstream adoption of fingerprint technology

Tore Etholm-Idsøe, CEO of NEXT Biometrics and fingerprint sensor expert, recently appeared on National Public Radio’s (NPR) syndicated talk show “Here & Now” to discuss the growing use of fingerprint technology in daily life, including in smart cards, PCs, tablets, access control for homes and businesses, smart phones and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. “Here & Now” is produced by NPR’s Boston affiliate WBUR and hosted by Jeremy Hobson. The show is broadcast weekdays by more than 500 NPR stations

IDEX releases a flexible touch fingerprint sensor for ISO cards

IDEX ASA announced that it has successfully completed development of a flexible polymer touch sensor with image quality and performance criteria specifically designed for smart card and ID card applications. This touch sensor for ISO ID-1 form factor cards is in support of IDEX’s ongoing strategic partnership with a global payments company for the development of a worldwide biometric payment card program announced last June. At the time, IDEX CEO Dr. Hemant Mardia commented, “We are very pleased to have