BIO-key line of biometric locks now available to U.S. consumers

The BIO-key line of TouchLock biometric and Bluetooth enabled padlocks and bicycle locks is now available for purchase in the U.S. through the company’s newly developed ecommerce website, and, over the coming weeks and months, in select stores via established retail and distribution partners. “Following initial sales in Asia, we are pleased to make our TouchLock Line – named the ‘next evolution of padlocks’ – directly available to consumers in the United States,” explained Scott Mahnken, VP Marketing, BIO-key.

Rechargeable padlock with fingerprint technology introduced at CES

BenjiLock, a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Smart Home product category, introduced its biometric padlock at CES yesterday. According to a report by Digital Trends, the rechargeable, stainless-steel device supports up to four distinct fingerprints and saves them in an encrypted chip. The BenjiLock comes in a range of colors and with a set of physical keys. It is expected to be released in the third quarter of 2017 for $80 USD. Last month, BenjiLock announced that it

Precise Biometrics expands licensing agreement with FPC

Fingerprint software firm Precise Biometrics has expanded its licensing agreement with Fingerprint Cards (FPC) to include Precise BioMatch Embedded for smart cards. Precise BioMatch Embedded is an algorithm solution that offers secure fingerprint recognition for products with small fingerprint sensors and platforms that have limited processing power and memory space, such as smart cards, wearables, locks and cars. “There is a great interest to integrate fingerprint technology in new product areas,” says Håkan Persson, CEO of Precise Biometrics. “The expanded

Pishon Lab crowdfunding its biometric smart lock via IndieGoGo

Pishon Lab, the creators of Tapp, are pitching biometrics over keys and combinations as the better way to open and secure a padlock. TAPP will allow users to unlock their valuables using their fingerprint and Pishon Lab is looking to raise $40,000 via Indiegogo to start production and quality assurance. TappLock and TappLock Lite are roughly the same size as an ordinary combination lock, but instead of a dial on its face it has a fingerprint scanner, and pressing an

uGuardian offers affordable biometric access control for SOHO users

ZKAccess and Processing Point, Inc. have partnered to produce uGuardian, an affordable line of biometric fingerprint door locks for small business owners and home office users. ZKAccess, a division of ZKTeco, developed uGuardian hardware with proprietary fingerprint algorithms. Processing Point will market the product line and service the devices. uGuardian smart locks feature advanced fingerprint security, simple DIY installation and market-leading pricing. The lock is available as a standalone system, or using Bluetooth technology to open and close doors via

Identilock uses fingerprint technology to keep handguns secure

After three years of development, the Identilock smart gun lock by Sentinl launched today at CES and is also now available for online purchase from the company’s web site. The device uses fingerprint technology to allow only authorized users access to a gun. Identilock clamps to the firearm, preventing access until activated by the authorized fingerprint. Multiple sets of fingerprints can be authorized to unlock the gun, allowing access to trusted users. The gun owner can also easily remove people

Facial recognition at your front door with Doorbird

Bird Home Automation’s Doorbird Video Doorbell is back at CES 2016 with an update for its smart doorbell solution — facial recognition. With this new update, when someone rings your Doorbird smart doorbell, advanced video analytics kick in to send an alert to your smartphone or tablet that either a friend — or someone you don’t know — is at the door. From there, you have the option see the visitor live and in HD, talk to them via a

BKS fingerprint access locking system meets VdS requirements

German security technology company BKS, a division of the Gretsch-Unitas Group, has received approval according to the new VdS 3112 guideline for its fingerprint-actuated locking system. “Due to a market-unique combination of the multi-point lock, data transfer and control of the door by fingerprint scanner or code keypad, the GU-door concept sets standards for greater safety and convenience,” said Harald Gillessen, Product Manager at BKS. “The comprehensive VdS tests have proven that our `GU-Secury Automatic access controlled´ provides optimum resistance

LockSmart keyless lock uses bluetooth and Touch ID

Australian developer Dog and Bone has introduced LockSmart, a patented, keyless Bluetooth padlock controlled by an iOS or Android app. LockSmart is rugged, waterproof and provides users with a keyless, trackable and secure solution for locking and accessing valuables. LockSmart offers Bluetooth security with 128-bit advanced encryption and the option for owners to unlock the padlock using Touch ID, tapping the icon, or entering a passcode. LockSmart’s app allows owners to manage one or several padlocks through its mobile app,

Veri-Fire develops biometric trigger lock for handguns

Tech startup Veri-Fire has developed a prototype for a biometric trigger lock that unlocks a handgun only when the owner’s fingerprint is scanned or a 4-digit pin is entered, according to a report by The Blaze. Guardian, a custom adapter that slides over the weapon to block the trigger, was developed by U.S Air Force veterans Skylar Gerrond and Matt Barido to prevent young children from accessing firearms. Once the Guardian-protected gun is unlocked, it remains open until the user