SmartMetric to debut its biometric cyber access security card

SmartMetric will be showcasing its new multi-function biometric cybersecurity card and access control card at the Money 20/20 Conference next week. The biometric card is the size of a credit card and combines both network and physical doorway access into the one card. The card also has a bright green and red indicator light activated when a biometric scan is made, making it suitable to be used as an identity card. “By combining cybersecurity with doorway access control along with

BluStor biometric ID smartcard prevents identity theft and protects data

BluStor has released the new Identity biometric smartcard, which is designed to prevent identity theft before it happens to users or their business. “While other identity theft companies focus on monitoring and alerting, BluStor has taken a hardline focus on preventing hackers from ever getting in your front-door,” said Finis Conner, founder and CEO of BluStor. Identity is a wireless credit-card-sized computer that enables users to take control of their passwords and other personal information by storing that data directly

FPC and Precise Biometrics tech deployed in contactless payment card

Fingerprint Cards‘ FPC1300-series sensor and Precise Biometrics’ algorithm solution for fingerprint recognition in smartcards, Precise BioMatch Embedded, has been integrated in a dual interface payment card from AirPlus International. According to Fingerprint Cards, the FPC1300-series sensor excels in power consumption and is the only solution on the market today which can handle the contactless operation requirements. The dual interface payment card allows users to verify transactions both contact and contactless. The aim is to bring new innovation to corporate travelers,

SmartMetric completes development of its self-powered fingerprint credit card

SmartMetric has completed development of its new credit card, embedded with a super thin, self-powered fingerprint scanner. The biometric credit card is a culmination of years of research and development, which the company started developing in 2002. According to a company statement, Chaya Hendrick, president and CEO at SmartMetric, insisted that the credit card had to be self-powered with a rechargeable battery so that the card could be used before being inserted into ATM’s and other types of EMC chip

Mastercard unveils biometric card, completed trials in South Africa

Mastercard has unveiled its biometric card, which combines chip technology with fingerprints to seamlessly and safely verify cardholder’s identity for in-store purchases. The credit card firm initially tested the technology in the South African market, having recently completed two separate trials with supermarket retailer Pick n Pay and Absa Bank. The company is also planning additional trials in Europe and Asia Pacific in the coming months, followed by a full roll out later this year “Consumers are increasingly experiencing the

Zwipe introducing its biometric smartcard at Seamless Asia

Zwipe is introducing its dual-interface payment card at Seamless Asia, currently being held in Singapore. The biometrics-based payments solution is the first of its kind to fully integrate EMV compatible contact and contactless transactions. The ISO and EMV compliant card operates without the need for a battery, allowing end-users to make limitless contactless transactions. All biometric information is securely encrypted only on the card meaning that the solution works without the need for a database. “We have been working diligently

Elan, Jinco, KSID to develop fingerprint-enabled smart cards

Elan Microelectronics has partnered with smart card integrator Jinco Universal and security solution firm Korea Smart ID (KSID) to develop smart cards with an embedded fingerprint sensor, according to a report by Digitimes. Elan will collaborate with Jinco and KSID to jointly develop financial cards with fingerprint authentication for Woori Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in South Korea. Jinco expects to ship one million fingerprint-enabled smart cards in 2017, according to Jinco CEO Ted Lin. Meanwhile, Elan forecasts

BluStor to participate in Amazon’s LaunchPad program

BluStor has partnered with Amazon’s start-up program LaunchPad to fulfill e-commerce sales of its new personal biometric identification solution, CyberGate Secure Mobile Briefcase (SMB). The CyberGate SMB is a sophisticated, wireless, personal biometric identification and data storage card that fits into a wallet or purse. Supporting multi-factor biometric authentication, the card replaces, or can augment, traditional usernames, passwords, and PIN numbers with an ultra-secure, multi-factor biometric authentication system. The system securely stores data only on the device, ensuring that personal

Trinidad and Tobago launches biometric smartcard system for social benefits

Trinidad and Tobago has launched a fingerprint-based smart ID card system to improve the delivery of social benefits to citizens and prevent the growing case of fraud, according to a report by the Guardian. The system will be officially implemented if Minister of the People and Social Development Christine Newallo-Hosein successfully wins a second term at the September 7th general elections. By using the biometric card, eligible citizens of Trinidad and Tobago will be able to access a range of

IDEX partners with global payments firm to develop biometric payment card

IDEX ASA announced it has partnered with an undisclosed global payments firm to develop a worldwide biometric payment card program. The company has already successfully demonstrated its fingerprint swipe sensor technology on thin flexible ISO-compliant cards. IDEX’s patented off-chip technology enables a bendable fingerprint sensor that is ideal for smart card integration. Using proprietary matching algorithms, IDEX’s sensors are able to operate in small, secure processors, adhering to international EMV payment security regulations and maintaining the fingerprint image on the