AmpStrip biometric wearable sticks directly to skin

AmpStrip demonstrated at last week’s CES 2015 its new wireless fitness wearable Band-Aid that sticks directly to the user’s skin, according to a report by Tech Sources. The digital, wireless Band-Aid is able to track the user’s heart rate and movement, and then transmits the data via Bluetooth to their smartphone. And since it sticks directly to the skin, the wearable provides more accurate biometric readings, said AmpStrip. The 3.5-inches long and an inch wide device Band-Aid comes in two

NSF to fund automatic attendance check system that uses smartphone camera

The National Science Foundation is funding the research and development of an automatic attendance check system that uses smartphone cameras. Detailed in the grant award outline, the I-Corps team’s “Automated Attendance Check by Using Smartphone Cameras” method proposes an efficient and accurate way to check attendance by taking videos of student faces in classrooms using smartphone cameras. The team, led by Rathindra DasGupta, proposes a new system based on a unified framework of visual face detection, tracking and recognition algorithms,

ViewSonic to debut smartphone that features iris recognition technology

ViewSonic is currently developing a new smartphone that will feature next generation Iris recognition technology, according to a teaser video by the company. Owners of the ViewSonic V55 smartphone will be able to unlock the device and access data using an iris scanner to capture their eye patterns, making it nearly impossible for anyone other than the owner to gain access to the phone. The smartphone will feature an iris scanner on the top right corner that is hidden from

IBM supports biometrics for corporate BYOD use

IBM stated in a recent blog post that it expects that the addition of biometrics to personal mobile devices will enhance security surrounding corporate “bring your own device” (BYOD) policies. BYOD refers to the policy of permitting employees to bring personally-owned mobile devices (such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones) to their workplace, and to use those devices to access privileged company information and applications. The article, written on behalf of Big Blue by freelance writer Sue Poremba, notes that: “IT

Fingerprint Cards AB and Atmel Corporation become strategic partners

Fingerprint Cards AB and Atmel Corporation have entered into a strategic partnership to jointly develop combined capacitive touchscreens and touch fingerprint area sensor technology for smart devices. The joint solution offered by both companies will aim to accelerate an OEM’s time-to-market by offering must-have high-performance security and user interface solutions. “In order to bring more security to mobile devices, device manufacturers are adopting fingerprint sensing technologies to offer consumers an improved user experience,” said Jorgen Lantto, acting President and CEO

4.8 billion biometric devices predicted by 2020

Acuity Market Intelligence forecasts that intensifying demand for smartphones, tablets, and wearable mobile devices that incorporate biometrics will drive a global market of 2.5 billion users with nearly 4.8 billion biometric devices by 2020. Maxine Most, Principal and lead analyst at Acuity Market Intelligence notes: “The market for biometrically enabled mobile devices will surge over the next five years. Apple’s launch into biometrics and payments will be followed by similar efforts by Samsung and others, and within three years, biometrics will

ZTE releases biometrics-enabled LTE smartphone in China

ZTE, a global manufacturer of smartphones and mobile devices, recently launched its flagship ZTE Star 2 product, a new 4G LTE voice controlled smartphone. ZTE Star 2’s voice control functions allow users to unlock the device with their own unique voice tone, make phone calls, open third-party apps, play music, take photos and much more. The device offers a number of smart voice functions for both business and entertainment purposes, such as real-time voice-to-text input and a function that allows

DFT releases new version of mobile fingerprint authentication software

Biometric software firm Diamond Fortress Technologies announced it has released ONYX 4, the latest version of its mobile fingerprint authentication software. The new version of DFT’s ONYX adds fingerprint biometrics to nearly any mobile device currently in use, including those devices that do not have a specialized hardware sensor. ONYX 4 is currently available for Android and iOS, with Windows Phone and Blackberry versions in development. Using the rear-facing camera on a mobile device, ONYX captures an image of the

FIDO Alliance members to demonstrate FIDO ready products at CES 2015

The FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance announced that several FIDO ready products will be demonstrated at the upcoming 2015 International Consumers Electronics Show, which will be held in Las Vegas from January 6-9, 2015. FIDO Alliance members AGNITiO, NXP Semiconductors, Sonavation, and Yubico will all demonstrate their tested and certified FIDO ready products at CES 2015. Consumers can use FIDO ready products now to login to Google sites and services through the Chrome browser, while PayPal and Alipay can offer

Hoyos Labs planning for IPO next year: Bloomberg

Hoyos Labs founder, chairman and CEO Hector Hoyos said he is planning an initial public offering for next year after launching the company less than two years ago, according to a report by Bloomberg Businessweek. The company is looking to capitalize following the launch of 1U, the company’s new app that uses an advanced “liveness” detection system to identify the smartphone owner by an image or video and therefore granting them access to non-standard sites that require private information in