Smartphone solutions drive consumer and enterprise biometrics to $3.1b: ABI Research

ABI Research forecasts that global revenues in 2015 for biometrics in the consumer and enterprise will reach $3.1 billion, driven by smartphone solutions. While existing smartphone hardware provides a stable position for some authentication modalities, new advances in the biometrics field will continue to drive further smartphone hardware upgrades. Additionally, pioneering algorithm design and cloud computing services continue to innovate user authentication. “Biometry is moving rapidly into the security ecosystem and its adoption by CE devices will jumpstart this phenomenon,”

Touchscreens with embedded fingerprint scanner to be released by summer: CrucialTec CEO

In a recent interview with the Korea Herald, CrucialTec CEO Charles Ahn said that the company was on the verge of revealing a touchscreen panel with a built-in fingerprint scanner. Currently fingerprint scanners require users to swipe or press their fingertips against a dedicated button, such as the iPhone’s Home button or the HTC One Max’s rear touch panel. Ahn said only two companies are currently able to produce such panels, called a Matrix-Switching Touchscreen Panel or MS-TSP, adding that

OneVisage launches 3D facial authentication solution

Switzerland-based digital identity firm OneVisage has unveiled SelfiLogin, a 3D facial authentication product that operates on standard smartphones. OneVisage’s SelfiLogin eliminates the traditional two-step authentication process, which is becoming an issue for the mobile commerce field. The technology relies on the unique patterns of the human face, which contains different mesh – or the geometric representation of the face — and skin texture. Three dimensional face authentication allows for a high accuracy rate and is not impacted by changes in

FPC receives $8.6 million touch fingerprint sensor order

Fingerprint Cards announced it received a touch fingerprint sensor FPC1025 order valued at 75 million SEK (USD $8.6 million) from one of its module partners. The sensors, which are scheduled to be delivered sometime between now and July, will be deployed by China-based smartphone manufacturers. The order is included in FPC’s communicated revenue guidance of more than 1,000 million SEK (USD $115 million) for 2015 that it announced in its Q4 2014 report. “After the previously announced launches of Huawei

Biometrics combined with big data will impact the healthcare industry

Biometric sensors embedded in smartphones combined with big data could potentially impact the entire healthcare industry in the future, said a biometric expert at SXSW, according to a report by Mashable. Dr. Leslie Saxon, founder of Body Computing at USC, discussed at a biometrics-themed panel how in the future, smartphones will collect biometric data for different applications, ranging from individual medical records to predicting a major disease outbreak. “Imagine if you’re checking your phone 150 times a day — which

1DataWorld, Macate Group launch smartphones with biometric authentication

1DataWorld, Inc. has partnered with Macate Group Corporation to launch a new Cyberphone line of mobile phones embedded with biometric authentication to ensure maximum security. Available starting in June, the first model of Cyberphones to be offered will be 1DW LF1, a premium Android device integrated with a fingerprint reader and dual SIM cards. The Cyberphone is designed to protect personal data stored on mobile devices, ensuring that no third party will ever be able to compromise the user’s sensitive

Prestigio to deploy True Key by Intel Security biometric identification app

Mobile device firm Prestigio will launch the recently announced True Key by Intel Security across EMEA with an initial pre-install roll-out in Russia. True Key is a cross-device application that eliminates the need to remember and enter passwords. The app will be available across all of Prestigio’s Android tablets and smartphones by the end of this year. “Our customers want to manage their digital lives on mobile devices, whether that is on a mobile phone or on a tablet and

Fujitsu demonstrates iris scanner prototype that unlocks smartphones

Fujitsu demonstrated at Mobile World Congress this week a new smartphone with a built-in iris scanner that can authenticate users in less than a second, according to a report by Computer World. The iris scanner prototype, which Fujitsu said is the first of its kind for a smartphone, unlocks a phone by analyzing the unique patterns of the individual’s iris. The prototype weighs less than 1 gram and is grafted onto a regular smartphone. Fujitsu was able to manufacture a

ZTE unveils flagship smartphone with EyeVerify eyeprint authentication

Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona its latest ZTE Grand S3 flagship smartphone with Eyeverify technology, according to a report by Digital Trends. The smartphone, which is part of ZTE’s new lineup and Grand S series, takes a photo of the veins in the user’s eye with the front-facing camera to determine a unique pattern. If the correct iris pattern is detected, the Eyeverify software unlocks the phone for the authorized user. It remains

Synaptics introduces slim slide fingerprint sensor

Synaptics Inc. announced an all new implementation of fingerprint ID technology for mobile devices with the addition of the VFS6170 slide sensor, which is a part of the company’s line of Natural ID products. Synaptics VFS6170 is a slim biometric slide sensor for the side of a smartphone or tablet that enables single handed authentication, and further widens the company’s portfolio of fingerprint ID technologies for OEMs to integrate an ultra-slim slide sensor on the side of a device. The