We know you miss your phone, but will it miss you?

This is a guest post by Robert Capps, VP of business development at NuData Security Nomophobia is a distinctly 21st-century phobia, and one that may not be immediately recognizable but the symptoms associated with it will be strangely familiar to millions around the globe. That’s because this new phobia refers to the anxiety people experience when being out of contact with their mobile phone. While this may seem to be a truth self-evident to many, supported by recent studies such

Mobile app uses hand movement to authenticate smartphone owner

Scientists in Russia are developing a biometric app which allows a smartphone to recognize its owner by the characteristic movement of the hand when answering a call. Developed by the Institute of Cyber Intelligence Systems at the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI in Russia, InCallAuth will use data from the smartphone’s accelerator, gyroscope, and light sensor. The application takes into account three key parameters including the initial device position, the speed of the movement of the hand holding the smartphone,

Samsung Galaxy S8 said to use facial recognition technology for payments

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 will include a facial recognition feature for mobile payments within months of its March 29th release, which could give the smartphone a competitive edge over Apple’s iPhone products, according to a report by Bloomberg citing people familiar with the matter. The S8 will combine fingerprint, iris and facial detection to verify users accessing a range of mobile services including Samsung Pay, according to the sources who requested not to be identified about the private matter. Samsung,

Precise BioMatch Mobile algorithm solution deployed in new smartphone

Precise Biometrics’ Precise BioMatch Mobile has been deployed in a new smartphone from a Chinese vendor through cooperation with fingerprint sensor manufacturer Silead. Precise BioMatch Mobile is an algorithm solution for fingerprint recognition in mobile devices. The patented hybrid algorithm solution is optimized for small fingerprint sensors and platforms with limited processing power and memory space. The license agreement with Silead dates back to 2015 and generates royalty revenue based on sales of fingerprint sensors from Silead that includes Precise

Federal court denies search warrant request to unlock iPhones with fingerprints

A federal court in Illinois denied the government’s search warrant request to enter a building and unlock all phones with fingerprint recognition functionality, as part of a child pornography investigation, according to a report by Forbes. In his decision, Judge M. David Weisman said that the government needed to be more specific about the exact devices and data they wanted to obtain. Although it found that there was “no protectable Fourth Amendment interest in the print itself,” the court said

CrucialTec to release on-screen fingerprint sensor solution this year

Fingerprint module developer CrucialTec said it will begin supplying its on-screen fingerprint sensors that allows for biometric authentication on a smartphone screen, as opposed to the home button, to smartphone vendors around the world later this year, according to a report by The Investor. The move comes a couple years after CrucialTec was granted a patent for new technology to install fingerprint sensors under the display panels of smartphones. Several smartphone vendors have been waiting for the new fingerprint sensors

Deloitte predicts 300M smartphones to feature machine learning capabilities in 2017

Deloitte has published its “Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) Predictions” report, which forecasts that over 300 million smartphones (more than 20 percent of units sold in 2017) will feature machine learning capabilities in the next 12 months. The 16th edition of the report explores how mobile devices will be able to perform machine learning tasks even without connectivity, which will significantly impact the way humans communicate with technology across industry verticals, markets and societies. The report emphasizes that machine learning

Yole releases fingerprint sensor report

According to a new research report from Yole Développement, global fingerprint technology shipment volumes will experience a 19 percent compound annual growth rate through to 2022, at which time the market will be projected to be worth US$4.7 billion. The research firm found that 689 million fingerprint sensors for smartphones were sold in 2016, a massive increase from the 23 million units sold in 2013. Such growth shows an incredible 210 percent compound annual growth rate between 2013 and 2016.

Saudi telco blames Q4 loss on biometric identification initiative

Etihad Etisalat (Mobily), Saudi Arabia’s second largest telecommunications operator, blamed a fourth-quarter loss on the cost of implementing a government initiative to register fingerprints with phone numbers, according to a Reuters report. Mobily posted a net loss of $18.9M USD in the three months to December 31. This compares with a profit of $2.8M USD in the prior-year period. Mobily said the suspension of unregistered customer lines and resulting pressure on sales contributed to a 16.6 per cent decline in

Global biometric adoption rises as smartphone prices decline

Acuity Market Intelligence published “The Global Biometrics and Mobility Report“, which reveals that the quarterly average price of a biometric smartphone decreased from $849 in Q1 2013 to $276 in Q4 2016. The report states that there are now 120 sub-$150 models on the market at an average price of $116, a significant increase from the 28 biometric models available a year ago at an average price of $127. There are currently 87 handset vendors offering biometric smartphones, with ZTE