GTRIIP provides biometric identification solution for hotel check-in

Singaporean biometric solutions startup GTRIIP has developed a TouchID-integrated biometric identification solution to ensure a more seamless and convenient hotel guest check-in experience, according to a report by Tnooz. By combining specific data entries to a traveler’s fingerprint, GTRIIP’s solution eliminates the need for travellers to present their ID to the front desk clerk. The integration with TouchID also eliminates the need to provide a credit card for incidentals, maintaining the stored credit card information on the phone itself. GTRIIP’s

FireEye researchers claim Samsung Galaxy S5 flaw allows hackers to duplicate fingerprints

At this week’s RSA conference, security firm FireEye discussed the recent flaw related to the fingerprint sensor embedded in the Samsung Galaxy S5 and other Android smartphones which allow hackers to duplicate the user’s fingerprints, according to a report by Forbes. Despite the impacted smartphone manufacturers attempting to separate and encrypt the biometric data in a separate secure zone, it is entirely possible for a hacker to acquire the data before it is sent to the protected area and clone

HTC unveils new smartphone with fingerprint sensor for Chinese market

HTC has unveiled the Chinese market version of its flagship HTC One M9 smartphone, which features biometric access control via a fingerprint sensor on the lower-front bezel, according to a report and video review by The Verge. Similar to Apple’s fingerprint sensors and Samsung’s latest offerings in the S6 and S6 Edge, the HTC sensor works with a simply touch rather than a swipe motion In addition to the fingerprint sensor, the One M9+ offers a 5.2-inch, 2K screen, a

Inside MicroStrategy’s biometric mobile identity platform Usher

Identity authorization continues to be a prevalent security issue that shows no signs of going away. The use of traditional passwords is a flawed authentication system, especially when considering that even the strongest passwords can be bypassed by experienced hackers. For the last three years, business intelligence firm MicroStrategy has invested approximately $100 million in research and development and 1,000 hours of engineering time to develop an end-to-end enterprise security platform that provides a stronger, multi-authentication option to passwords. “We

Apple granted patent for facial recognition feature that unlocks smartphones

Apple Inc. has been granted a US patent for a new facial recognition mechanism that enables users to unlock mobile phones by taking a selfie, according to a report by CBC News. According to its patent application, Apple has been developing the iPhone feature since at least 2011. “In an embodiment of the invention, an unlocked mobile device is configured to capture images, analyze the images to detect a user’s face, and automatically lock the device in response to determining

Asus and OnePlus smartphones to feature biometric authentication

Android smartphone manufacturer OnePlus’ follow up to its flagship smartphone, OnePlus 2, will reportedly feature “laser focus fingerprint identification embedded in the home button”, according to a report by GizmoChina. The fingerprint reader will be built into the smartphone’s physical home button that is positioned between two capacitive buttons. It is unclear how “laser focus” fingerprint identification differs from traditional fingerprint readers, as the GizmoChina report does not provide any details about the feature or why OnePlus has decided to

EgisTec discusses their EH570 fingerprint touch sensor

Egis Technology, a Taiwan-based firm that specializes in biometrics, demonstrated its newest fingerprint IC sensor, which it claims to be amongst the world’s smallest, along with a biorhythm monitor and new cloud offering at the 2015 International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) held January in Las Vegas. Egis Technology claims its new EH570 is currently the world’s smallest rectangle-shaped fingerprint touch sensor. In an exclusive interview with at CES 2015, Maverick Lee demonstrated the major features and benefits of the

Researchers improve smartphone face recognition by combining photos

University of York researchers have discovered that facial recognition features on smartphones can be drastically improved if users combined different images of themselves instead of a single ‘target’ image. The research group, led by Dr. David Robertson, of the Department of Psychology’s FaceVar laboratory at York, found that combining several images to create an ‘average’ leads to a greater recognition rate across a range of daily settings. The research paper, “Face Averages Enhance User Recognition for Smartphone Security“, published in

Smartphone solutions drive consumer and enterprise biometrics to $3.1b: ABI Research

ABI Research forecasts that global revenues in 2015 for biometrics in the consumer and enterprise will reach $3.1 billion, driven by smartphone solutions. While existing smartphone hardware provides a stable position for some authentication modalities, new advances in the biometrics field will continue to drive further smartphone hardware upgrades. Additionally, pioneering algorithm design and cloud computing services continue to innovate user authentication. “Biometry is moving rapidly into the security ecosystem and its adoption by CE devices will jumpstart this phenomenon,”

Touchscreens with embedded fingerprint scanner to be released by summer: CrucialTec CEO

In a recent interview with the Korea Herald, CrucialTec CEO Charles Ahn said that the company was on the verge of revealing a touchscreen panel with a built-in fingerprint scanner. Currently fingerprint scanners require users to swipe or press their fingertips against a dedicated button, such as the iPhone’s Home button or the HTC One Max’s rear touch panel. Ahn said only two companies are currently able to produce such panels, called a Matrix-Switching Touchscreen Panel or MS-TSP, adding that