Android 5.0’s improved face unlock feature could replace passwords

Google is offering a new security feature hidden inside its Android 5.0 Lollipop update, which provides an improved version of its face unlock technology, according to a report by TechnoBuffalo. Called “Trusted Face”, the feature could potentially replace the use of a regular passcode and improves on the previous version of its facial recognition technology it first introduced with Android 4.0. The original feature took too long to unlock the screen and could even be hacked by an image of

Apple Pay praised in reviews, availability criticized

The technology press has been generally impressed with the debut of Apple Pay. As reported previously, Apple partnered with credit card companies, financial institutions and retailers for the new payment service, along with major merchants including Walgreens, McDonald’s, Macy’s and Staples to introduce a NFC-powered mobile payment service. Biometrics Research Group, Inc. has noted that Apple had been preparing to launch its Apple Pay service for months, which would allow customers to use the iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor to

Fingerprint Sensors Handsets & Tablets Report – 2014

IHS Technology announced that it has released its latest Fingerprint Sensors Handsets & Tablets report in which it provides a detailed analysis of the technology’s historical landscape from 2011 to 2013, as well as projections for the seven-year period spanning 2014 to 2020. One of the more intriguing predictions IHS makes in the report is that fingerprint sensor revenue will undergo significant growth leading up to 2020, in which it will reach nearly $1.75 billion to exceed motion sensors for

Apple Pay to debut this week; Icahn optimistic; PayPal skeptical about security

An internal memo sent to Walgreens employees that was obtained by Mac Rumors suggests that Apple Pay may be launching on October 18. The memo appears to be in preparation for the launch of Apple’s new payments service that might be going live on October 18. However, considering Apple’s iPad media event is scheduled for October 16, it is entirely possible that Apple Pay will go live following the media event, with Walgreens offering support a day or two later.

SuperCom presenting mobile money solutions at Cartes Secure Connexions 2014

SuperCom announced it will be presenting its e-government, mobile payment and mobile money solutions at the payment, identification and mobility conference Cartes Secure Connexions 2014 in Paris on November 4-6. At Cartes Secure Connexions 2014, SuperCom will demonstrate Magna – e-Government OnePlatform Solution, PureConnect – Internet Of Things Suite, PureMoney – Mobile money and banking services platform, and SuperPay – Secure Mobile Payment Hybrid Suite. Cartes Secure Connexions Conference is designed to facilitate exchange on the latest developments in the

Xolo releases mid-range smartphone with fingerprint sensor

Smartphone manufacturer Xolo announced it has released its new affordable phone, Q2100, which features a fingerprint sensor, according to a report by Tech in Asia. As one of only a handful of smartphones available with a built-in fingerprint sensor, Xolo Q2100 will compete with the relatively more expensive Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy which both offer a fingerprint sensor for security and mobile payments. Q2100’s mid-range price of US$219 could also disrupt the current market, forcing competing smartphone makers to

Fujitsu launches smartphone and tablet with FPC1080 swipe fingerprint sensor

Fujitsu has launched a new smartphone, along with a new Android tablet embedding FPC1080 swipe sensor technology. Fujitsu’s new Arrows NX F-02G smartphone and the Arrows Tab F-03G tablet are both embedded with Fingerprint Cards AB’s FPC1080 swipe sensor technology. With its low power consumption, as well as hardware integrated support for regular image capture, navigation (motion estimation) and automatic finger detection mechanisms, FPC1080 is ideal for portable devices. “We are proud to see more and more products being launched

Nok Nok Labs adds Trusted User Interface to enable secure mobile payments

Nok Nok Labs announced it has added trusted user interface capability to the FIDO-Ready NNLTM S3 Authentication Suite, enabling the company to deliver stronger end-to-end security. This new solution from Nok Nok Labs, coupled with Trustonic‘s ARM TrustZone-based trusted execution environment, ultimately improves security levels across mobile payments, m-commerce and the payments ecosystem as a whole. “Consumers can already replace passwords with fingerprint authentication on smartphones and tablets which utilize standards-based specifications such as FIDO,” said Rob Coombs, security marketing

Next Biometrics introduces smaller biometric security sensor

Next Biometrics has launched its new touch area sensor for mobile, tablet and notebook markets. The new touch area sensor is 30% smaller than Next Biometrics’ current offering, measuring at a size of 144 square mm compared to 201 square mm. Despite the smaller size, Next Biometrics notes that market trends are currently projecting that customers will move away from smallest sensors in 2015 and 2016. “It ́s about maximizing user convenience without sacrificing security,” said Next Biometrics CEO Tore

Crucialtec provides fingerprint modules for Huawei smartphones

CrucialTec confirmed it has provided Huawei with touch-type fingerprint modules for Huawei’s new line of smartphones, according to a report by the Korea Times. The touch-type fingerprint recognition system has not typically been used in Android smartphones before while Apple has embraced it, introducing it with its iPhone 5s last year. “We supplied our touch-type fingerprint recognition modules to China’s Huawei,” said a CrucialTec representative. “Starting from Huawei, China’s major smartphone makers will use our fingerprint recognition modules. We are