DFT releases new version of mobile fingerprint authentication software

Biometric software firm Diamond Fortress Technologies announced it has released ONYX 4, the latest version of its mobile fingerprint authentication software. The new version of DFT’s ONYX adds fingerprint biometrics to nearly any mobile device currently in use, including those devices that do not have a specialized hardware sensor. ONYX 4 is currently available for Android and iOS, with Windows Phone and Blackberry versions in development. Using the rear-facing camera on a mobile device, ONYX captures an image of the

FIDO Alliance members to demonstrate FIDO ready products at CES 2015

The FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance announced that several FIDO ready products will be demonstrated at the upcoming 2015 International Consumers Electronics Show, which will be held in Las Vegas from January 6-9, 2015. FIDO Alliance members AGNITiO, NXP Semiconductors, Sonavation, and Yubico will all demonstrate their tested and certified FIDO ready products at CES 2015. Consumers can use FIDO ready products now to login to Google sites and services through the Chrome browser, while PayPal and Alipay can offer

Hoyos Labs planning for IPO next year: Bloomberg

Hoyos Labs founder, chairman and CEO Hector Hoyos said he is planning an initial public offering for next year after launching the company less than two years ago, according to a report by Bloomberg Businessweek. The company is looking to capitalize following the launch of 1U, the company’s new app that uses an advanced “liveness” detection system to identify the smartphone owner by an image or video and therefore granting them access to non-standard sites that require private information in

Precise Biometrics updates line of smart card readers for smartphones and tablets

Precise Biometrics has launched three new Tactivo smart card readers for iPhone 6, iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2. Featuring a sleek one-piece design, Precise Biometrics’ Tactivo line provides convenient and secure access to restricted resources from mobile devices and enables organizations to go mobile via smart cards. Tactivo products provide strong authentication through the built-in fingerprint sensor and smart card reader. Tactivo smart card readers can be used with a range of applications for various use cases, including

Students develop facial recognition app that secures smartphones with a selfie

Three West Virginia University students have developed an app that uses facial recognition technology to protect private data on a smartphone by taking a selfie, according to a report by The Daily Athenaeum. Alex Dunn, Walter Ferrell and Steven Amerman worked together to develop SecureSelfies, an app that uses biometrics technology and facial recognition to protect sensitive material on smart phones. “We use our algorithms to authenticate your facial data, among other factors, to unlock the sensitive parts of your

UnionPay promoting AndroidPay mobile payment service with possible launch in Q3 2015

China-based credit and debit card issuer China UnionPay recently began promoting its mobile payment service AndroidPay for Android-based smartphone developers in advance of its potential launch in the third quarter of 2015, according to a report by Want China Times. Though similar to Apple’s ApplePay service, which uses fingerprint recognition in concert with Near Field Communication payment methods, AndroidPay differs in that UnionPay can select more partners to develop the security recognition modules. As a result, UnionPay could potentially have

FPC 1020, Precise BioMatch Mobile integrated in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 development platforms

Fingerprint Cards’ touch fingerprint sensor FPC1020 and Precise Biometrics Precise BioMatch Mobile algorithm have both been integrated in Intrinsyc’s mobile development platforms MDP810 Tablet and MDP810 Smartphone. Qualcomm partnered with Intrinsyc to integrate the new Snapdragon 810 platform in the two form factor mobile development platforms. Fingerprint Cards’ 1020 is a compact CMOS fingerprint sensor with 3D pixel sensing technology that can read almost any finger, whether it is dry or wet. Precise Biometrics’ BioMatch Mobile algorithm, on the other

GCHQ former head warns smartphone users to be careful with their personal data

Sir John Adye, the former head of UK intelligence and security agency GCHQ, is warning smartphone users to be careful with handling their personal data, according to a report by Tech Week Europe. Adye said that there should be greater control and supervision of smartphones that feature biometric security functions like fingerprint recognition, such as Apple’s iPhone 6. Though he is all for the new security features, Adye said that it is unclear as to what happens to individual’s personal

Synaptics pushes its fingerprint sensor technology into new markets

Synaptics projected its total addressable market will expand from smartphones and tablets into new growth areas like automotive and gaming peripherals to see a significant leap from $2.7 billion in 2014 to $10.1 billion in 2018, according to a report by Investors.com. Synaptics hopes to realize these ambitious goals by integrating touchscreen technology and display drivers into a single offering, with its first touch-display driver integration product slated for next year. The company acquired Renesas SP Drivers in September, therefore

EgisTec fingerprint touch sensor ET300 to be featured in Philips’ new flagship smartphone

Egis Technology announced it has implemented its ET300 fingerprint touch sensor in Alibaba and Philips’ collaborative smartphone, Philips Aurora i966. EgisTec’s ET300 fingerprint touch sensor module is the ideal choice for usage in mobile consumer electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets, particularly because of its small size, reliability, and high performance. ET300 is able to read a fingerprint to accurately authenticate and verify the identity of the individual. Additionally, the fingerprint touch sensor module has one of the fastest