Precise Biometrics reports sales drop in tough capacitive sensor market

Competition in the capacitive sensor market caused a drop in sales for Precise Biometrics in Q3 2017, resulting in an operating loss, the company said as it reported its quarterly financial results. Net sales declined 56 percent year-over-year to approximately SEK 10.1 M, and the company’s operating margin fell 64 percent to a loss of SEK 6.5 M. Precise Biometrics CEO Håkan Persson said that a small number of companies with competitive advantages from early market entry dominate the market

Australian government agency to use BIO-key biometrics technology

An unnamed Australian government agency has selected BIO-key International’s ID Director for Windows software and SideSwipe fingerprint readers to enable fingerprint authentication for agency employees across the country. The agreement marks BIO-key’s first notable contract in Australia, supporting further business development opportunities within government, healthcare, financial, retail, and enterprise markets throughout the nation. The contract was facilitated by BIO-key’s new distribution partner Aquion Pty Ltd, which will establish a local channel to market biometric software and hardware solutions to enterprise

ZKAccess launches new advanced security software platform

ZKAccess has introduced ZKBioSecurity3.0, its new “All-in-One” web-based security platform software. The software, which supports the ZKAccess Pro Series of panels and readers, contains four integrated modules: access control, video integration, elevator control and visitor management. It supports up to 8,000 doors (Multi-Server) and 2,000 doors (Single Server) and advanced access control functions include zone control and global anti-passback and linkage. It allows for video software integration with C2P (Milestone, OnSSI, Mirasys) and Arteco, as well as video camera integration

WatchGuard Video launches facial recognition-based redaction software

Law enforcement video evidence solutions firm WatchGuard Video has released REDACTIVE, a video and audio redaction software that expedites the redaction process for evidence technicians and law enforcement officers. REDACTIVE’s advanced facial recognition technology automatically detects and identifies human faces. This capability reduces the elements of the video which are falsely detected as human, along with the overall time spent manually searching and marking the video for redaction. Users initially prompt the software to auto-detect any face in the video,

iBeta introduces three new performance scan testing packages

Software quality, security, performance and biometrics testing lab iBeta Quality Assurance has released three new web-focused load/performance testing packages designed to reduce the high cost and complexity that is typically associated with load testing scenarios. The company developed the performance scan packages in an effort to meet the growing customer demand for focused-scope, fixed-cost load testing. The first performance scan package is QuickScan, which is a web page retrieval at increasing load levels to evaluate scalability. The second package is

NIST studying biometric matching algorithms for tattoo database

According to a report in ITNews, computer scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) will soon begin the second round of an independent study into which biometric matching algorithms work best for pairing tattoos with criminal suspects, unidentified victims, and alleged gang members. In a presentation at the Biometric Institute’s Asia Pacific conference, NIST’s Mei Ngan and Patrick Grother said that in the US, tattoos are often used by law enforcement to identify persons of interest but

Allevate, Tygart offering Toshiba’s face recognition software library as part of MXSERVER

Allevate Limited has partnered with Tygart Technology to offer Toshiba’s face recognition software library as an integrated component of Tygart’s MXSERVER to enable European government, law enforcement and security agencies to further improve public security. MXSERVER is an algorithm-agnostic, cloud-enabled system that processes large quantities of video and photo collections to convert these digital assets into searchable resources by using face recognition technology. The agnostic approach of Tygart’s MXSERVER enables it to be deployed with multiple commercially available face recognition

Tyco Security adds facial recognition capabilities to IP video surveillance

Tyco Security Products has added facial recognition capabilities to its American Dynamics VideoEdge video surveillance systems, enabling the immediate detection and verification of individuals. By adding the new facial biometrics capabilities to a VideoEdge network video recorder (NVR), users can conduct a SmartSearch to automatically find a matching face and view the corresponding video. The features allows security officials to identify criminals, terminated employees, VIPs and other persons of interest, as well as enroll and save known faces with video

Pyramid Systems awarded DHS USCIS contract, welcomes new COO

Pyramid Systems, Inc., a software solutions provider for federal government clients, has been awarded the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Joint Engineering Teams – Sustainment (JETS) task order for biometrics as the prime contractor. The five-year task order is valued by USCIS at potentially $81 million. Pyramid Systems, and its teaming partner, Five 9 Group, Inc., will provide Agile services for enhancement and operations and maintenance (O&M) of current biometrics applications used for U.S.

Gingy Technology to license Precise Biometrics’ product for fingerprint recognition

Precise Biometrics has entered an agreement with Gingy Technology Co. to license Precise Biometrics’ product for fingerprint recognition, Precise BioMatch Mobile. The license agreement will generate royalty revenue based on sales of fingerprint sensors from Gingytech that includes Precise BioMatch Mobile. “Gingytech is an innovative company with an interesting hybrid fingerprint sensor technology,” said Håkan Persson, CEO of Precise Biometrics. “The agreement with Gingytech strengthens our position as the leading independent supplier of fingerprint software for mobile devices.” Gingytech develops