SpeechPro showcasing voice authentication solutions at Finovate

SpeechPro, the US-based subsidiary of STC Group, is showcasing its voice authentication solutions VoiceKey.AGENT and VoiceKey.FRAUD at Finovate Spring 2017 taking place this week in San Jose. Both solutions are based on the multi-modal biometric authentication platform VoiceKey. VoiceKey.AGENT is a solution that allows verifying client’s identity by voice, in a real-time during a conversation between a customer and an operator of contact center. VoiceKey displays the verification result on the operator’s screen. If there is no matching and call

STC Group presenting its latest biometric technologies at Money 20/20

STC Group, represented in the USA by SpeechPro, is presenting its latest biometric technologies at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas later this month. With over 10000 attendees from 75 countries, more than 1000 CEOs and speakers from 3000 companies, Money 20/20 is the world’s largest payments and financial services innovation event that gathers opinion leaders and visionaries from a range of different industries including: mobile, retail, marketing, data and technology. Among the highlights of STC’s solutions this year is OnePass,

STC demos latest multimodal biometric solutions at Africa Aerospace and Defence Expo

Earlier this month, Russian firm STC Group presented its latest multimodal biometric solutions, professional recorders, multi-channel recording systems and forensic analysis tools at the biennial Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) Expo, which took place from September 14 to 18 at Waterkloof Airforce Base in Pretoria, South Africa. According to a company statement, AAD is the biggest exhibition of its kind on the African continent and one of the world’s premier Aerospace and Defence exhibitions. The expo covers the range of

Xura and SpeechPro piloting biometric authentication for enterprise customers in financial services sector

Xura announced that it is working with SpeechPro to pilot its biometric technology and offer enterprise customers, particularly those in the financial services sector, the ability to provide secure facial recognition and voice authentication within a mobile app, alongside, and in combination with, traditional passwords. The Xura / SpeechPro pilot will be demonstrated at Money20/20 Europe show next month in Copenhagen. “Entering complex passwords or one-time passcodes into a mobile device to access an app can often be a frustrating

HYPR integrates SpeechPro’s multi-modal authentication solution; welcomes Ann Johnson to advisory board

This week, HYPR announced a partnership with SpeechPro to integrate its VoiceKey.OnePass multi-modal authentication solution into the HYPR SDK. The partnership is commercial and technical as both companies’ innovation and security teams collaborated to ensure that HYPR functionality with VoiceKey.OnePass is turnkey. SpeechPro develops voice biometrics and multi-modal authentication solutions. The partnership enables VoiceKey.OnePass by SpeechPro as a HYPR-Secure authenticator and a recommended component of the HYPR biometric security suite. As a platform and device-agnostic supplier of biometric encryption, HYPR

Wells Fargo to introduce biometric authentication options for corporate customers

Wells Fargo recently performed a live demonstration of EyeVerify’s Eyeprint ID solution with which customers can use to scan their eye veins to log into their corporate bank account. JInnie Ellis, senior vice president of Wells Fargo & Co.’s wholesale Internet solutions division, demonstrated the eye vein scanning technology at the Association of Finance Professionals’ annual conference in Denver, along with face and voice biometrics authentication technologies according to a report by Denver Business Journal. The move comes a few

NUI Central hosting biometrics for user authentication presentation

NUI Central announced it is holding an event entitled “Is NUI the Next Breakthrough in UI Biometrics/Personalization/Identification?“, tonight (September 21) in New York City. The NUI Central event will kick off with a networking session at 6:30 pm., followed by the presentation itself at 7:00 pm., and conclude with a hang out/network portion at 8:00 pm. Traditional passwords are on the way out. Biometrics will become the next identification standard. Speechpro president Alexey Khitrov will deliver a presentation in which

Wells Fargo pilots SpeechPro’s combined face and voice authentication technology

Wells Fargo announced it has launched a pilot program of SpeechPro’s biometric technology that enables its business customers to log into mobile apps using face and voice authentication in place of traditional passwords. The move comes a month after Wells Fargo announced it will pilot a combination of voice and face recognition biometrics technologies to authenticate mobile iPhone app users of its Commercial Electronics Office (CEO) portal. Wells Fargo is using SpeechPro’s VoiceKey.OnePass proprietary voice biometric algorithms and supplemental technologies,

Enacomm CMO compares biometric authentication methods, financial institutions exploring biometrics & more top stories

Here’s a recap of the most popular biometrics industry news that appeared on BiometricUpdate.com this past week. Comparing biometric authentication methods One of the more intriguing stories this week was penned by Enacomm CMO David Anderson, in which he provides a detailed analysis of the various biometric authentication methods, including fingerprint scanning, facial recognition and voice biometrics. Banking Credit card companies such as Mastercard, along with Canadian banks, are developing biometric authentication technologies to enable customers to validate transactions both

SpeechPro, PenRad develop voice biometrics solution for hospitals

SpeechPro USA and PenRad have combined their solutions to deliver a secure, voice biometrics-enabled data entry system for hospitals and clinics. By integrating SpeechPro’s voice biometric technology into PenRad’s Applicadia technology, the touchless solution allows staff to perform 100% data-entry through validated voice, to prevent disease transmission, enhance security, and boost professional productivity. With nearly 100,000 deaths caused by healthcare associated infections (HAI’s) each year, hospital staff and patients are constantly at risk for disease transmission. Fortunately, smart technologies such