Precise Biometrics expands licensing agreement with Crossmatch

Precise Biometrics has expanded its licensing agreement for Precise BioLive anti-spoof technology with Crossmatch. The previous license agreement with Crossmatch, which was transferred to Precise Biometrics as part of the acquisition of NexID Biometrics in February 2017, covered anti-spoof technology for 4-finger scanners. This agreement enables Crossmatch to continuously enhance the security of its single fingerprint scanners through liveness detection and gives Precise Biometrics annual revenues for the right to use the company’s algorithm solution and for support. The agreement

Synaptics announces mass production of in-display fingerprint sensors for smartphones

Synaptics is pitting its fingerprint biometrics against Apple’s FaceID, as the company announced it has reached mass production of its Clear ID FS9500 in-display fingerprints sensors with a Tier 1 OEM. Screens have grown relative to device sizes, typically covering 64 percent of the front surface in 2011, compared to 84 percent for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and 83 percent for the iPhone 10 in 2017. Synaptics predicts that full-surface OLED “infinity displays” will soon dominate the top end of

LG patents anti-spoof iris recognition method for smartphones

LG Electronics has been awarded a patent for a forgery-detecting iris authentication method for Android mobile devices which appears to leverage a front-facing camera, according to documents published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). According to Android Headlines the patent, filed in June, describes a technology involving the use of a camera, an illumination sensor, and the display to guide the user’s eye with a path illuminated on the display. “Although the present invention is suitable for a wide

Zoloz introduces three new biometric authentication solutions

Zoloz has unveiled three new products — Zoloz Connect, Real ID and Smile — that are designed to ensure trust and security for millions of people who perform key transactions online, according to a report by Startland News. In August, EyeVerify revealed it rebranded to Zoloz to reflect its more comprehensive solution for trusted digital identity. The products expand on the company’s initial EyePrint ID solution, but will also use facial recognition and optical character recognition technology. “Each day, we

IARPA launches research program on biometric presentation attack detection

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, has launched a multi-year research program to develop and evaluate biometric presentation attack detection technologies to ensure the integrity of biometric security systems. If successful, the Odin program will provide solutions to the intelligence community and its partners to resolve critical flaws in biometric recognition systems. Biometric presentation attacks, also known as spoofs, aimed at disguising an individual’s true identity, can prevent persons of interest

TrueFace.AI introduces its facial recognition API with picture attack detection

TrueFace.AI has developed a solution designed to solve facial recognition’s vulnerability of not being able to distinguish between a living person’s face and a photo of the same individual held up in front of a face scanner, according to a report by Mashable. Introduced last month on Product Hunt, is designed to detect “picture attacks.” TrueFace.A initially developed the technology in 2014 to be used in customized smart homes, but later realized that their clients were using the solution

Acuant updates ID document library and improves image spoofing detection

Acuant has made significant improvements to its AssureID and mobile products, such as faster updates to its identity document library and adding new image spoofing detection technology. To meet customer demand, Acuant has added an optional data storage feature as well as support for Xamarin SDK and MySQL. AssureID now offers a more efficient process for users to access Acuant’s document library which is continuously updated with the latest version of IDs. The enhancement ensures that customers who are using

Precise Biometrics releases spoof and liveness detection solutions

Precise Biometrics has released a new security suite that includes fingerprint matching software with spoof and liveness detection, as well as standalone anti-spoof products and services. The new suite comes amid the growing demand for secure and trustworthy mobile payments. The new solutions and services for efficient spoof and liveness detection are designed to protect fingerprint sensors which are vulnerable to spoofing via fake fingers. The security suite’s main feature is the integration of spoof and liveness detection capability into

Precise Biometrics, SecuGen showcasing fingerprint reader with spoof detection software

Precise Biometrics and SecuGen will be demonstrating a fingerprint reader with anti-spoofing capabilities at the CITeR booth at connect:ID this week in Washington, D.C. The demonstration will feature SecuGen’s fingerprint reader, the Hamster Pro 20, with Precise Biometric’s spoof detection solution for a full digit optical sensor. Spoof detection is a “must have” functionality for biometric authentication platforms, whether for physical and logical access control, or mobile e-commerce. SecuGen and Precise Biometrics’ U.S. operations, formerly NexID Biometrics, have shipped the

Pindrop research explores how aging can impact accuracy of voice authentication

With the growing adoption of voice biometrics for identification and authentication purposes, researchers are investigating into what the contributing factors of users’ voices changing over time. Pindrop has released new research revealing that voices change significantly with age, even in the short term, which makes the process of voice biometrics-based authentication more difficult to achieve. One of the greatest challenges of authenticating an aging voice is that every individual’s voice ages uniquely and at a different rate, which means there