​NICE Systems’ new video-analytics solution pinpoints suspects within large crowds

NICE Systems has unveiled Suspect Search, a video-analytics solution that can scan through footage to create an accurate virtual police lineup of persons of interest from even very large crowds. Suspect Search allows agencies to search for suspects by photo or a composite based on a witness description. A network of ordinary surveillance cameras are then used to search for matches based on clothing and general appearance, tracking each potential suspect on a live map. Images, video and location data

Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office adopts MorphoBIS for suspect identification

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office is now using biometric technology from Morpho as a part of its workflow and says it’s already seen a doubling of identification matches in the first month of use. Reported in the HeraldTribune, the particular system – MorphoBIS – cost the county $1.2 million and is being used primarily to examine latent fingerprints at crime scenes. The agency was previously using a ten-year old system. “New people are arrested everyday, so I search their fingerprints