Panasonic Avionics, Tascent use biometrics to personalize the in-flight experience

Panasonic Avionics Corporation and Tascent will partner to deliver biometric passenger identification for every step of the passenger journey, on both the ground and in the air. Through the partnership, the companies will combine Tascent’s biometric identity devices, software and services with Panasonic’s in-flight entertainment and communications systems to provide streamlined identity recognition before departure, during flight and upon arrival. “Our partnership with Tascent is yet another example of our vision for the connected aircraft and its benefits becoming a

Why usability matters

This is a guest post by Joey Pritikin, VP Sales and Marketing at Tascent. Showing your ID at the airport is one thing. But using your eye as your passport? It might feel like a big step. Nevertheless, iris scanning and other forms of biometrics will soon be common sights at airports around the world. Airports all over the world are installing biometrics to streamline the traveler journey, from airplane entry gates to baggage pickup. The Australian government plans to

Tascent wins award for its InSight One iris and face recognition system

Tascent has won the 2017 Good Design Australia award for its InSight One iris and face recognition system. A jury of more than 35 Australian and international design experts selected Tascent InSight One to win a Good Design Award in the category of Product Design, Commercial and Industrial. According to a company statement, InSight One is an iris and face recognition system designed for enrollment, identification and authentication of people in high-throughput environments. The product features a combination of human-centric

Tascent launches dual iris and face recognition systems

Tascent introduced its InSight One high-throughput dual iris and face recognition system on Thursday. The InSight One’s performance, compact size, and human-centric design and usability overcomes traditional barriers to biometric use and enables a wide range of next-generation applications, according to the company. Intended for use in consumer travel, border control, access management, financial services, and identity management, the InSight One builds on the capabilities of the InSight Duo, which is used at airports including Dubai GDRFA and London Gatwick.

Tascent releases compact iris and face recognition system

Tascent has released Tascent InSight One, a compact iris and face recognition system designed for high throughput enrollment, identification, and authentication. InSight One can be integrated in a range of next generation applications in consumer travel and border management, access control, financial services, and identity programs. The system captures dual iris and face images in about 2 seconds, at a distance of 0.5 to 1.0m (20 to 40 inches) and easily accommodating users across a wide range of heights. The

Tascent launches mobile biometric platform for iPhone

Tascent has launched its latest generation mobile biometric device Tascent M6, which can be used with the Apple iPhone 6 or 6s to form a multimodal biometric platform for a broad range of identification applications. Supporting iris, face, fingerprint, and voice biometrics, Tascent M6 is designed to be used with a range of applications including consumer travel, financial services, public safety and humanitarian aid. Tascent M6, which is already in use in several applications around the world, is opening new

New white paper highlights how biometrics could improve air travel

Tascent, Inc. has published a new white paper, “A New Golden Age for Air Travel,” which looks at a handful of ways in which biometrics technology can be implemented to improve the air travel experience for passengers. The specific requirements of the aviation industry simplifies the process of deciding which technology to implement. For example, iris recognition could expedite processes throughout the airport, including self-service bag drop, self-service airplane boarding and automated frequent-flier lounge entry, according to the report. Additionally,