Tencent AI research lab achieves record face recognition rate in MegaFace challenge

Tencent’s artificial intelligence research lab, YouTu Lab, has achieved a record-setting 83.29 percent recognition rate in the MegaFace challenge (Challenge1/FaceScrub identification), an internationally recognized facial recognition test managed by Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington. This marks the second time YouTu Lab has set a world record, following its record in the Labeled Faces in the Wild (LFW) face database challenge in March. However, unlike LFW, which compares faces in photos to

Qualcomm adds fingerprint authentication support for WeChat mobile payment service

Qualcomm has become the first company to support hardware-backed biometric fingerprint authentication capabilities for Tencent’s WeChat mobile payment service, enabled by the Qualcomm Haven security platform’s authentication framework. As a result, WeChat users will be able to authenticate themselves using their fingerprints when conducting online transactions on mobile devices, rather than entering PIN codes or passwords. The Qualcomm Haven authentication framework supports the Tencent-developed SOTER protocol for security authentication, which includes the fingerprint matching, processing, local storage, and communication to

Tencent to offer facial recognition technologies to external partners free of charge

In an effort to improve collaboration with public and government agencies, TENCENT’S facial recognition research team plans to open its key technologies to external partners to allow easier and more efficient verification of identity. In a statement to ShanghaiDaily.com, Gary Huang, director of the research center said, “We will gradually open our key technology capabilities to third party application developers and software providers free of charge so they can have access to cutting-edge technology without paying for them.” Tencent’s facial