DHS providing Texas law enforcement access to biometric database for pilot program

The Department of Homeland Security is providing Texas law enforcement with access to its massive biometric database through a pilot program, according to a report by Texas Public Radio. For years, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) would uncover fingerprints from crime scene that would not find a match when compared to those stored in the FBI database, according to Patrick Nemeth, identity operations director at the agency’s Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM). “So they would start querying

Texas DPS continues to push for full fingerprint sets

Texas’ Department of Public Safety said it will continue to push for the right to collect full fingerprint sets of Texas driver’s license applicants, according to a report by the Dallas News. DPS director Steven McCraw recently told the Texas Public Safety Commission — an appointed board that oversees the agency — it will continue to fight for the authority to acquire full fingerprint sets. Earlier this year, new legislature was passed resulting in state laws limiting the DPS to

MorphoTrust to provide fingerprint enrollment platform at 55 new centers

The Department of Public Safety will soon expand the network of its Fingerprint Applicant Services of Texas (FAST) by adding 55 new enrollment facilities – specifically in rural areas — to its current 93 locations where MorphoTrust USA (Safran) will provide secure and convenient fingerprint-based background checks. Texas awarded IdentoGO Centers by the contract to MorphoTrust, making it the first state to implement MorphoTrust’s new commercial enrollment platform. Many civilian applicants can now benefit from increased access as well as

ID360 forum to focus on economic matters related to identity, cybersecurity and personal information

The Center for Identity at The University of Texas announced it will host the fifth annual ID360: The Global Forum on Identity 2015 conference on May 5-6 at the Hilton Austin. This year’s forum will explore “The Identity Economy,” with a focus on economic matters related to identity, cybersecurity and personal information. Personally identifying information (PII) is a relatively new currency on the Internet that is used to gain access to all forms of goods, services, networks and devices. Free

Texas Senate committee passes fingerprint restriction bill

The Texas Senate Transportation Committee passed a bill that would prevent the Department of Public Safety from acquiring all 10 fingerprints of driver’s license applicants, according to a report by Chron. Introduced by Senator Charles Schwertner, R- Georgetown, the bill strongly opposes DPS director Steven McCraw and various police groups, regarding the security measure as an unnecessary practice in the current best practices in police departments across the state. Last month, the department stopped collecting the full fingerprint set from

University of Texas at Austin opens first of its kind ID Center

This is a guest post by Janice Kephart, founder of the Secure Identity & Biometrics Association (SIBA). Research will inform the public on identity theft and fraud threats and assessments. Austin, TX – With a $5 million grant from the Texas state legislature, the University of Texas at Austin has launched a new Center for Identity to inform the public on identity theft and fraud threats and assessments. In something akin to a digital ribbon cutting ceremony in the heart

Department of Public Safety collecting fingerprints of Texans

The Department of Public Safety in Texas has been secretly gathering full sets of fingerprints from anyone applying for a new drivers’ license or a renewal, weeks in advance of when the new regulation was intended to go into effect, according to a report by Watchdog.org. Last month, the DPS adopted a regulation for a new policy that would allow it to take fingerprints of all Texas residents applying for a new driver license or renewal — a practice it

MorphoTrust gets Center for Identity award at ID360

The Center for Identity at the University of Texas at Austin has awarded MorphoTrust with its Hook ‘em Horns Award, for its active participation on the Center’s Board of Advisors and its leadership position in identity solutions and services. According to the company, MorphoTrust serves as communications chair for the Center’s Board of Advisors, leading activities aimed at raising the Center’s profile and elevating critical identity issues. The Center for Identity was established in 2010 and has a focus on research, education