FIS, Equifax launch identity verification solution

FIS and Equifax have partnered to improve consumer experiences by delivering greater convenience and security to consumers to safeguard them against financial fraud and identity theft. The companies jointly offer OnlyID, an identity verification solution that provides enhanced account protection and personal control through a single, secure digital log-in, comprising of the user’s thumbprint or another unique identifier. OnlyID can be used across multiple accounts and will be offered by financial institutions and e-retailers who join the OnlyID Network. The

Pramati intros thumbprint biometric authentication platform

Pramati Technologies has introduced the ThumbSignIn biometric thumbprint authentication SaaS platform for mobile and web applications, which has been certified by the FIDO Alliance. Using the platform, enterprises and service providers are able to deploy strong authentication solutions that lower their reliance on passwords and protect against phishing, man-in-the-middle, and replay attacks based on stolen passwords. ThumbSignIn allows organizations to enable users to sign in to websites, web applications from desktop web browsers, and mobile apps biometrically — all without

Scientists develop biometric, solar powered ATM for rural India

India’s Minister of Science & Technology, Harsh Vardhan, announced this week that a team of scientists led by professor Gon Chaudhuri have developed a touch screen, solar powered, biometric ATM for rural areas where the power supply is erratic and literacy is an issue, according to a report by Factor Daily. “It is in its final stage… maybe in the next two to three months it will be ready and certainly we will think of taking this technology out of

Biometrics initiative for pensioners to be introduced in Pakistan

In an effort to ensure transparency and better manage beneficiary payments to old-age pensioners and Benazir Income Support (BISP) recipients, the Pakistan Post Office will be introducing a biometrics verification system. Currently, BISP beneficiaries and pensioners wait in long queues for their benefits and can be susceptible to fraud or theft from criminals who pretend to help, according to a report in Nida-E-Nau. The first phase of the initiative will see the Pakistan Post launch a biometrics verification system that

UK police force to deploy biometric solution for bail registration

Local police in Merseyside, England have been granted £360,000 (USD $533,588) from the region’s Police Innovation Fund to purchase and deploy new biometric technology that will allow suspects to answer bail using their thumbprints, according to a report by the Liverpool Echo. The biometric technology and digital records system will replace the existing paper-based set-up, which requires suspects to visit a police station where they can sign a register. The paperless bail system was designed after finding that the current

State Senator wants New Mexico to consider biometrics to curb voter fraud

New Mexico State Senator and Minority Whip Bill Payne requested the secretary of state to consider implementing biometric measures, such as iris scans and thumbprint recognition, to curb potential voter fraud in New Mexico’s state elections, according to a report by KOB 4. “The state-of-the-art technology is here. Anyone who watches the NCIS TV drama series can tell you that modern technology is commonly used for authentication purposes,” Payne said in a statement. “Could it make sense for voter ID

San Francisco museum workers protest employee biometric authorization

Workers at San Francisco’s de Young and Legion of Honor museums are in an uproar about the new mandatory biometric authorization for employees, concerned that a cyber hack could compromise their personal information, according to a report by CBS San Francisco Bay Area. Approximately 1,700 employees, represented by Service Employees International Union Local 1021, have signed a petition urging City Hall to protect their privacy and sensitive personal information. They stated that they are unwilling to submit their thumbprints to

Malaysia introduces biometric vehicle ownership transfer system

The Malaysian Road Transport Department is introducing a biometric system to replace its vehicle ownership transfer system. According to a report in The Star, the new system – called MySikap — is based on thumbprint biometrics and replaces a physical form system. The RTD handles an average of 1.4 million vehicle ownership transfers each year. MySikap has been implemented in some states from as early as 2011, though starting next week all Malaysians will be able to use the system. Vehicle

Code in iOS 7 beta stokes iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor speculation

It sounds like Apple is having trouble integrating a sensor in the iPhone 5S, but a newly-discovered string of code makes it look like biometrics are certainly intended to be a part of the iOS 7 experience. Perhaps the most tangible proof to date to confirm that the iPhone 5S will ship with a fingerprint sensor, a string of code found in iOS 7’s latest beta release describes a user touching the home button with their thumb and then being

Malaysian government weighs biometric options for elections

The Malaysian government is actively considering swapping out its existing indelible ink system for its voter verification exercises for a new biometric thumbprint alternative. Reported in The Star Online, a Federal minister made comments alluding to the potential technology acquisition and said an Election Committee will be formed soon. Having used the old indelible ink for so long, there has been some resistance to the potential new system. Reported in the Sun Daily, the Center for Public Policy Studies director