Replicon adds facial recognition to time and attendance platform

Time management intelligence company Replicon has announced the addition of facial recognition and chatbot capabilities to its platform to ease time tracking. Company time clocks with integrated facial recognition provide fast and frictionless automatic log in for employees, while eliminating “buddy punching” without the additional hardware cost of fingerprint readers, Replicon says. Employees can also use Touch ID and Face ID through Replicon’s mobile apps. Replicon’s mobile app also provides an AI-powered personal assistant to help employees manage time by

Baltimore Police to implement biometric time and attendance to prevent overtime fraud

The Baltimore Police Department want officers to scan their fingerprints at the beginning and end of shifts to prove they’ve worked the hours claimed on their payslips, according to a report in The Baltimore Sun. Department spokesperson T.J. Smith said the department is in the early phases of implementing the biometric technology, but do not have an estimate for when officers will begin using it or how much the system will cost. According to the report, the move comes amid

mJobTime introduces mobile biometric time tracking solution

mJobTime, a time tracking software provider for construction industry contractors, has added a mobile app to its product line which enables employees to clock in and out via a fingerprint scan on smartphones and tablets. The iOS version of the app is being rolled out first, to be followed later in the year by the release of an Android version. According to research by TSheets, “buddy punching” costs American businesses at least US$373 million in payroll costs nationally every year.

Pineapple Hospitality petitions to move biometrics privacy class action to federal court

Last week, Pineapple Hospitality Co. and Pineapple Restaurant Group LLC petitioned to move a putative class action that alleges the companies violated the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) to Illinois federal court, according to a Law360 report. The luxury hotelier requested the move from state court under the Class Action Fairness Act because the amount in controversy exceeds $5 million. In an October complaint filed in Cook County Circuit Court, the lead plaintiff claimed that the company did not

BioSec launches biometric workforce management solution

Hungarian biometrics solutions firm BioSec Group has launched a palm vein recognition-based workforce management solution. BS Talent+ is suitable for any organization but according to the company, the product is ideal for agencies with a large and often changing workforce – such as security guards, servers and talent agencies – to manage job applications, administration, time records and accounting, blacklisting and authentication for security reasons. With BS Talent+, employees are biometrically enrolled in the agency’s database, ensuring reliable and convenient

Thinking Software integrates ievo fingerprint readers with time and attendance software

Thinking Software has integrated its Rota Horizon software with fingerprint readers from ievo. “Our Rota Horizon software connects directly to the new ievo SQL database for data on readers, employees and their ‘fingerprint recognised’ events to generate the required time and attendance data,” David Hambidge, Thinking Software’s business development manager explained. “Rota Horizon will read the events from this database irrespective of the type of hardware being used at the back end, and then the front end provides all the

Report forecasts biometrics market to surpass $50b by 2024

Global Market Insights has published a new research report which forecasts the global biometrics market will surpass $50 billion by 2024. The company’s analysts attribute the growth to the high acceptance among various verticals including mobile banking and financial services owing to increasing security concerns. The report lists government initiatives for biometrics implementation combined with high deployment for criminal identification are also key factors driving industry demand. Analysts state that industry players will focus on technological advancements and new product launches

Chicago area supermarket facing multiple lawsuits over employee fingerprint scanning

Chicagoland supermarket chain Mariano’s is facing multiple lawsuits that allege the company violated the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) by requiring employees to submit their biometrics data without consent, according to a report by Supermarket News. Court records reveal that just one of the cases alone could result in $10 million in damages. Mariano’s is a banner used by Kroger Co. subsidiary, Roundy’s Supermarkets Inc. Plaintiffs in individual class action cases, Norman Baron and Thomas Doporcyk, each claim that

BioLink integrates OT-Morpho’s biometric terminals to improve access control system

Russian firm BioLink Solutions has integrated OT-Morpho biometric terminals into its BioTime system to more effectively manage employees working time and access to business premises. Currently used by more than 1,500 companies in 15 countries worldwide, the biometric technology-reliant BioTime software is specifically designed for time and attendance and access control applications. The BioTime registration module now interfaces with the MorphoSmart range of fingerprint scanners to capture employees fingerprint images and convert them into templates — in other words, the numeric

Invixium to introduce new time and attendance access control solution

Invixium is adding the TOUCH 2 to its product line next month. Based on the original TOUCH device, the revitalized TOUCH 2 offers improved processing speed, more memory, Lumidigm fingerprint sensor, power over ethernet, Bluetooth, and wi-fi capabilities, double identification capacity (1:N) from 10K to 20K, a 5-megapixel camera for video intercom and facial detection and, Corning Gorilla Glass 5. According to a company statement, the TOUCH 2 is “the ultimate biometrics solution” for everything from time and attendance management,