Token launches biometric fingerprint identification ring

Token, a biometric identity ring that streamlines the process of authentication throughout your day, has officially launched. Supported by partners including Mastercard, Microsoft, FitPay and the FIDO Alliance, Token is available for presale now on its website beginning at $249, and will begin shipping to users this December. Token serves as a seamless solution to manage various credentials while leveraging a proprietary continuous two-factor authentication method to ensure no one but the authorized user can access the protected credentials. The

Fit Pay to provide payment capabilities for biometric ID ring Token

Payment and authentication firm Fit Pay, a wholly owned subsidiary of NXT-ID, announced it is providing payment capabilities for biometric identity ring startup Token. Currently available for presale for shipping in December, Token is a ring embedded with an ultra-compact fingerprint sensor and an optical proximity sensor that can be used for payments, access and several other applications. Expected to begin shipping to customers in December, Token replaces the need for most day-to-day credentials while using a proprietary continuous two-factor